Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Sunny Saturday for Blaine County/Hershey track meet

Kaitana Martinez (left), an excellent athlete making her final appearance in the Blaine County/Hershey track and field meet, tears down the Derrick Parke Memorial Field track in Carey Saturday en route to an 100-meter dash victory over Wood River Middle School teammate Chloe Davis (second from left). Also in the race were Sarah Arters and Sadie Dawson of the middle school. Look at next week’s Local Life section for more photos from the meet.

May 3, 2008, annual Hershey/Blaine County track and field meet at Carey School's Derrick Parke Memorial Field. Sponsored by the Blaine County Recreation District and volunteers, the event attracted about 150 boys and girls ages 8-14 from Blaine County and Camas County. The top two finishers in each event (ages 9-14) qualified for the southern Idaho state meet Saturday, June 7 at Wood River High School's Phil Homer Field, Hailey. School abbreviations are Hailey Elementary (H), Hemingway Elementary (Hem), Bellevue Elementary (B), Carey (C), Camas County/Fairfield (CC), Woodside Elementary (W) and Wood River Middle School (WRMS).

Ages 9-10 (1998-99)

Girls' standing long jump: 1—Riley Boice (H) 5-11. 2—Lauren Cord (H) 5-0.5. 3—Amanda Passey (W) 5-0.25. 4—Clarissa Kirkland (C) 4-11.5. 5—Medin Cenarrusa (C) 4-11.5. 6—Etta Seaman (CC) 4-9.75.

Girls' softball throw: 1—Sarah Rau (H) 73-0. 2—Etta Seaman (CC) 68-8. 3—Ciara Hulett (W) 42-0. 4—Sophie Nasvik (Hem) 40-5. 5—Park Addason (W) 36-6.

Girls' 50m: 1—Riley Boice (H) 9.32. 2—Kelsey Barker (B) 9.55. 3—Park Addason (W) 10.08. 4—Christy Avison (B) 10.08.3. 5—Lauren Busdon (H) 10.16. 6—Brooke Durtschi (C) 11.74.

Girls' 100m: 1—Etta Seaman (CC) 17.77. 2—Clarissa Kirkland (C) 17.83. 3—Amanda Passey (W) 18.00. 4—Medin Cenarrusa (C) 18.12. 5—Tess Hollister (H) 18.27. 6—Ciara Hulett (W) 18.28.

Girls' 200m: 1—Sarah Rau (H) 36.65. 2—Amanda Passey (W) 38.81. 3—Lauren Cord (H) 39.88. 4—Ciara Hulett (W) 39.99. 5—Sophie Nasvik (Hem) 42.30. 6—Callie Bourgette (B) 43.46.

Girls' 400m: 1—Callie Bourgette (B) 1:14.74. 2—Breanne Durtschi (C) 1:47.87. 3—Caylee Stroder (CC) 2:06.96.

Girls' 400m relay: 1—Hailey (Riley, Carnduff, Hollister, Rau) 1:11.74. 2—Carey (Durtschi, Kirkland, Cenarrusa, Durtschi) 1:23.83.

Boys' standing long jump: 1—Evan Hesselbacher (H) 6-1 and Jordan Adams (C) 6-1. 2—Logan Smith (H) 5-10. 3—Cade Schott (Hem) 5-8.5. 4—Garrett Rawlings (Hem) 5-7.5. 5—Nate Jones 5-4.5. 6—Nathan Stouffer (B) 5-2.5.

Boys' softball throw: 1—Walker Whaley (H) 124-1. 2—Alex Venslauskas (W) 99-4. 3—Carter Ros (H) 99-2. 4—Erick Petersen (CC) 97-5. 5—Nate Jones 94-1. 6—Colton Metzler (C) 89-0.

Boys' 50m: 1—Evan Hesselbacher (H) 8.21. 2—Brayden Bowers (B) 8.41. 3—Logan Smith (H) 8.58. 4—Cade Schott (Hem) 8.65. 5—Alex Venslauskas (W) 8.87. 6—Shane Mecham (C) 9.01.

Boys' 100m: 1—Garrett Rawlings (Hem) 15.75. 2—Walker Whaley (H) 16.06. 3—Brayden Bowers (B) 16.60. 4—Evan Hesselbacher (H) 16.73. 5—Carter Ros (H) 16.77. 6—Colton Metzler (C) 17.29.

Boys' 200m: 1—Jordan Adams (C) 34.20. 2—Patrick Summerlin (CC) 37.17. 3—Daniel Radford (Hem) 40.19. 4—Nathan Stouffer (B) 40.34. 5—Asher Loomis (H) 41.85. 6—Brock Olson (C) 47.53.

Boys' 400m: 1—Jordan Adams (C) 1:23.70. 2—Garrett Rawlings (Hem) 1:25.54. 3—Derrick Baird (C) 1:26.13. 4—Toby Whitworth (C) 1:29.70. 5—Billy Richards 1:32.35. 6—Nathan Stouffer (B) 1:32.95.

Boys' 400m relay: 1—Hailey (Olsen, Peavey, Ros, Whaley) 1:10.68. 2—Carey (Olson, Metzler, Baird, Whitworth) 1:14.37.

Ages 11-12 (1996-97)

Girls' standing long jump: 1—Brittney Bowers (B) 6-2. 2—Lilly

Rivera (C) 5-11. 3—Janel Passey (W) 5-5.5. 4—Kelsey Syms (WRMS) 5-5.25. 5—Daphne Kirkland (C) 5-5. 6—Abigale Barton 5-2.

Girls' softball throw: 1—Ciceley Peavey (W) 102-0. 2—Ashley Hicks 98-4. 3—Lilly Rivera (C) 93-0. 4—Ashley Durtschi (C) 84-5. 5—Brittney Bradley (B) 80-4. 6—Mary Petzke 78-5.

Girls' 100m: 1—Kaedi Fry (B) 15.86. 2—Daphne Kirkland (C) 15.91. 3—Lilly Rivera (C) 16.19. 4—Brittney Bradley (B) 16.37. 5—Kelsey Syms (WRMS) 16.46. 6—Rachael Malone (H) 16.60.

Girls' 200m: 1—Brittney Bowers (B) 32.00. 2—Kelsey Syms (WRMS) 33.39. 3—Rachael Malone (H) 33.65. 4—Daphne Kirkland (C) 34.02. 5—Brittney Bradley (B) 34.63. 6—Tatum Morell (Hem) 34.97.

Girls' 400m: 1—Brittney Bowers (B) 1:14.09. 2—Kaedi Fry (B) 1:22.28. 3—Mary Petzke 1:29.21. 4—Shayla Adamson (C) 1:33.38.

Girls' 800m: 1—Tatum Morell (Hem) 3:09.05. 2—Kenya Schott (Hem) 3:14.90.

Girls' 400m relay: 1—Woodside (McNeil, Peavey, Barton, Lube) 1:10.92.

Boys' standing long jump: 1—Cooper Bailey (WRMS) 7-0. 2—Isaac Simon (CC) 6-4.25. 3—Nate Adamson (C) 6-2.5. 4—Drew Morse (H) 5-11.75. 5—Long, Morell, Conagher 5-7. 6—Graves, Lee 5-5.

Boys' softball throw: 1—Cameron Benson (H) 148-10. 2—Danny Graves (H) 134-2. 3—Quinn Guthrie (WRMS) 131-2. 4—Brandon Dolenar (WRMS) 121-4. 5—Matt Whitworth (C) 115-4. 6—Peter Torwan 105-0.

Boys' 100m: 1—Austin Savaria (H) 15.10. 2—Christian Zarate (C) 15.16. 3—Brandon Dolenar (WRMS) 15.84. 4—Dylan Broman (Hem) 16.05. 5—Cody Carter (B) 16.35 and Hunter Frye (B) 16.35. 6—Isaac Simon (CC) 16.47.

Boys' 200m: 1—Quinn Guthrie (WRMS) 33.21. 2—Cameron Benson (B) 34.03. 3—Dylan Broman (Hem) 34.70. 4—Isaac Simon (CC) 35.08. 5—Danny Graves (H) 35.33. 6—Taylor Cooper (H) 35.51.

Boys' 400m: 1—Cooper Bailey (WRMS) 1:07.96. 2—Nate Adamson (C) 1:10.33. 3—Christian Zarate (C) 1:13.65. 4—Ryan Anderson (H) 1:25.12. 5—Joe Gamino (C) 1:26.86. 6—Will Long (H) 1:28.96.

Boys' 800m: 1—Nate Adamson (C) 2:55.34. 2—Austin Savaria (H) 3:00.33. 3—Drew Morse (H) 3:01.81. 4—Sam Brown (H) 3:08.59.

Boys' 400m relay: 1—WRMS (Bailey, Morse, Guthrie, Dolenar) 1:01.08. 2—Bellevue (Benson, Carter, Elisson, Frye) 1:06.13. 3—Hailey (Graves, Shetler, Anderson, Graves) 1:08.11.

Ages 13-14 (1994-95)

Girls' standing long jump: 1—Micaela Adamson (C) 7-1.25. 2—Tristin Bowers (WRMS) 6-5. 3—Chloe Davis (WRMS) 6-0. 4—Jaide Parke (C) 5-7. 5—Charmaine Kirkland (C) 5-4.25.

Girls' softball throw: 1—Kaitana Martinez (WRMS) 182-6. 2—Sadie Dawson (WRMS) 85-1. 3—Sarah Arters (WRMS) 67-8. 4—Elana King-Nakaoka 62-2.

Girls' 100m: 1—Kaitana Martinez (WRMS) 13.93. 2—Chloe Davis (WRMS) 15.60. 3—Sarah Arters (WRMS) 17.61. 4—Sadie Dawson (WRMS) 18.88.

Girls' 200m: 1—Kaitana Martinez (WRMS) 28.01. 2—Micaela Adamson (C) 28.38. 3—Elana King-Nakaoka 37.13.

Girls' 800m: 1—Tristin Bowers (WRMS) 3:09.04.

Girls' 1600m: 1—Jaide Parke (C) 6:37.00. 2—Charmaine Kirkland (C) 7:56.63.

Girls' 400m relay: 1—Carey (Adamson, Kirkland, Parke, Gomez) 1:02.44. 2—WRMS (Dawson, Arters, Davis, King-Nakaoka) 1:09.56.

Boys' standing long jump: 1—Tommy Bailey (WRMS) 7-0.5. 2—Jack Simon (CC) 6-1.

Boys' softball throw: 1—Ben Williams (WRMS) 177-9. 2—KJ Savaria (WRMS) 170-5. 3—Tori Alvarez (C) 170-3. 4—Zach Dolenar (WRMS) 152-1. 5—Bryson VanEvery (C) 113-11. 6—Jack Simon (CC) 92-8.

Boys' 100m: 1—Drew Barsch (WRMS) 14.20. 2—Tori Alvarez (C) 14.21. 3—KJ Savaria (WRMS) 15.04. 4—Zach Dolenar (WRMS) 15.38. 5—Ben Williams (WRMS) 15.78. 6—Bryson VanEvery (C) 16.00.

Boys' 200m: 1—Tommy Bailey (WRMS) 29.16. 2—Tori Alvarez (C) 30.03. 3—Steven Poklemba (WRMS) 34.53. 4—Bryson VanEvery (C) 34.83. 5—Jack Simon (CC) 36.42.

Boys' 400m relay: 1—WRMS (Barsch, Williams, Savaria, Bailey) 57.93. 2—WRMS (Morell, Dolenar, Poklemba, Anderson) 1:03.86.

Ages 8-and-under (2000-01)

Girls' long jump: 1—Stella Barsotti 5-2.25. 2—Laken Wolf 4-6.5. 3—Denali Stevens 4-6. 4—Erin Kehrer 4-5.75. 5—Katie Lambert 4-5.25. 6—Payton Bacca 4-4.5.

Girls' softball throw: 1—Aloe Jenks 66-6. 2—Erica Kreczkowski 41-0. 3—Luci Cuellar 40-0. 4—Laken Wolf 39-3. 5—Keely Wolf 37-9. 6—Shane Stroder 32-1.

Boys' long jump: 1—Tiernan Naghsh 4-11.5. 2—David Rau 4-6.5 and Jaren Bothwell 4-6.5. 3—Cooper Turner 4-0.5. 4—Christian Bothwell 4-3.25. 5—Loomis Mecham Martin 4-3. 6—Colter Payton 4-1.

Boys' softball throw: 1—Burrell Jones 88-6. 2—Ike Buxton 72-11. 3—Erik Baeza 66-1. 4—Dawson Hicks 65-1. 5—Elijah Silvia 59-3. 6—Jack Stevens 58-9.

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