Wednesday, April 5, 2006

Rixon, Svensruds fastest in the Parrish

One minute at high speeds down Greyhawk

Roaring down Greyhawk en route to the fastest Lane Parrish Memorial super giant slalom time Sunday is Carl Rixon Jr., 24. Rixon (57.53 seconds) narrowly edged 27-year-old Travis Svensrud of Bozeman, Mt. (57.57), the two-time defending champion of the Jackson Hole (Wyo.) Town Downhill. Photo by Willy Cook

Last week's wet weather broke up just in time for Sunday's super giant slalom running of the 14th annual Lane Parrish Memorial on Baldy.

"It turned out to be the best day of the week, perfect weather," said organizer Ken Corrock, who thanked Sun Valley Company for its continuing support of the "locals race."

Good weather meant 96 racers flying down Greyhawk had decent visibility for their minute-long, high-speed SG runs.

Fastest of all, six days after his 24th birthday, was Sun Valley's Carl Rixon Jr.—just back from the 2006 U.S. Alpine Nationals where he cracked the top 30 in the men's downhill.

Rixon (57.53 seconds) narrowly edged 27-year-old Travis Svensrud of Bozeman, Mt. (57.57), the two-time defending champion of the Jackson Hole (Wyo.) Town Downhill.

Completing the top 10 overall SG finishers were Wes Powell 58.38, Matt Murphy 58.57, women's winner Alex Munteanu Svensrud of Montana State University 60.30, Justin Stowers of Montana 60.49, Cameron Fraser 61.05, Baird Gourlay 62.93, Scott Levy 63.10 and Lauren Parsons 63.24.

From the list of Parrish Memorial finishers, the top 15 men and top five women returned to the top of Greyhawk Sunday afternoon for one more run to determine prize winners of the New Diamond Sun.

And the big New Diamond Sun bucks went to the husband-and-wife team of former U.S. Development Ski Team racer Travis Svensrud ($1,200) and his Romanian born wife Alex Munteanu Svensrud ($500).

Rixon ($500) and Matt Murphy ($300) placed 2-3 among the men, while Parsons ($300) and Christine Cordeau ($100) completed the list of top women.

Saturday's mogul racing on Race Arena was a wet event for the 78 contestants, but they were impressed with the talents of some of the younger freestyle team racers including bumps winner Kurtis Fieguth.

He scored 9.1 in the air and 8.0 and 8.2 on the turns plus 8.0 for overall impression to finish with 33.3 points in the bumps, nearly seven points better than his nearest competitor—who happened to be Fieguth's ski team coach, John Zuck (26.5).

Bumps were scored on air, turns and overall impression, with the highest score winning. The combined tabulations came from adding a racer's class placings from the Parrish SG and bump events, with the lowest score winning.

Among the combined winners were Julie Bell, Christine Cordeau and Katie Fieguth among the women; John Summers, Wes Powell, Kurtis Fieguth and Tanner Farrow among the men.

The friendly, local competition provided funds for Ketchum Alpine Racing and the Sun Valley Freestyle Team. It was held in memory of Parrish, a local speed and bump skier and stuntman who died in 1990 in a plane crash at age 33.

Results follow by class:

Boys' 12-and-under

Super giant slalom: 1—Tanner Farrow 65.44 seconds. 2—Harlan Collins 68.29. 3—Connor Farrow 72.39. 4—Dominic Calhoon 77.75. 5—R.J. Bracken 78.08. 6—Adam Brown 78.83. 7—Reid Matthews 79.99. 8—Gavin Shipley 83.33. 9—Nathan Moses 84.26. 10—Joey Richardson 84.66.

11—Wyatt Wilson 89.29. 12—Luke Robertson 89.48. 13—Chance Larkin 90.15. 14—Michael Levy 94.25. 15—Drake Vernoy 95.34. 16—Parker Page 98.21. DNF—Adam Vorsteveld, Trevor Brand and Logan Shipley. DSQ—Jack Knutson and Tanner Josey.

Bumps: 1—Tanner Farrow 23.7 (7.0/6.5 turns). 2—Harlan Collins 21.0 (6.4/6.0 turns). 3—Adam Vorsteveld 20.8 (5.0 air). 4—Trevor Brand 20.3 (6.0/6.0 turns). 5—Dominic Calhoon 15.4. 6—Nathan Moses 15.2. 7—R.J. Bracken 14.9. 7—Connor Farrow 14.9. 9—Parker Page 14.6. 10—Connor Braatz 14.1.

11—Joey Richardson 13.9. 12—Reid Matthews 13.8. 13—Trevor Norris 13.1. 14—Wyatt Wilson 12.5. 15—Michael Levy 12.0. 16—Drake Vernoy 11.1. 17—Adam Brown 9.9. 18—Logan Shipley 9.7. 19—Jack Knutson 9.0. 20—Luke Robertson 7.8. 21—Gavin Shipley 6.7.

Combined: 1—Tanner Farrow. 2—Harlan Collins. 3—Dominic Calhoon. 4—Connor Farrow. 5—R.J. Bracken. 6—Nathan Moses. 7—Reid Matthews. 8—Adam Vorsteveld. 9—Joey Richardson. 9—Trevor Brand. 11—Adam Brown. 12—Wyatt Wilson. 13—Parker Page. 14—Michael Levy. 15—Gavin Shipley. 16—Drake Vernoy. 17—Luke Robertson. 18—Logan Shipley. 19—Jack Knutson.

Girls 12-and-under

Super giant slalom: 1—Amanda Stelling 67.84 seconds. 2—Jordan Elizabeth Fitzgerald 76.90. 3—Natalie Vorsteveld 79.02. 4—Aunika Phillips 81.14. 5—Morgan Jones 81.28. 6—Hannah Haupt 84.74. 7—Zana Davey 84.93. DSQ—Julie Vorsteveld.

Bumps: 1—Zana Davey 16.7 (5.3/5.2 turns). 2—Hannah Haupt 16.2 (4.0 air). 3—Aunika Phillips 15.0. 4—Jordan Elizabeth Fitzgerald 6.0.

Combined: 1—Jordan Elizabeth Fitzgerald. 1—Aunika Phillips. 1—Hannah Haupt. 1—Zana Davey.

Boys 13-19

Super giant slalom: 1—Ryan Foster 64.26 seconds. 2—Kurtis Fieguth 65.62. 3—Axel Peterson 65.81. 4—North Parker 70.53. 5—Ross Parsons 71.60. 6—Austin Bourret 71.97. 7—Austin Moses 74.96. 8—William Eagan 76.61. 9—Lucas Vorsteveld 76.89. 10—Trace Page 80.03.

Bumps: 1—Kurtis Fieguth 33.3 (9.1 air, 8.0/8.2 turns). 2—Austin Bourret 26.8 (8.7 air). 3—Austin Moses 23.5 (7.3 air). 4—North Parker 23.2 (6.7/7.0 turns). 5—Trace Page 21.5. 6—Axel Peterson 21.0 (6.0/6.0 turns). 7—Ross Parsons 19.1. 8—William Eagan 16.5. 9—Sam Colesworthy 14.4 (5.0 air).

Combined: 1—Kurtis Fieguth. 2—North Parker. 2—Austin Bourret. 4—Axel Peterson. 5—Austin Moses. 6—Ross Parsons. 7—Trace Page. 8—William Eagan.

Girls 13-19

Super giant slalom: 1—Lauren Parsons 63.24 seconds. 2—McKenna Peterson 68.59. 3—Katie Fieguth 73.21. 4—Alexandra Haupt 79.34. 5—Ali Levy 82.74. 6—Kab Phillips 83.54. 7—Sierra Brand 86.47. 8—Anita Vorsteveld 87.84. DSQ—McKenna Collins and Nina Hirner.

Bumps: 1—Katie Fieguth 19.2 (6.1/6.3 turns). 2—Alexandra Haupt 17.4 (3.8 air). 3—McKenna Collins 16.0. 4—Ali Levy 15.1. 5—McKenna Peterson 13.3. 6—Kab Phillips 12.6. 7—Lauren Parsons 12.0. 8—Anita Vorsteveld 11.1. 9—Sierra Brand 10.2.

Combined: 1—Katie Fieguth. 2—McKenna Peterson. 2—Alexandra Haupt. 4—Lauren Parsons. 5—Ali Levy. 6—Kab Phillips. 7—Sierra Brand. 7—Anita Vorsteveld.

Men 20-39

Super giant slalom: 1—Carl Rixon Jr. 57.53 seconds. 2—Travis Svensrud 57.57. 3—Wes Powell 58.38. 4—Justin Stowers 60.49. 5—Cameron Fraser 61.05. 6—Tyler Corrock 63.24. 7—Jimmy Hart 66.81. 8—Justin Peterson 67.92. 9—Tom Kennedy 68.64.

Bumps: 1—Wes Powell 24.4 (7.0 air). 2—Tyler Corrock 21.0 (5.4/5.5 turns). 3—Tom Kennedy 19.4 (6.0/6.2 turns). 4—Justin Peterson 19.1 (3.5 air). 5—Carl Rixon Jr. 16.9. 6—Chris Verrill 15.1. 7—Jimmy Hart 13.9.

Combined: 1—Wes Powell. 2—Tyler Corrock. 3—Carl Rixon Jr. 4—Justin Peterson. 5—Tom Kennedy. 5—Jimmy Hart.

Women 20-39

Super giant slalom: 1—Alex Munteanu Svensrud 60.30 seconds. 2—Christine Cordeau 64.09. 3—Liesl Opp 64.55. 4—Erin Resko 72.73. 5—Lesa Carlson 82.82.

Bumps: 1—Erin Resko 23.5 (6.5/6.5 turns) 2—Christine Cordeau 19.3 (6.3/6.0 turns). 3—Liesl Opp 16.3.

Combined: 1—Christine Cordeau. 2—Erin Resko. 3—Liesl Opp.

Men 40-plus

Super giant slalom: 1—Matt Murphy 58.57 seconds. 2—Baird Gourlay 62.93. 3—Scott Levy 63.10. 4—John Summers 63.50. 5—Deeder Petersen 64.06. 6—Ken Dreyer 64.35. 7—Tim Marsano 65.03. 8—John Reagle 65.50. 9—Mike Levy 66.51. 10—Greg Moore 66.73.

11—John Zuck 67.87. 12—Tommy Richardson 68.86. 13—Mike Connelly 69.20. 14—Jeff Page 70.22. 15—Jim Parris 70.30. 16—Chris Key 75.44. 17—Charles Evans 76.75. 18—Harry Bolton 78.86. 19—Lenny Spivack 82.03. 20—Robert Reithner Jr. 84.18. 21—Alan Rickers 87.08. DNF—Greg Knutson and Mark Masur. DSQ—Pete Ross and Walt Halverson.

Bumps: 1—John Zuck 26.5 (6.5 air, 6.5/6.5 turns). 2—Alan Rickers 24.0 (6.3/6.2 turns). 3—Greg Knutson 23.3 (5.8 air). 4—Tommy Richardson 21.9 (6.3/6.3 turns). 5—Jeff Page 21.1 (3.8 air). 6—John Summers 20.2. 7—John Reagle 20.1. 8—Scott Levy 20.0. 9—Tim Marsano 19.7 (4.0 air). 9—Baird Gourlay 19.7 (6.0/6.0 turns).

11—Pete Ross 19.6 (5.9/5.8 turns). 12—Ken Dreyer 19.5. 13—Deeder Petersen 18.1 (6.0/6.0 turns). 14—Ananda Kriya 17.6 (6.0/6.0 turns). 15—Mike Levy 17.4. 16—Mike Connelly 16.9. 17—Lenny Spivack 15.5. 18—Walt Halverson 15.2. 19—Jerry Norris 8.4. 20—Mark Masur 8.0.

Combined: 1—John Summers. 2—Baird Gourlay. 2—Scott Levy. 2—John Zuck. 5—John Reagle. 5—Tommy Richardson. 7—Tim Marsano. 8—Alan Rickers. 9—Deeder Petersen. 9—Ken Dreyer. 9—Jeff Page. 12—Greg Knutson. 13—Mike Levy. 14—Mike Connelly. 14—Pete Ross. 16—Lenny Spivack. 17—Walt Halverson. 18—Mark Masur.

Women 40-plus

Super giant slalom: 1—Julie Bell 71.87 seconds. 2—Brenda Zuck 78.33. 3—Brenda Blackwell 79.00. DSQ—Debbie Page and Randi Dubois.

Bumps: 1—Debbie Page 24.2 (7.0/7.5 turns). 2—Julie Bell 19.1 (5.6/5.5 turns). 3—Randi Dubois 16.3 (5.2/5.2 turns).

Combined: 1—Julie Bell. 2—Debbie Page. 3—Randi Dubois.


Super giant slalom: 1—I.M. Chauncey (telemark) 85.71 seconds. 2—Zach Settle (board) 87.40. 3—Jake Cook (board) 90.98.

Bumps: 1—I.M. Chauncey 14.8. 2—Zach Settle 12.0.

Combined: 1—I.M. Chauncey. 1—Zach Settle.

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