Friday, May 15, 2009

2009 Blaine County/Hershey track meet results

Down the homestretch! During the Carey portion of the Blaine County/Hershey track and field meet May 8, three boys give it their all during the boys’ 9-10 year-old sprints. They are, from left, Houston Hennefer, Trevor Kirkland and Tanner Mecham.

May 7 and 8, 2009, the annual Hershey/Blaine County track and field meet was staged at Carey School's Derrick Parke Memorial Field and also at Wood River High School's Phil Homer Field in Hailey. It was sponsored by the Blaine County Recreation District and volunteers. The top two finishers in each event (ages 9-14) qualified for the southern Idaho state meet Saturday, June 20, at Madison High School in Rexburg. School abbreviations are Hailey Elementary (H), Bellevue Elementary (B), Hemingway Elementary (Hem), Woodside Elementary (W), Carey School (C), and Wood River Middle School (WRMS).

Ages 9-10 (1999-00)

Girls' standing long jump: 1—Emily Watts (H) 5-8. 2—Alyssa Dilworth (C) 5-6.5. 3—Lily Ward (Hem) 5-6. 4—Stella Barsotti (H) 5-5.5. 5—Clara Jenner (Hem) 5-5. 6—Emilia Morgan (H) 5-3.5. 7—Claire Fisher (Hem) 5-1.5. 8—Nadia Colton (C) 5-1.

Girls' softball throw: 1—Harlee Manning (H) 67-0. 2—Audra Mary (Hem) 64-8. 3—Ciara Hulett (W) 62-0. 4—McKenna Nelson (W) 46-0. 5—Venessa Gates (C) 45-7. 6—Clara Jenner (Hem) 45-0. 7—Alise Barney (B) 43-0.

Girls' 50m: 1—Lily Ward (Hem) 8.54. 2—Hannah Blackwell (H) 8.86. 3—Kai Curtis (Hem) 8.95. 4—Audra Mary (Hem) 9.00. 4—Stella Barsotti (H) 9.00. 5—Harlee Manning (H) 9.01. 6—Claire Fisher (Hem) 9.40. 6—Alyssa Dilworth (C) 9.40.

Girls' 100m: 1—Lily Ward (Hem) 17.32. 2—Alyssa Dilworth (C) 18.14. 3—Emily Watts (Hem) 18.20. 4—Emilia Morgan (H) 18.26. 5—Claire Fisher 19.22. 6—Alisa Barney (B) 19.63.

Girls' 200m: 1—Ciara Hulett (W) 36.94. 2—Emily Watts (Hem) 38.60. 3—Clara Jenner (Hem) 39.00. 4—Peyton Bacca (Hem) 40.40. 5—Emily Slane (B) 40.93.

Girls' 400m: 1—Ciara Hulett (W) 1:41.40. 2—Emily Slane (B) 1:50.62. 3—Breanna Durtschi (C) 1:56.37.

Girls' 400m relay: No entries.

Boys' standing long jump: 1—Leo Corrales (H) 6-7. 2—Tiernan Naghsh (Hem) 6-3. 3—Nathan Stouffer (B) 6-2. 4—Alec Broman (Hem) 5-11. 5—Beckett Nasvik (Hem) 5-7.5. 6—Wilder Curtis (Hem) 5-7.

Boys' softball throw: 1—Taylor Koth (Hem) 103-8. 2—Ike Buxton (Hem) 97-6. 3—Wyatt Parish 95-0. 4—Parker Gamino (C) 88-3. 5—Derrick Baird (C) 84-2. 6—Toby Whitworth (C) 83-11. 7—Michael Madsen (H) 83-6.

Boys' 50m: 1—Leo Corrales (H) 8.32. 2—Michael Madsen (H) 8.60. 3—Houston Hennefer (C) 8.70. 4—Dawson Hicks (B) 8.72. 5—Alex Bingham (Hem) 8.73. 6—Wilder Curtis (H) 8.90.

Boys' 100m: 1—Taylor Koth (Hem) 16.02. 2—Leo Corrales (H) 16.30. 3—Jaren Bothwell (H) 16.45. 4—Toby Whitworth (C) 16.55. 5—Michael Madsen (H) 16.80. 6—Alex Gilman (H) 16.84.

Boys' 200m: 1—Alec Broman (Hem) 34.00. 2—Tiernan Naghsh (Hem) 34.56. 3—Jaren Bothwell (H) 34.80. 4—Ike Buxton (Hem) 35.00. 5—Nathan Stouffer (B) 35.55. 6—Alex Gilman (H) 37.50.

Boys' 400m: 1—Nathan Stouffer (B) 1:26.15. 2—Derrick Baird (C) 1:27.62. 3—Beckett Nasvik (W) 1:40.00. 4—Elijah Silva (W) 1:51.13. 5—Nevan Credle (W) 1:51.37. 6—Raymond Peck (C) 2:03.54.

Boys' 400m relay: 1—Hemingway (Broman, Buxton, Naghsh, Koth) 1:08.20. 2—Carey (Gamino, Baird, Olsen, Whitworth) 1:11.49.

Ages 11-12 (1997-98)

Girls' standing long jump: 1—Riley Boice (H) 6-11. 2—Brittany Bowers (WRMS) 6-7 (by tiebreaker). 3—Renee Shapiro (WRMS) 6-7. 4—Amanda Passey (W) 5-11.5. 5—Kenya Schott (WRMS) 5-10. 6—Clarissa Kirkland (C) 5-7.5.

Girls' softball throw: 1—Ciceley Peavey (WRMS) 122-0. 2—Natalie Villanueva (WRMS) 92-7. 3—Sarah Rau (H) 82-6. 4—Medin Cenarrusa (C) 65-4. 5—Callie Bourgette (B) 55-0. 6—Shayla Adamson (C) 47-5.

Girls' 100m: 1—Rachael Malone (WRMS) 15.43. 2—Carol Hoffman (B) 15.76. 3—Renee Shapiro (WRMS) 15.80. 4—Kenya Schott (WRMS) 17.10. 5—Kelsey Barker (B) 17.20. 6—Clarissa Kirkland (C) 17.24.

Girls' 200m: 1—Brittney Bowers (WRMS) 31.67. 2—Rachael Malone (WRMS) 32.10. 3—Amanda Passey (W) 34.40. 4—Sarah Rau (H) 34.60. 5—Carmen Leslie (B) 41.88. 6—Tara Burchmore (WRMS) 42.78.

Girls' 400m: 1—Brittney Bowers (WRMS) 1:19.83. 2—Amanda Passey (W) 1:30.50. 3—Callie Bourgette (B) 1:37.50.

Girls' 800m: 1—Kenya Schott (WRMS) 3:11.23. 2—Renee Shapiro (WRMS) 3:11.56. 3—Megan Downey (H) 3:37.00.

Girls' 400m relay: 1—Carey (Adamson, Villanueva, Cenarrusa, Kirkland) 1:12.82. 2—Hailey (Boyce, Downey, Rau, Curtis) 1:13.60. 3—Bellevue (Bourgette, Hoffman, Avison, Barker) 1:14.37.

Boys' standing long jump: 1—Nate Adamson (C) 6-8.25. 2—Logan Smith (H) 6-7.5. 3—Evan Hesselbacher (H) 6-6. 4—Jordan Adams (C) 6-5.5. 5—Cade Schott (Hem) 6-4. 6—Austin Savaria (H) 6-3.5.

Boys' softball throw: 1—Matthew Minford (H) 128-6. 2—Cade Schott (Hem) 110-0. 3—Dallin Dilworth (C) 106-8. 4—Collin Whitby (C) 105-4. 5—Travis Swanson (H) 103-0. 6—Colton Metzler (C) 101-7.

Boys' 100m: 1—Austin Savaria (WRMS) 14.56. 2—Dylan Broman (Hem) 14.85. 3—Garrett Rawlings (Hem) 15.17. 4—Evan Hesselbacher (H) 15.43. 5—Anthony Pina (W) 15.57. 5—Cade Schott (Hem) 15.57. 6—Dallin Dilworth (C) 16.10.

Boys' 200m: 1—Dylan Broman (Hem) 31.81. 2—Anthony Pina (W) 33.59. 3—Evan Hesselbacher (H) 34.80. 4—Cameron Bingham (WRMS) 35.00. 5—Matthew Minford (H) 35.10. 6—Logan Smith (H) 35.56.

Boys' 400m: 1—Nate Adamson (C) 1:12.47. 2—Garrett Rawlings (Hem) 1:18.89. 3—Ryan Anderson (H) 1:21.01. 4—Hagan Barsch (WRMS) 1:21.08. 5—Matthew Minford (H) 1:26.12. 6—Xavier Haemmerle (WRMS) 1:27.01.

Boys' 800m: 1—Austin Savaria (WRMS) 2:57.00. 2—Nate Adamson (C) 2:58.84. 3—Ryan Anderson (H) 3:07.30.

Boys' 400m relay: 1—Carey (Metzler, Whitby, Adams, Dilworth) 1:07.92. 2—Carey (Mecham, Reay, Andrews, Mecham) 1:17.37.

Ages 13-14 (1995-96)

Girls' standing long jump: 1—Lilly Rivera (C) 6-2.5. 2—Daphne Kirkland (C) 6-2. 3—Annie Cline (C) 5-9.5. 4—Krysta Adams (C) 4-11.

Girls' 100m: 1—Daphne Kirkland (C) 15.14. 2—Krysta Adams (C) 18.98.

Girls' 200m: 1—Annie Cline (C) 36.68.

Girls' 400m relay: 1—Carey (Adams, Cline, Rivera, Kirkland) 1:07.46.

Boys' standing long jump: 1—Brandon Dolenar (WRMS) 7-8. 2—Cooper Bailey (WRMS) 7-5. 3—Michael Niedrich (WRMS) 7-2. 4—Drew Morse (WRMS) 6-8. 5—Zach Swanson (WRMS) 6-3.

Boys' softball throw: 1—Ben Williams (WRMS) 215-0. 2—KJ Savaria (WRMS) 203-0. 3—Marshall Reyburn (WRMS) 172-0. 4—Jose Ortiz (WRMS) 165-0. 5—Quinn Guthrie (WRMS) 159-0. 6—Eron Bates (WRMS) 139-0.

Boys' 100m: 1—Drew Barsch (WRMS) 13.275. 2—Jose Ortiz (WRMS) 13.276. 3—KJ Savaria (WRMS) 13.70. 4—Gustavo Garcia (WRMS) 14.60. 5—Brandon Dolenar (WRMS) 14.90. 6—Michael Niedrich (WRMS) 15.00.

Boys' 200m: 1—Quinn Guthrie (WRMS) 29.44. 2—Gustavo Garcia (WRMS) 31.40. 3—Michael Niedrich (WRMS) 32.60. 4—Zach Swanson (WRMS) 32.98. 5—Gage Jorgenson (WRMS) 34.30.

Boys' 800m: 1—Stephen Pfeiffer (WRMS) 2:42.96. 2—Zack Miczulski (WRMS) 2:52.30. 3—Drew Morse (WRMS) 2:59.30. 4—Eron Bates (WRMS) 3:23.58. 5—Joe Gamino (C) 3:40.79.

Boys' 1600m: 1—Zack Miczulski (WRMS) 6:51.04. 2—Stephen Pfeiffer (WRMS) 6:54.00. 3—Eron Bates (WRMS) 7:33.25. 4—Joe Gamino (C) 7:51.00.

Boys' 400m relay: 1—WRMS (Guthrie, Dolenar, Bailey, Ortiz) 56.94. 2—WRMS (Barsch, Jorgenson, Savaria, Niedrich) 1:05.8.

Ages 8-and-under (2001-03)

Girls' standing long jump: 1—Emily Ruhter (B) 6-5. 2—Denali Stevens (H) 5-5. 3—Kodi Green (C) 4-9.75. 4—Athanasia Versis (C) 4-9. 5—Shantell Chavez (C) 4-7. 6—Elena Adams (C) 4-6.5.

Girls' softball throw: 1—Rita Garcia (C) 60-1. 2—Maddy Hovey (H) 57-0. 3—Breeze Verhees (C) 47-10. 4—Alyssa Baird (C) 45-10. 5—Kourtney Black (C) 39-2. 6—Makena MacDonald (Hem) 36-0.

Boys' standing long jump: 1—Brogan Ros (H) 5-2. 2—Luke Worst (Hem) 5-0. 3—Brayden Olson (C) 4-11.75. 4—Gunner Vail (C) 4-11. 5—Brigham Parke (C) 4-8. 6—Carson Simpson (C) 4-7.

Boys' softball throw: 1—Porter Mecham (C) 76-9. 2—Kai Smoke (C) 69-4. 3—Crow MacDonald (B) 69-0. 4—Evan Smith (H) 63-0. 5—Ethan Hennefer (C) 62-8. 6—Calvin Andrews (C) 60-3.

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