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Sun Valley City Council?2 open seats (4-year term)

Blair Boand

Age: 59

Occupation: Boand is an incumbent city councilman and vice-chairman of the KART/Mountain Rides board. He has served on he Ketchum/Sun Valley Chamber & Visitors Bureau board. He has also served on the Sun Valley Comprehensive Plan Update Committee (2003-2004). Boand is also a partner in Mountain Estates Property Management.

Motivation for campaign: I am seeking a second term so I can continue with my work in the following areas: A. Creation of affordable housing. B. Protection of our open spaces and gateways. C. Continue and expand regional cooperation with all government entities and stakeholders in Blaine County. D. Continue to work (as vice-chair of Mountain Rides) to provide the best, full service, multi-modal regional transportation. E. Supporting the Sun Valley Co.'s master plan of quality development. F. Reducing our carbon footprint. G. Keeping our neighborhoods preserved and distinct in their individual look and feel. H. Continue with the implementation of the Sun Valley Comprehensive Plan update.

Dewayne Briscoe

Age: 73

Occupation: Briscoe is a retired oral and maxillofacial surgeon from Washington state. He served on the Washington State Board of Health where he was responsible for water systems, sanitation, hospital and school design and general public health. He was also a founding member of the advisory board of the Washington State Professional Services Review Organization. His administrative experience includes past president of dental societies and associations and president of Ketchum's International Village Condominium Association.

Motivation for campaign: Briscoe states his goal of candidacy as the "preservation of the unique historical character of the city of Sun Valley, including the Sun Valley Village." He also hopes to establish an "advise and consent relationship with the Sun Valley Co. for the necessary modernization of the village and promote trade-offs to preserve the gateway open space." He is an advocate of Sun Valley-Ketchum tourism.

Joan Lamb

Age: 55

Occupation: Lamb is chairwoman of the Sun Valley Planning and Zoning Commission. She is also the mother of a ninth-grader at The Community School in Sun Valley, Board member of Mountain Rides, Parents' Association Executive at The Community School, Girl Scouts' troop leader (ninth year) and director of the Sun Valley Ballet School and the Sun Valley Figure Skating Club.

Motivation for campaign: "I wish to preserve and protect the lifestyle we cherish in this unique city and valley. To do so I believe requires long-term strategic thinking, a willingness to work regionally, financial analytic skills, land use planning experience and a respectful working relationship with constituents and political entities, all of which attributes I have."

Idaho Mountain Express Questions

1 In light of the city's linkage fee ordinance being deemed unconstitutional, what, if anything, should Sun Valley do next to promote affordable housing?

2 Where do you stand regarding Sun Valley Company efforts to pursue paid golf, either through a Forest Service land swap or otherwise?

3 Is the city's vision for the future (as mapped out in the comprehensive plan) coming to fruition as hoped? Why or why not?

4 How do you view the city of Sun Valley's role in the context of regional planning?

5 Should the city of Sun Valley adopt a waste-management ordinance that aims to increase recycling?

Blair Boand

1. Work with A.R.C.H., B.C.H.A, citizens, local and county government to lobby the state legislature to pass legislation giving cities the tools they need to raise funds for affordable housing. Partner with local and county government to pool their resources on hand, to buy or leverage land to build affordable housing (the city of Sun Valley currently has $800,000.00 in its land acquisition fund). Encourage existing property owners to donate their land to the Land Trust or seek out federal tax credits in order to provide the land needed to build affordable housing.

2. I encourage the land swap. Blaine County needs more public courses as there are not enough to meet the demand. If the land swap is approved it will remove from future development (excluding the proposed new 9 holes) several large parcels of land in the River Run area and along Trail Creek. The River Run portion of the land swap would remain open space in perpetuity and the Trail Creek portion would contain no housing or commercial development (access to the river, trail's and bike path would be preserved).

3. Most definitely, yes. The plan consisted of approximately 160 action items, which were prioritized in order of importance. To date 45 are implemented or near completion. As you may know, the Comprehensive Plan is a guide map to the future. It only becomes truly a definitive document when all the action items are implemented. I will continue to press forward toward that goal.

4. Continue with and expand regional planning, cooperation and partnerships with all cities, government entities, citizens, non-profits and private sectors so together we can we can provide solutions to problems that effect everyone in Blaine County. Including but not limited to, affordable housing, environmental issues, growth and development, transportation, business expansion and growth, the airport relocation, expanded and more frequent air service, sustainable labor pool, the highway 75 expansion and increased tourism.

5. The City of Sun Valley should adopt a new waste management program that is fairly priced, easy to understand and not burdensome on it's citizens. Our goal is to encourage and increase re-cycling through education and making it easy to do. If enough support can be gathered to buy a recycling sorter(very expensive) we will be able to put all our re-cycle items in one home container where it will then be taken to Ohio Gulch and sorted by the E.R.C. This is something I would like to see happen as it really makes recycling easy.

Joan Lamb

1. Sun Valley elected officials need to provide leadership in the north valley to address this problem multi-jurisdictionally:

- Organize a north valley task force for Affordable Workforce Housing (AWH)

- Analyze BCHA and ARCH data on the north valley need for rental versus owner-occupied AWH

- Identify the significant north valley potential sites for all types of AWH

- Evaluate the various public and private financing/ownership options

- Develop the resulting decision tree and action plan

2. New hotels have been identified as a priority for sustaining the local economy. For a new hotel to make economic sense in Sun Valley, the resort must be able to offer amenities similar to those found at other, newer, more accessible resort destinations, 36 holes of golf being one of the required amenities for groups. The Holding family and the Company have shown themselves to be excellent stewards of the land, and I support them in this endeavor..

3. Forty-plus items out of 160 on the action list are underway or have been completed in the two years since completion of the plan. The city and I, as Planning & Zoning chair, have facilitated a massive investment in infrastructure by the resort. Initiatives with respect to regional transportation, workforce housing, city capital improvements, environmental initiatives, recreational amenities, preservation of open space, trails and the McHanville gateway, among many others, are all underway.

4. The city of Sun Valley must provide leadership in regional cooperation on many issues because it is in our self-interest, we have the skill sets, we have financial resources through the LOT taxes and we do not have the complexity of problems faced by the other jurisdictions. Without exception, the Ketchum candidates have all identified strengthening tourism as key to Ketchum's future in a myriad of ways. The tourism economic engine is in Sun Valley, so we are de facto a significant player in regional issues.

5. Most communities in the West and particularly the Pacific Northwest demand that their cities provide them with curbside recycling, and there are financial disincentives if one chooses not to participate. Over the long term recycling benefits the environment and reduces the cost of waste disposal. A payment schedule, fair to the community at large, whereby people pay the true cost of disposal of their garbage, seems the most equitable solution, since the marginal cost of someone's garbage is going to be a new out- of- county landfill.

Dewayne Briscoe

1.The governments of Blaine County should schedule a visit in Boise with Idaho state officials (governor, senate and house leaders) and lobby for corrective legislation. The Sun Valley budget could shift thousands of dollars in gifts to the affordable housing category. Employees could be paid a housing allowance.

2.I oppose the proposed land swap. It would have to be annexed to Sun Valley and has not been approved for possible annexation or even been discussed by the council. I visited the area last Sunday and there were dozens of bikers, hikers and people camping. It is a unique close-in area for recreation that should be maintained. Sun Valley could build a 9-hole par-3 (executive course) on its land without the Forest Service land.

3.The Comprehensive Plan is being implemented, as development requires. Much of the plan depends on the further development of Sun Valley Co. properties. It is an open document that can be changed as need requires. I would work to keep the gateway open space between Ketchum and Sun Valley in trade-offs with the Holdings.

4.Regional planning begins with the proposed new airport in Blaine County out of Hailey. Sun Valley should have a seat on the new commission as the main taxes (assessments) will come from the north valley. All governments should cooperate in planning for waste removal, water, sanitation (sewers) and transportation and communication center (police and fire).

5.The current plan could be improved to add cardboard and more recycle dumpster type containers throughout the city. In Aspen, cardboard is 48 percent of all recycle-conservation items. With cardboard, our plan would be identical to Aspen, which meets all global warming objectives and reduces total trash by 14 percent.

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