Friday, January 30, 2009

No see ’em, no ski ’em

Fogghedaboutit: Clouds cramp Skoch Cup style

As the 2009 overall champions, Jenny Badger and Sean Higgins display their Skoch Cup trophies and championship smiles. Courtesy photo

While the sheer number of banks in Ketchum can be considered a point to ponder for some people, the fog bank hanging over Bald Mountain was definitely an unwelcome entity for the field of alpine racers participating in the annual Skoch Cup.

"The old adage that says if you want bad weather, schedule a speed event once again proved true," organizer Ken Dreyer remarked.

Misty weather forced the cancellation of the younger men's super G, and the gates for Saturday's giant slalom were set closer together to enable the racers to see them. Dreyer said there was great visibility for Sunday's slalom.

Homegrown Sean Higgins, the youngest racer in the men's field, won the overall title to cash in on a $300 purse. Higgins was the fastest in the field in both the GS and slalom. Tim Hill ($150) was second overall, Matt Murphy ($100) third, John Campbell ($75) fourth and Victor Roy ($50) fifth.

Based on two races, the 2009 Skoch Cup was awarded to Jenny Badger of Park City ($300). Runner-up was local Kelly Kipling ($150) and third place went to Nancy Dreyer ($50).

Park City skier Donna Allen was the fastest woman in the super G. Sun Valley's Anna Droege was second and Kelli Kipling third. Bob Dreyer ripped the course for the fastest men's time of the day, followed by Ed Fenwick and Utah's Rauli Karjalainen.

Higgins and Carlo Rixon went head to head in the men's giant slalom, with Higgins recording the fastest two runs of the day for the victory. Rixon was second and Matt Murphy third. The fastest three women were Badger, Allen and Kipling.

Once again, Badger set the winning pace in Sunday's slalom, with Nancy Auseklis and Kipling on her heels. Higgins laid down a pair of "impressive runs" to take the slalom crown. Toby Chapman and Tim Hill were second and third.

Sponsored by Formula Sports in Ketchum, the Sun Valley Ski Club and the Intermountain Masters Division, the series is held in honor of Sun Valley Masters racer Bob Skoch, a devoted ski racer committed to promoting the sport of skiing.

Up next for local racers is the Sun Valley Ski Club's Reunion Week. Highlights include the Robert Bradford Memorial giant slalom on Tuesday, Feb. 3. Registration is from 8-9:30 a.m. at the Warm Springs Lodge and racing starts at 10:30 a.m.

Skoch Cup Results

Friday super giant slalom (34 racers—18 women, 16 men)

Class 12 (80-84)—Men: 1—Ralph Roylance 1:14.62.

Class 11 (75-79)— Men: 1—Drury Cooper 1:17.87.

Class 10 (70-74)—Women: 1—Joanne Davis 1:31.97. Trudi Schneider DSQ. Men: 1—Keith Thompson 1:03.65. Fran Noel DNF.

Class 9 (65-69)—Women: 1—Anna Droege 1:07.97. 2—Carol Whelan 1:16.38. Nancy Auseklis DNF. Men: 1—Ed Fenwick 1:00.12. 2—Ned Lumpkin 1:13.35. 3—Frank Ward 1:16.63. 4—Robert Reithner 1:30.68. Manfred Schindler DSQ. Steve Slivinski DSQ.

Class 8 (60-64)—Women: 1—Meri Stratton 1:29.69. 2—Kim Verde 1:53.06. Rosemary Moschel DNF. Men: 1—Bob Dreyer 58:28. 2—Rauli Karjalainen 1:01.73. 3—Don Cofer 1:07.65. 4—Yves Desgouttes 1:08.08. 5—Nick Hudson 1:08.78. 6. Randi Dubois 1:14.63. Bob Sarchett DNF.

Class 7 (55-59)—Women: 1—Heidi Flood 1:23.93.

Class 6 (50-54)—Women: 1—Sally Martin 1:11.28. 2—Nancy Dreyer 1:13.99. 3—Debra Mackenzie 1:21.56. Ellen Hendrickson DNF.

Class 5 (45-49)—Women: 1—Donna Allen 1:05.07. 2—Diane Goodwin 1:34.86.

Class 4 (40-44)—Women: Heather Black DNF.

Class 1 (21-29)—Women: 1—Kelly Kipling 1:08.58.

Saturday giant slalom (70 racers—50 men, 20 women)

Class 13 (85-99)—Men: John Droege DNS 2nd run.

Class 12 (80-84)—Men: 1—Ralph Roylance 2:26.14.

Class 11 (75-79)—Women: 1—Virginia Reed 2:51.52. Men: 1— 1—Drury Cooper 2:31.64. Jim Tallackson DNS 2nd run.

Class 10 (70-74)—Women: 1—Joanne Davis 2:44.45. Men: 1—Keith Thompson 2:08.82. 2—Fran Noel 2:15.93. 3—Herb Meyr 3:02.56.

Class 9 (65-69)—Women: 1—Anna Droege 2:13.21. 2—Glenn McConkey 2:15.15. Carol Whelan DNF. Jan Swift DSQ. Men: 1—Steve Slivinski 2:14.73. 2—Frank Ward 2:21.65. 3—Ned Lumpkin 2:22.63. 4—Robert Reithner 2:38.86. Manfred Schindler DNS 2nd run.

Class 8 (60-64)—Women: 1—Randi Dubois 2:14.25. 2—Rosemary Moschel 2:20.79. 3—Georgina Suttor 2:40.74. 4—Meri Stratton 2:43.06. 5—Kim Verde 2:47.84. Men: 1—Bob Sarchett 1:54.85. 2—Stew Marsh 1:56.21. 3—Bob Dreyer 1:57.33. 4—Thomas Kronthaler 2:00.76. 5—Rauli Karjalainen 2:03.91. 6—Nick Hudson 2:06.05. 7—Yves Desgouttes 2:10.76. 8—Don Cofer 2:14.48. 9—Michael Jones 2:40.47. Jeff Sogard DNS 2nd run.

Class 7 (55-59)—Women: 1—Heidi Flood 2:34.95. Men: 1—Jim Ragan 1:59.69. 2—Tom Wood 2:05.08. 3—Cliff Cuhna 2:11.88. 4—Bill Vernon 2:13.93. 5—Rod Badger 2:24.66. George Dorris DNF. Greg Moore DSQ.

Class 6 (50-54)—Women: 1—Nancy Dreyer 2:08.78. 2—Sally Martin 2:15.08. 3—Debra Mackenzie 2:22.38. 4—Ellen Hendrickson 2:27.44. Men: 1—Ion Teska 1:59.82. 2—Mark Masur 2:02.35. 3—Dave Kornish 2:03.60. Dana Mackenzie DNF.

Class 5 (45-49)—Women: 1—Donna Allen 2:07.99.

Class 4 (40-44)—Women: 1—Heather Black 2:13.22. Men: 1—John Campbell 1:51.23. 2—Alan Rickers 1:56.57. 3—Bill Canihan 1:58.33. 4—Brian Frost 1:59.75. Mike Gowe DNF. Mike McGurl DNF. Richard Slabinski DNF. Duncan Silver DSQ.

Class 1 (21-29)—Women: 1—Jenny Badger 1:58.33. 2—Kelli Kipling 2:08.49.

Superseed class—Men: 1—Sean Higgins 1:39.42. 2—Carlo Rixon 1:40.46. 3—Matt Murphy 1:44.15. 4—Tim Hill 1:47.31. 5—Michael Falk 1:51.25. 6—Keith Rounkles 1:51.79. 7—Victor Roy 1:53.41. 8—Don Sears 1:53.46. 9—Ken Dreyer 1:56.62. Ed Fenwick 1:56.95.

Sunday slalom (58 racers—40 men, 18 women)

Class 13 (85-99)—Men: John Droege DSQ.

Class 11 (75-79)—Women: 1—Virginia Reed 2:13.36. Men: 1— 1—Drury Cooper 1:51.05.

Class 10 (70-74)— Men: 1—Fran Noel 1:36.38.

Class 9 (65-69)—Women: 1—Nancy Auseklis 1:32.29. 2—Glenn McConkey 1:35.90. 3—Anna Droege 1:36.83. 4—Jan Swift 1:43.54. Men: 1—Frank Ward 1:37.39. 2—Steve Slivinski 1:38.36. 3—Ned Lumpkin 1:47.93.

Class 8 (60-64)—Women: 1—Rosemary Moschel 1:39.63. 2—Meri Stratton 1:56.95. 3—Kim Verde 2:01.32. Georgina Suttor DSQ. Men: 1—Thomas Kronthaler 1:23.49. 2—Bob Sarchett 1:24.07. 3—Rauli Karjalainen 1:28.05. 4—Nick Hudson 1:32.36. 5—Jeff Sogard 1:39.08. 6—Don Cofer 1:40.65. 7—Michael Jones 1:44.95. Yves Desgouttes DNF. Stew Marsh DSQ.

Class 7 (55-59)—Women: 1—Heidi Flood 1:46.67. Men: 1—Jim Ragan 1:24.02. 2—Tom Wood 1:26.50. 3—George Dorris 1:29.71. 4—Bill Vernon 1:35.69. 5—Rod Badger 1:46.23.

Class 6 (50-54)—Women: 1—Nancy Dreyer 1:35.75. 2—Sally Martin 1:36.07. 3—Ellen Hendrickson 1:44.93. 4—Debra Mackenzie 1:51.32. Men: 1—Don Sears 1:23.23. 2—Ken Dreyer 1:23.31. 3—Jim Cole 1:24.15. 4—Mark Masur 1:29.81. Ion Teska DSQ. Dana Mackenzie DNF 2nd run.

Class 5 (45-49)—Women: 1—Donna Allen 1:37.91. Men: 1—Bill Canihan 1:23.50. 2—Brian Frost 1:23.99. 3—Duncan Silver 1:25.40. Richard Slabinski DNF.

Class 4 (40-44)—Women: 1—Heather Black 1:41.15.

Class 1 (21-29)—Women: 1—Jenny Badger 1:24.05. 2—Kelli Kipling 1:34.50.

Superseed class—Men: 1—Sean Higgins 1:09.53. 2—Toby Chapman 1:11.82. 3—Tim Hill 1:13.28. 4—John Campbell 1:15.61. 5—Victor Roy 1:16.85. 6—Matt Murphy 1:17.88. 7—Mike McGurl 1:18.50. 8—Michael Falk 1:20.10. 9—Michael Gowe 1:21.42. 10—Cliff Cuhna 1:21.95.

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