Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Springtime in Parrish

Bumps, SG bring 130 skiers to Baldy

Kurtis Fieguth had a blast in the bumps, en route to third place in ?Bumps for Bucks? and second in the men?s combined at the Parrish. Photo by David N. Seelig

They spread the wealth around and broke ties by arm wrestling last weekend during the friendly, local Baldy competition known the 16th annual Lane Parrish Memorial.

Lane Parrish would have approved. A smooth customer and a Sun Valley persona of the 1970s and 1980s, Parrish was a speed and bump skier and movie stuntman who died much too early at 33 in a plane crash near Twin Falls in 1990.

The Sun Valley Ski Education Foundation Freestyle Team and Soldier Mountain Alpine Racing hosted the two-day event. At stake was $5,400 in prize money and a bunch of fun on Easter Weekend 2008.

It was a good turnout of 130 people including 103 in the Parrish super giant slalom.

Prize money of $500 for first place, $250 for second and $150 for third for both men and women went to the winners of "Bumps for Bucks," the New Diamond Sun super giant slalom and the combined winners.

Winners of Saturday's mogul racing contest on Race Arena were Broc Sheue and Debbie Page. They both posted the best scores of the day in both the Parrish bump competition and the "Bumps for Bucks" playoff rounds.

Zac Crist (61.35 seconds) and Soldier Mountain Alpine Racing's Alisa Durkheimer (66.73), a Wood River High senior, were the fastest racers in the Parrish SG. Unfortunately Durkheimer crashed at the finish line and tore her hip flexor muscle, so she didn't run in the "Dash for Cash" Greyhawk finale.

After Sunday's Parrish Memorial first super G run, the "New Diamond Sun Dash for Cash" featured the top 15 men and top five women from the earlier heat. Winners were Nate Schwing (61.18, by .74 seconds over Crist) and Erika Hogan (65.38, by .59 seconds over second-place Daniela Anguita).

Combined winners had the lowest scores when class placings of the Parrish SG and Parrish bumps were added.

Schwing and Kurtis Fieguth tied for first place in men's combined, and Schwing won the arm wrestling tiebreaker. In third place was Broc Sheue. Top three women in combined were winner Erika Hogan, Calley Brown and Sarah Mazzola.

Organizers thanked all the volunteers plus the following sponsors: Scott, Ciro, The Cellar, Big Wood, Surefoot, Tully's, Lefty's, Irvings Red Hots, Pioneer, Whiskeys, Sturtevants, Smoky Mountain Pizza, K2, Smith, Sun Summit, KB's and Paul Kenny's.

Check the April 16 Local Life edition for more racing photos from the Parrish Memorial including the entire sequence of Wes Powell's crash.

Results follow:

Top Parrish SG racers

Men: 1—Zac Crist 61.35 seconds. 2—Biche Rudigoz 61.49. 3—Nate Schwing 61.78. 4—Wes Powell 62.54. 5—Colter Brehmer 63.53. 6—Riley Berman 63.59. 7—Hank Minor 63.59. 8—Matt Luhn 64.08. 9—John Campbell 64.58. 10—Scott Robinson 65.06 and Slater Storey 65.06. 12—Cam Fraser 65.13. 13—Bergen Palmer 65.29. 14—Ryan Dean 65.36. 15—Ryan Foster 65.60.

Women: 1—Alisa Durkheimer 66.73 seconds. 2—Calley Brown 67.16. 3—Erika Hogan 67.23. 4—Daniela Anguita 67.47. 5—Sarah Mazzola 67.83. 6—Amanda Alexander 69.57. 7—Katherine Latham 70.26. 8—Cate Fairley 71.55. 9—Bailey Ireland 71.97. 10—Gabby Valesquez 73.98. 11—Camille Bourret 75.65. 12—Katie Loewy 76.11. 13—Jordan Fitzgerald 77.89. 14—Julie Bell 78.13. 15—Samantha Busby 79.11.

New Diamond Sun winners

(top 15 men, top 5 women qualifiers from Parrish SG)

Men: 1—Nate Schwing 61.18 seconds ($500). 2—Zac Crist 61.92 ($250). 3—Biche Rudigoz ($150) 62.09. 4—Wes Powell 62.56. 5—Riley Berman 62.97. 6—Matt Luhn 63.66. 7—John Campbell 64.23. 8—Colter Brehmer 64.51. 9—Ryan Foster 64.83. 10—Cam Fraser 64.95. 11—Slater Storey 65.15. 12—Bergen Palmer 65.30. 13—Willie Adicoff 65.39. 14—Ryan Dean 65.44. 15—Tyler Corrock 66.05.

Women: 1—Erika Hogan 65.38 seconds ($500). 2—Daniela Anguita 65.97 ($250). 3—Calley Brown 66.89 ($150). 4—Sarah Mazzola 67.26. 5—Amanda Alexander 68.81.

Lane Parrish bumps

Men: 1—Broc Sheue 20.30. 2—Austin Bourret 20.15. 3—Kurtis Fieguth 19.90.

Women: 1—Debbie Page 19.05. 2—Christine Cordeau 18.70. 3—Zana Davey 17.50.

"Bumps for Bucks"

Men: 1—Broc Sheue 7.70 ($500). 2—Shane Cordeau 7.60 ($250). 3—Kurtis Fieguth 7.60 ($150). 4—John Reagle 7.50. 5—Andy Ware 7.30. 6—Austin Bourret 7.20 and Jeff Page 7.20. 8—Ross Falcone 7.10.

Women: 1—Debbie Page ($500) 7.05. 2—Zana Davey 7.00. ($250). 3—Christine Cordeau 6.90 ($150). 4—Gabby Valesquez 6.80. 5—Sarah Mazzola 6.50.

Combined winners by class

Men 70s—Bumps: 1—Lenny Spivack 11.15.

Men 50s—SG: 1—Sean Murphy 66.95 (21st). 2—John Reagle 72.26. 3—Mike Levy 72.85. 4—Jeff Page 76.39. 5—Mike Lafferty 78.90. 6—Chris Key 85.24. 7—Manfred Schindler 87.51. 8—Ned Lumpkin 87.67. 9—Robert Reithner 100.35. Bumps: 1—Jeff Page 19.65. 2—John Reagle 19.15. 3—Mike Lafferty 15.45. Combined: 1—John Reagle and Jeff Page 3. 3—Mike Lafferty 6.

Men 40s—SG: 1—Matt Luhn 64.08 (8th). 2—John Campbell 64.58. 3—Alan Rickers 67.49. 4—Karl Stingl 71.06. 5—Greg Knutson 71.58. 6—Tim Marsano 71.68. 7—Jimmy Hart 71.94. 8—Pete Ross 72.98. 9—Tommy Richardson 76.55. 10—Jim Parris 80.29. 11—Erik Vorm 88.59. DSQ—Jeff Mintz. Bumps: 1—Tommy Richardson 18.20. 2—Karl Stingl 17.25. 3—Alan Rickers 16.75. Combined: 1—Alan Rickers and Karl Stingl 5. 3—Tommy Richardson 8.

Women 40s—SG: 1—Julie Bell 78.13 (14th). 2—Gretchen Flint 83.51. 3—Kirstin Kozlowski 84.36. 4—Debbie Page 91.42. 5—Diane Goodwin 103.13. Bumps: 1—Debbie Page 19.05. 2—Kirstin Kozlowski 16.40. 3—Diane Goodwin 9.00. Combined: 1—Debbie Page. 2—Kirstin Kozlowski 5. 3—Diane Goodwin 8.

Men 30s—SG: 1—Danny Walton 89.93 (71st). DSQ—Danny Maloney. Bumps: 1—Danny Maloney 16.60. 2—Danny Walton 16.05. Combined: 1—Danny Walton.

Men 19-39—SG: 1—Zac Crist 61.35 (1st). 2—Biche Rudigoz 61.49. 3—Nate Schwing 61.78. 4—Wes Powell 62.54. 5—Hank Minor 63.59. 6—Slater Storey 65.06 and Scott Robinson 65.06. 8—Cam Fraser 65.13. 9—Ryan Dean 65.36. 10—Tyler Corrock 66.23.

11—Mark Epstein 66.44. 12—Brett Jacobson 66.66. 13—Kurtis Fieguth 68.02. 14—Luke Chaney 68.42. 15—Shane Cordeau 69.29. 16—Broc Sheue 71.02. 17—Peter Stevenson 71.88. 18—Jason Haase 73.99. 19—Ross Falcone 76.29. 20—Tag Kleiner 84.94. 21—James Klier 85.24. Bumps: 1—Broc Sheue 20.30. 2—Kurtis Fieguth 19.90. 3—Shane Cordeau 19.70. Combined: 1—Nate Schwing 7. 2—Hank Minor 10. 3—Kurtis Fieguth 11.

Women 19-39—SG: 1—Calley Brown 67.16 (2nd). 2—Erika Hogan 67.23. 3—Daniela Anguita 67.47. 4—Sarah Mazzola 67.83. 5—Amanda Alexander 69.57. 6—Katherine Latham 70.26. 7—Gabby Valesquez 73.98. 8—Katie Loewy 76.11. Bumps: 1—Christine Cordeau 18.70. 2—Gabby Valesquez 17.05. 3—Erika Hogan 16.80. Combined: 1—Erika Hogan 4. 2—Calley Brown 6. 3—Gabby Valesquez and Sarah Mazzola 8.

Boys 13-18—SG: 1—Colter Brehmer 63.53 (5th). 2—Riley Berman 63.59. 3—Bergen Palmer 65.29. 4—Ryan Foster 65.60. 5—Willie Adicoff 65.93. 6—Tyler Davis 66.85. 7—Dylan Carroll 69.47. 8—Jordan Smith 69.59. 9—Greg Roos 69.65. 10—Bo Brown 71.55.

11—Austin Bourret 72.29. 12—Billy Nero 72.37. 13—Nick Bowen 73.90. 14—Joey Richardson 74.98. 15—Parker Page 81.45. 16—RJ Bracken 82.16. 17—Alexandre Bridgeman 83.30. 18—Nathan Moses 84.84. 19—Trevor Brand 86.63. DNF—Ross Parsons, Lucas Vorsteveld and Scott Smith. Bumps: 1—Austin Bourret 20.15. 2—Joey Richardson 18.95. 3—Trevor Brand 17.65. Combined: 1—Colter Brehmer 7. 2—Austin Bourret 9. 3—Joey Richardson 11.

Girls 13-18—SG: 1—Alisa Durkheimer (1st) 66.73. 2—Cate Fairley 71.55. 3—Bailey Ireland 71.97. 4—Camille Bourret 75.65. 5—Anita Vorsteveld 82.76. 6—Zana Davey 83.80. 7—Ali Levy 86.82. DNF—Natalie Vorsteveld. Bumps: 1—Zana Davey 17.50. 2—Anita Vorsteveld 14.40. 3—Bailey Ireland 14.25. Combined: 1—Bailey Ireland 4.

Boys 12-and-under—SG: 1—Jack Knutson 72.76 (39th). 2—Jay Fitzgerald 74.06. 3—Griffin Curtis 77.74. 4—Will Snyder 78.75. 5—Dominic Calhoon 78.99. 6—Jack Rizzo 79.03. 7—Benjamin Parker 79.68. 8—Wyatt Wilson 81.32. 9—Mikey Levy 82.72. 10—Andrew Fairley 83.39. 11—Trent Gerew 88.54. 12—Beau Curry 90.84. 13—Joseph Begovich 91.51. 14—River Vorse 99.74. 15—Jamie Rollerson 101.68. DSQ—Alex LaFleur and King Hopkins. Bumps: 1—Dominic Calhoon 14.55. 2—Mikey Levy 14.50. 3—Trevor Norris 13.65. Combined: 1—Dominic Calhoon 4. 2—Mikey Levy 9. 3—Ben Parker and Wyatt Wilson 10.

Girls 12-and-under—SG: 1—Jordan Fitzgerald 77.89 (13th). 2—Samantha Busby 79.11. 3—Lexi Black 82.63. 4—Megan Murphy 83.41. 5—Julia Vorsteveld 86.92. 6—Loni Unser 89.33. 7—Poppy Vorse 92.18. Bumps: 1—Julia Vorsteveld 9.80. 2—Abby Norton 9.80. 3—Lexi Black 9.35. Combined: 1—Julia Vorsteveld 3. 2—Lexi Black 4.

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