Friday, August 28, 2009

Illegal immigrants are scapegoats


I am very surprised to see in this valley that a person who actually has hired illegal immigrants stand in front of the post office in Hailey asking strangers to report illegal immigrants. First of all, I would like to define the words "illegal immigrant": "Illegal: not according to or authorized by law." "Immigrant: one that immigrates: as (a): a person who comes to a country to take up permanent residence. (b): a plant or animal that becomes established in an area where it was previously unknown."

For some reason I find myself pondering why these people are considered as serious criminals. As in any other race, most do not murder, kidnap, rape or hurt anyone. It seems like they are getting a bad name for how others of the same situation act. However, for example, would you like to be classified or discriminated against for being of the same race and condition as a murderer? There are criminals in every race.

Illegal immigrants come here to work to make a living for the family they have left behind in their home country. A lot of American citizens believe that illegal immigrants are taking the jobs here in the United States. However, I lived on the central coast of California and I saw first-hand how many illegal immigrants work in the fields harvesting the crops. I actually spoke to a hiring manager in the fields and he told me that Americans just do not apply for the positions. Some of the workers in those fields were legal but most were illegal.

Also, if an illegal immigrant can obtain employment, why can't any of those American citizens? It is much harder for an illegal immigrant to obtain employment than it is an American citizen. I believe that any American citizen who doesn't have a job and is blaming it on illegal immigrants is just flat-out lazy. Find a job.

A lot of our citizens believe illegal immigrants come to the country to live off welfare. However, cash aid and food stamps can only be issued to a U.S. citizen. I am sure people are thinking this is wrong, but the exception to this is that these illegal immigrants have U.S. citizen children. Are those children supposed to be denied aid because their parents are illegal immigrants? Would you also want to deny aid to a criminal's U.S. citizen child who did not commit any crime?

This country was founded on immigrants. Now we are opposed to the very thing that created our country? I am a U.S. citizen, with four U.S. citizen children. I question if our country would rather my husband be a part of their life, or want me to be a single mother and let my children live on welfare and in poverty. Since the beginning of the Minutemen, and hundreds of illegal immigrants getting detained, our economy began to decrease. It makes me wonder if these people were the very ones who were holding our country together.

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