Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Powell picks winning line in the Parrish

A spring skiing special

Baird Gourlay heads down Greyhawk during Sunday’s Lane Parrish super giant slalom. Photo by Willy Cook

There's no denying that 25-year-old Wes Powell of Ketchum can fly down the hill. He won an FIS super giant slalom at Big Sky, Mt. six years ago. And he's the new SG champion of the Lane Parrish Memorial held on Baldy.

On a bluebird Sun Valley day, Powell crushed the field on the Greyhawk/Hemingway course Sunday and ran away with SG honors in the 18th annual Lane Parrish Memorial.

Powell (71.88) was .79 seconds ahead of Nate Schwing in the Parrish SG and nearly two seconds faster than Schwing in the New Diamond Sun finale that matched the top racers in the earlier Parrish SG heat.

Race organizer Ken Corrock said, "Wes dominated the upper pitch. The racers were running on skis anywhere from 180s to 210s, but Wes went shorter with 180s and it worked for him." Third place in the Parrish SG went to Harlan Collins. Connor Farrow took third in the New Diamond Sun.

Women's New Diamond Sun winner was Amanda Stelling over Marlow Mizer, and Samantha Busby (80.30) had the fastest time over Corrine Smith (81.88) and Stelling (82.28) in the Parrish SG preliminaries.

The three-day event challenged skiers to test skills in three disciplines—halfpipe, moguls and SG. It's named after Parrish, a speed and bump skier and movie stuntman who died at age 33 in a plane crash near Twin Falls in 1990.

In the field were 113 super giant slalom racers plus 65 in the bumps and 45 halfpipe.

Winners of the overall Super Combined (halfpipe, moguls, super G) were—Women: 1—Debbie Page. 2—Alysha Herich. 3—Joanne Zwingenberg. Men: 1—Nate Schwing. 2—Hank Minor. 3—Kurtis Fieguth.

Winners of Combined (moguls, SG) were—Women: 1—Joanne Zwingenberg. 2—Alysha Herich. 3—Samantha Busby. Men: 1—Hank Minor. 2—Nate Schwing. 3—Kurtis Fieguth.

Sun Valley Ski Education Foundation Freestyle program director Andy Ware said, "This event was created by Lane's friends to encourage people to ski and celebrate this skiing community. This years event did just that. It takes the hard work and generosity to make this event happen. My thanks to the local merchants who donated gifts and services, and to everyone who worked so hard to put this event together."

Proceeds from the Parrish Memorial help support the Sun Valley Ski Education Foundation Freestyle and Snowboard teams and the annual Soldier Mountain Downhill race.

Corrock said, "We scheduled this year's Parrish so all the kids could be here. We had a great day for the halfpipe Friday, then Saturday's bumps on Bricks Island had six inches of new show to soften the race and make it a fun event. Thanks to all the race crew, which were most of Lane's friends."

Merchants pitching in were:

Sun Valley Co., Zenergy, Atkinsons' Market, Scott USA, Smith Optics, Sturtevants, Sun Summit, The Board Bin, Formula Sports, Pinache, Perry's, Desperados, Java on 4th, Sushi on 2nd, Irvings Red Hots, Bigwood Golf, Ketchum Flower Co., Sun Valley Golf, Silver Creek Outfitters, Line skis, Hart skis and Inland Surfer.

Listed in this article are SG racers. Check today's Web site for additional results in the halfpipe and bumps.

Parrish "New Diamond Sun" SG racers

(top 15 men, 5 women)

Men: 1—Wes Powell 70.33. 2—Nate Schwing 72.18. 3—Connor Farrow 73.15. 4—Harlan Collins 73.40. 5—Randy Flood 73.99. 6—Cam Minor 74.04. 7—Kipling Weisel 75.16. 8—Scott Robinson 75.17. 9—John Campbell 75.36. 10—Jordan Smith 75.85. 11—Colter Brehmer 77.31. 12—Jim Grossman 77.60. 13—Cole Caulkins 77.64. 14—Emmett Say 84.21.

Women: 1—Amanda Stelling 76.74. 2—Marlow Mizer 80.74. 3—Samantha Busby 82.06. 4—Haley Cutler 82.21. 5—Corrine Smith 84.28.


Parrish SG by class

Men 80-plus: 1—Lenard Spivack 103.52.

Men 60-plus: 1—Richard Kraatz 82.15. 2—Ned Lumpkin 103.99. 3—Robert Reithner Jr. 118.47.

Women 60-plus: 1—Randi DuBois 96.53.

Women 40-plus: 1—Joanne Zwingenberg 90.39. 2—Julie Bell 92.36. 3—Debbie Page 99.18. 4—Katrina Harmon 100.25. 5—Alex Kuczynski 111.43.

Men 40-plus: 1—Hank Minor 75.34. 2—John Campbell 76.60. 3—Jim Grossman 79.65. 4—Scott Levy 80.76. 5—Alan Rickers 81.88. 6—Tim Marsano 82.86. 7—John Reagle 83.50. 8—Blake Barrymore 84.05. 9—Jimmy Hart 84.40. 10—Greg Knutson 85.08. 11—Baird Gourlay 85.86. 12—Mark Masur 86.29. 13—Greg Moore 86.39. 14—Tommy Richardson 86.66. 15—Brad Carlson 98.28.

Women ages 19-39: 1—Katie Fieguth 93.51. 2—Mitra Marie 94.54.

Men ages 19-39, ski: 1—Wes Powell 71.88. 2—Nate Schwing 72.67. 3—Randy Flood 75.20. 4—Scott Robinson 75.74. 5—Jordan Smith 75.99. 6—Cam Minor 77.40. 7—Peter Stevenson 80.92. 8—Kurtis Fieguth 83.32. 9—Tyler Corrock 84.52. 10—Josh Zuck 86.12. 11—Billy Cook 94.83.

Men ages 19-39, telemark: 1—Danny Walton 96.02.

Girls' ages 13-18: 1—Corrine Smith 81.88. 2—Amanda Stelling 82.28. 3—Marlow Mizer 83.34. 4—Cate Fairley 84.80. 5—Natalie Bunting 88.16. 6—Madison Milgard 88.52. 7—Marcia Smith 88.98. 8—Megan Murphy 89.99. 9—Alysha Herich 93.63. DSQ—Jordan Fitzgerald.

Boys' ages 13-18: 1—Harlan Collins 73.52. 2—Connor Farrow 74.40. 3—Kipling Weisel 75.67. 4—Colter Brehmer 76.93. 5—Cole Caulkins 80.44. 6—Tanner Josey 81.88. 7—Taylor Adler 81.91. 8—Will Harder 82.90. 9—Jack Knutson 83.94. 10—Taylor Cooper 84.80. 11—Adam Vorsteveld 85.45. 12—Wyatt Wilson 89.44. 13—Ben Parker 89.51. 14—Gavin Shipley 90.11. 15—Parker Page 91.40. 16—Marshall Reyburn 95.85. 17—River Kelly 97.36. 18—Luke Robertson 99.50. 19—Hayes Gilman 101.59. 20—Bo Curry 102.85. 21—Alec Poster 103.09. 22—Matthew McGraw 111.17. DNF—Miles Sweek.

Girls' 12-and-under: 1—Samantha Busby 80.30. 2—Haley Cutler 82.70. 3—Julia Vorsteveld 90.01. 4—Margot Griffith 90.94. 5—Loni Unser 91.99. 6—Alexandra Black 93.99. 7—Olivia Wentzell 94.95. 8—Olivia Weisel 95.70. 9—Lily Fitzgerald 99.44. 10—Bennett Snyder 107.63. 11—Libby Kaiser 110.13. DNF—Josie Allison.

Boys' 12-and-under: 1—Emmett Say 80.65. 2—Jay Fitzgerald 80.99. 3—Will Snyder 81.61. 4—Yuri McClure 82.18. 5—Will Long 83.07. 6—Griffin Curtis 83.13. 7—Mikey Levy 83.50. 8—Wyatt Smith 85.70. 9—John Blackburn 90.31. 10—Jake Blackburn 90.39. 11—Zac Maricich Siele 91.50. 12—Cade Street 92.93. 13—Brody Buchwalter 93.35. 14—Kyle Maxwell 95.40. 15—Carson Jones-Wilkins 98.26. 16—River Vorse 99.11. 17—Clayton Cutler 99.13. 18—Jamie Rollerson 99.35. 19—Buey Grossman 100.81. 20—Jackson Toothman 101.80. 21—Alvaro Jiraldo 105.82. 22—Wilson Dunn 109.70. 23—Blake Harmon 109.98. 24—Alex LaFleur 114.68. 25—Tre Black 115.58. 26—Eli Roberts 127.88. DNF—Will Griffith, Austin Savaria and King Hopkins.

Lane Parrish bumps

Men 60-plus: 1—Stuart Goodell. 2—Lenard Spivack. 3—Robert Reithner Jr.

Women 60-plus: 1—Randy DuBois.

Women 40-plus: 1—Debbie Page. 2—Joanne Zwingenberg.

Men 40-plus: 1—Tommy Richardson. 2—Hank Minor. 3—Alan Rickers. 4—John Reagle. 5—Baird Gourlay. 6—Deeder Petersen. 7—Greg Knutson. 8—Tim Marsano. 9—Blake Barrymore. 10—Brad Carlson. 11—Scott Levy.

Men 19-39: 1—Kurtis Fieguth. 2—Josh Zuck. 3—Nate Schwing. 4—Cam Fraser.

Girls' 13-18: 1—Alysha Herich.

Boys' 13-18: 1—Parker Page. 2—Wyatt Wilson. 3—Adam Vorsteveld. 4—Marshall Reyburn. 5—Alec Poster. 6—River Kelly. 7—Hayes Gilman. 8—Colter Brehmer. 9—Luke Robertson. 10—Matthew McGraw. 11—Gavin Shipley. 12—Ben Parker. 13—Taylor Cooper. 14—Jack Knutson. 15—Paxton Bunting.

Girls' 12-and-under: 1—Samantha Busby. 2—Lily Fitzgerald. 3—Julia Vorsteveld. 4—Bennett Snyder.

Boys' 12-and-under: 1—Jamie Rollerson. 2—Brody Buchwalter. 3—Wyatt Minor. 4—Alex LaFleur. 5—Blake Harmon. 6—Jackson Toothman. 7—Kyle Maxwell. 8—Mikey Levy. 9—Wilson Dunn. 10—Alvaro Jiraldo. 11—Eli Roberts. 12—Chris Lentz. 13—Henry Raff. 14—Zac Maricich Siele. 15—Will Griffith. 16—Jake Blackburn. 17—Wyatt Smith. 18—Hunter Diehl. 19—John Blackburn. 20—Will Long. 21—Carson Jones-Wilkins. 22—Tre Black. 23—Alex Lentz. 24—Lucas Beste.

Lane Parrish halfpipe

Women 60-plus: 1—Randi DuBois.

Women 40-plus: 1—Debbie Page. 2—Joanne Zwingenberg.

Men 40-plus: 1—Alan Rickers. 2—Hank Minor. 3—John Reagle. 4—Blake Barrymore.

Men 19-39, ski: 1—Kurtis Fieguth. 2—Josh Zuck. 3—Nate Schwing. 4—Cam Fraser.

Men ages 19-39, board: 1—Yancy Caldwell.

Girls' 13-18: 1—Alysha Herich.

Boys' 13-18, ski: 1—Colter Brehmer. 2—Ben Parker. 3—Adam Vorsteveld. 4—Luke Robertson. 5—Wyatt Wilson. 6—Gavin Shipley. 7—Rex Kelly. 8—Taylor Cooper. 9—Hayes Gilman. 10—Parker Page. 11—River Kelly. 12—Alec Poster.

Boys' 13-18, board: 1—Mal Prior. 2—Ryan Roemer. 3—Chase Josey.

Girls' 12-and-under: 1—Haley Cutler.

Boys' 12-and-under, ski: 1—Zac Maricich Siele. 2—Jamie Rollerson. 3—Kyle Maxwell. 4—Brody Buchwalter. 5—John Blackburn. 6—Jake Blackburn. 7—Alvaro Jiraldo. 8—Wilson Dunn. 9—Eli Roberts. 10—Wyatt Minor. 11—Alex LaFleur. 12—Jackson Toothman. 13—Will Griffith. 14—Blake Harmon.

Boys' 12-and-under, board: 1—Clyde Montgomery. 2—Dehner Figge. 3—Elk Spencer.

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