Wednesday, December 3, 2008

2008 Turkey Trot results

Nov. 27, 2008, the fifth annual Thanksgiving holiday footrace and walk raising $2,000 for the Souper Supper Community Dining Room. Sponsored by Blaine County Title. Nearly 600 participants this year. Finishing times for runners timed in 30 minutes or less are listed in minutes and seconds. Check today's Express Web site for other participants.


1—Pedro Morales, 18 18:13

2—Brad Mitchell, 38 18:19

3—Chris Williams, 42 20:02

4—Lee Roquet, 39 20:06

5—Angenie McCleary, 32 20:12

6—Benjamin Stout, 15 20:25

7—Scott Montgomery, 47 20:42

8—Cameron Lloyd, 28 20:46

9—Ted Stout, 45 20:52

10—Raul Buenrostro, 23 21:03

11—Jason Dodge, 34 21:12

12—Georgie Montgomery, 43 21:15

13—Jon McCuskey, 26 21:35

14—Josh Kantor, 25 21:43

15—Chris Johnson, 35 21:45

16—Andreas Morales, 14 21:47

17—Bob Rosso 22:18

18—Stuart Gerrish, 30 22:32

19—India Wysong, 35 22:34

20—Dick Andersen, 61 22:35

21—Haley Montgomery, 12 22:36

22—Brad Peck, 17 22:44

23—Jeff Shiver, 38 22:48

24—Matthew Siegel, 31 22:54

25—McKenna Payes, 12 23:04

26—Stephen Pfeiffer, 12 23:18

26—Janelle Conners, 40 23:18

28—Clyde Montgomery, 9 23:20

29—Kristin Cassalia, 32 23:35

29—Jose Herrera, 20 23:35

31—Jessie Kolkmann, 26 23:49

31—David Lloyd, 31 23:49

33—Rachel Wolfe, 28 24:01

33—Jill Edwards, 39 24:01

35—Mike Hipsher, 56 24:02

36—Jennie Buehler, 27 24:07

37—Tracy Gillette, 37 24:35

37—Jamie McClure, 53 24:35

39—Greyson Payes, 9 24:46

40—Jake Andrews, 35 24:49

41—Molly Fox, 24 24:52

42—Willy Breen, 32 24:55

42—Carrie Greener, 29 24:55

44—Blair Peck, 15 25:05

45—Todd Payes, 41 25:19

46—Jill Norton, 32 25:25

47—Tiernan Naghsh, 8 25:28

48—Anthony Naghsh, 46 25:32

49—Liz Laycock, 23 25:33

50—Cooper Roquet, 9 25:35

51—Kelly Miller, 48 25:37

52—John Walker, 41 25:41

53—Trent Heitzman, 38 25:42

54—Elizabeth Roquet, 39 25:43

54—Maya Lovlien, 30 25:43

56—Aaron Hill, 31 25:44

56—Dave McBryant, 59 25:44

58—Katherine Rixon, 35 25:45

58—Gary Poole, 40 25:45

60—Mark Lovlien, 29 25:46

61—Jon Moses, 46 25:47

62—Lance Doby, 43 25:48

63—Andrea Gallegos, 30 25:54

63—Lori Reed, 37 25:54

65—Thomas Rixon, 39 25:55

66—Delwin Amy, 52 26:02

67—Tate Morell, 21 26:10

68—Kathy Morell, 47 26:28

69—Erin Buell, 50 26:32

70—John Gorham, 44 26:48

71—Dana Snell, 13 27:12

72—Angela Burrell, 31 27:15

72—Madie Deffe, 18 27:15

72—Kyl Samway, 28 27:15

72—Cassi Shelly, 29 27:15

76—Trace Alley, 2 27:17

77—Brendan Nelson, 19 27:30

78—Paige Carey, 40 27:34

79—Grace Lagodich, 16 27:40

80—Alejandra Silva, 21 27:52

81—Erin Mahoney, 22 28:01

82—Gary Chadwick, 49 28:06

83—Louise Breen, 29 28:15

83—Jenna Resko, 30 28:15

85—Dennis Stone, 43 28:17

86—Erin Resko, 27 28:18

87—Will Resko, 29 28:21

88—Kim Minford, 51 28:40

89—Nathan Bingham, 39 28:48

90—Nena Amy, 24 28:51

91—Sarah Torres, 35 28:52

91—Ryan Frisch, 25 28:52

93—Ashley Brown, 25 28:54

93—Hilary Wentworth, 29 28:54

93—Derek Thompson, 11 28:54

96—Robin Davis-Rozyla, 51 28:55

97—Josh Morell, 14 29:00

98—Matt Morell, 49 29:03

99—Nicole Kashino, 34 29:09

100—Keith Roark, 59 29:22

101—Trish Lewis, 38 29:25

102—Karen Morrison, 53 29:32

103—Parker Jones, 11 29:46

104—Joan Anderson, 45 29:50

105—J.R. Hill, 15 29:52

OTHERS (no times)

Amber Morgan; Peggy Simpson; Elizabeth Kitchens; Denise deLisser; Carolan Tessier; Connor Hill; Monica and Noah McCann; Taylor McConnell; Hailey, Clara, Victor and Teresa Hulett; Taylor Koth; Kate, Alex, Clark and Sara Shafer; Lara Rozzell; Nathan Welch; Levie Smith; David Kelly; Nicholas Smith; Pat Robinson-Webb; Ginger Clement; Kris Stoffer; Lori Burks; Meghan, Nancy, Rick and Andrew Webking; Diana, Annika and Kyle Washburn; Aly Brewer; Jennifer Jacoby; Jennifer Rush; Cuyler Swindley; Cynthia and Hannah Carr; Curt Luck; Maggie Young; Liza Wilson; Ethan and Tony Gray; Karen Stevens; Cheyanne Stopol; Sandy Shaw; Betsey Greenwood; Erika Hill; Bill Young; Teresa and Taylor Besa; Lawen and Ian Hollingsworth; Mark Mary; Lisa Avison; Chandler, Emmitt, Charly, Quin and Lisa Stevens; Victoria Roper; Peter Roan; Deb Santa; Dylan Kelly; Jo Alverson; Kara Ambrose; Andy Prater; Heidi, Desiree and Candice Baldwin; Travis Ballard; Linda Barker; Montgomery Basil; Ron Baughan; Kelly Baxandall; Anthony Beauchaine; Liliane Beguelin; Jeff Bertz; Sam, Elise, Emilia, Miriam and Alex Bingham; Amanda Black; Linda, Bill and Kandy Blackburn; Edward Lind; Mykelti, Alex and Brian Blackburn; Bill, Audrey and Delaney Brassil; Mark Breen; Elizabeth and Carlo Briseno; Eloiza Baughan; Joe Snyder; Suzanne and Patrick Buchanan; Josh Buell; Sara Burns; Jan Burrell; Phil Hebert; Gerry, Bonnie, Jeff and Deke Burrell; Brady Webb; Bryan, Avery, Shayne and Brock Burrell; Mary Ellen Card; Heather and Marc Cervarich; Echo Chadwick; McKenna Chase; Penny Thayer; Andrew, Jill and Isaac Chrisman; Larry Clark; Morgan Brimstein; Noelle, Riley Mae and Conner Ann Clark; Rachel and Kat Cooper; Leah Thayer; Jamie, Kristen, Charlie and Andy Coulter; Michael and Lien Crawford; Emily Thayer; Mary Ann, Curtis, Jen and Alexia Crowdson; Madeleine and James Curran; Sara Daly; Nancy and Clarence Darland; Mark Davidson; Josh Blackburn; Mary Kim, Steve and Drew Deffe; Maureen Dougherty; Jenny Hebert; Peg Dougherty; Jake Blackburn; Jenny Emery-Davidson; John Blackburn; Juli, Aimee and Charlie Evans; Andrea Fisher; Kristin Fullerton; Amy, Richard and Karen Fyock; Gary Gigot; Kathie Gouley; Michael Graham; Clint Adams; Julia, Thomas, Edward, Louis and Beatrice Grant; Stephanie Hansen; Fischer Lewis; David, Jackie, Hannah, Kelly and Erin Hennessy; Alix Lewis; Stephanie, Jonah, Gabe and Dave Higginbotham; Heidi Husbands; Ayano Inoue; Jen, Dave, Cree and Savona Johanningmeier; Lori and Megan Johnston; Cecile, Trent and Airey Jones; Ken Nelson; Kitty and Buck Jones; Andrea Jost; Ethan Kjesbo; Sarah Kolash; Amy Anderson; Tina, John and Megan Lapham; Nannette Lawrence; Blaine Leckett; Patty Lewis; Carolan Brown; Kevin, Mesa and Shannon Lincoln; Jacqueline, Carey and Donald Lytle; Ruby Matisse; Becky, Aaron, Harrison and Abigail McCarver; Noel Hebert; Kelly, Paddy and Austin McGarry; Megan Wentworth; Ann McGowan; Kristin Bevers; Julie and Aaron Miller; Gay Miremont; Deborah Mitchell; Kelly Wentworth; Mary Jo and Dan Musselman; Bunny, Zachary and Andrew Nelson; Sara Baldwin; Julie and Tim Nelson; Snorton Norton; Patti Olsen; Melanie Pape; Bronwyn Patterson; Kreitler and Kim Payes; Erin Powers; Heidi, Whitney and Christopher Peck; Gracie and Devon Peterson; Maura and Greg Pfeiffer; Jared Prater; Jamie Ramsey; Brittany Ratliffe; Cathy Lind; Brian, Cole, Cynthia and Mike Rozyla; Rose Rumball-Petre; Valerie, Eric, David, Trent and Nate Seamons; Catherine and Sophie Serio; Angela Shetler; Debby Boyd; Josh, Alyse and Austin Shetler; Mary Ellen Sibbach; Jodi Siegel; Barbara Slatter; Samuel Hebert; Terry Slatter; Jaime Snyder; Tricia and Tony St. George; Liz Clark; Anita, Caitlin and Zac Stone; Laura Blackburn; Mariah Stout; Carey Thaxton; Cort Blackburn; Sharma, Samuel and Ty Thornton; Brenda and Jim Tucker; Anne, Michael, Nick and Callie Weber; DaNett Whaley; Amy Wright; Rita Gafford; Sara Gilman; Annabelle Lewis; Gretchen, Grace, Ellie and Jake Gorham; Gretchen Goss; Gwen Thompson; Sonya, Steve, Dane and Anneka Thompson; Monica Van Wegen; Regina and Gene Korby; Steve, Carolan, Jamie, Brett, Anna and Benjamin Cook; Kim and Brian Alley; Summer, Carson and Rich Bauer; Kari Sawrey; Nathan Moses; Jodie Fuller; Noah and Elijah Lindley; Linda Packer and Al Lindley; Stefanie and Jon Marvel; Sandi Valentine; J.D. and Jamie Hill; Amy Thompson; Loretta, Jake and Tena Amy; Alexis Jurado; Svea, Eva and Anja Grover; Marian, Kathleen, Margaret and Michael Edwards; Andrea, Jasmine and Michael Edwards; Jessica and Alexis MacDonald; Jodie Goitiandia; Kaili and Mia Smith; Ken, Halsey and Lindsay Pierce; Jim Laski; Jennifer Card; Sam, Willa and Cathy Laski; Mike, Chauncey, Colin and Lily Pogue; Cathy, Brigette, Ian and Eric Thomas; Claire Sauerbray; Margaret, Zachery, Maggie and Pat Deal; Penny Mandel; Trina McNeal; Paul, Patty, Mason and Davis Eckebrecht; James Bradley; Lacie Thompson; Ashley, Jessica and Brittany Bradley; Karol Ward; Ronald, Alexandra and Lucy Taylor; Tate Morell; Andrea Roche Stutz and Olivia Roche; Billy and Atheline Nixon; Lena Friesen; Jerry, Paul, Andrea and Lauren Frisch; Stacy Whitman; Lisa Hoskins; Angela Fones; Brenda Elfering; Amber Branch; Diane, Scarlett and Chad Pringle; K.D. and Kathy Pruett; Hilary, Christian, Maddox, Patsy and Sydney Nickum; Mimi and Corey Griswold; Lucy and Jamie More; Ballard Griswold; Richard Boullon; Nellie Brown; Fifi Lavite; Kathleen and Jim Magee; Jeremy and Erika Greenberg; Millie Granger; Jeanne and Jacob Greenberg; Craig and Dan Swanger; Allyson Johnson; Angela and Blake Eagle; Kathy Bennett; Linda Brown; Sandra, Rick, Connor and Evan Hesselbacher; Cyn Hannah; Chris, Teagan, Carolan and Devon McAvoy; Augusta Walker; Dana Henry; Michael Kellerman; Monica, Andrea, Taylor and Luke Hebert; Neal, Linnia, Ben and Hart Collins; Sarah Laycock; Bruce, Cooper and Samuel Rogers; Francisco and Oscar Lopes, Maria Lopez Flores; Katie, Joe and Lucy Paisley; Naomi, Matt and Ed Spence; Dan and Jenny Dean; Tony Knapp; Sheri Brown; Rob and Amy Landis; Jo and Larry Shaw; Annika Landis; and Katherine Schoene.

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