Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Global warming is a political scam

The current effort to drum up popular support for laws limiting CO2 emissions is, in reality, a disguised survey to see how effective teachers' unions have been in dumbing-down America.

Let's go back and recall a bit if high school botany, biology, and chemistry:

CO2 is carbon dioxide; it is one of nature's building blocks in the life cycle of animals, people and plant life. Animals and people breathe in oxygen and breathe out CO2, while trees and plants absorb CO2 through their leaves, (photosynthesis), strip the carbon from it to make the plant grow, and release the 02 as an oxygen molecule for us to breathe.

The air we breathe is 80% nitrogen, an element having an atomic weight of 14, 20% oxygen, somewhat heavier as oxygen atoms pair up to form an oxygen molecule that bas an atomic weight of 32, and carbon dioxide, a still heavier molecule, 2 parts oxygen and one part carbon, that has an atomic weight of 44. But the amount of CO2 in the air is so minute that its percentage of total air volume is usually ignored, except by Al Gore and his disciples. To be precise, there are 38 molecules of carbon dioxide out of every 100,000 molecules of air. That amount would have to be multiplied by a factor of 13 to amount to just one-half of one percent. Being heavier than the rest of the air molecules, CO2 tends to sink closer to the ground than other air molecules, which makes them ideal as a major building block for plants and trees. Only incessant air currents and winds keep these very lightweight elements and molecules of air reasonably well interspersed.

CO2 emissions are not a "boogie man". The boogieman is the trickster trying to get you to believe that CO2 emissions are causing planet-threatening global warming. How can 38 parts per 100,000 of ANYTHING that comes out of people's noses threaten our Earth, which has already survived being hit by at least one comet from outer space? Next consider why fear mongers would chose to address their attention to CO2 EMISSIONS rather than CO2 CONCENTRATIONS. If concentrations of CO2 were reaching dangerous levels, additional CO2 emissions would certainly matter. But concentrations of CO2, at 38 parts per 100,000, haven't changed since before the Great Depression, so you can see why it's necessary for the tricksters to keep the focus on emissions to avoid revealing the embarrassing truth—it's all a political scam.

So what does cause global warming? Shouldn't the Sun be considered a prime suspect? What else could it be? Remember we're talking high school science here, the knowledge you were tested on in order to graduate, and not some comic book fantasy tale where spooky vapors control the universe.

If you have read this far and remain convinced that CO2 emissions are causing global warming, you have become living proof that our public schools and our mainstream media have been successful in replacing knowledge with propaganda.

Bill Jaeger


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