Wednesday, June 1, 2005

Barrels winner Amanda Hill has it in reserve

Fifth District rodeo qualifies for state

Carey School junior Amanda Hill put together a couple of quick barrel racing rides last weekend at Gooding to nail down the season championship in barrels on the Fifth District High School circuit.

Hill (17.686 seconds) placed first over Gooding's Peggy Wells in Friday's first rodeo, then Hill was a close second in Saturday's second go-round to end the season with 66 points. Wells and Gooding's Cady Mae Coates were next best with 60.

Amanda Hill also won the first go-round of breakaway roping with a fast time of 4.820 seconds at Gooding Friday.

The other season event winner from the local region was Carey's Brad Hunt, the bullriding champion with 28 points.

The Gooding district finals finalized the 10-rodeo Fifth District spring season, locked down the circuit's all-around leaders for 2005 and ended up qualifying the top six in each of 10 events for June's state high school finals in Pocatello.

Amanda Hill finished as the Reserve All-Around winner with 217.5 points behind All-Around winner Cady Mae Coates of Gooding (242). For the boys, Rob Webb of Wendell (171) topped Ted Walker of Glenns Ferry (158), with Carey's Bryan Hill fourth (111).

In addition, Amanda Hill qualified for state in four events—barrels, polebending, team roping with brother Bryan Hill, and breakaway roping. Fairfield's Kortnee Hurless made it to state in three—barrels, poles and goat tying.

Bryan Hill finished second in the steer wrestling standings and made state in that event as well. His Carey mate Moj Broadie also is headed to Pocatello in bulldogging.

Here are results of top finishers and locals from Wood River/Carey/Fairfield from the Gooding district finals May 27-28. The state finals are June 20-25 in Pocatello and the national high school rodeo finals are July 18-24 in Gillette, Wyo.:

Friday's first rodeo

Bareback riding: 1—Cody Luper (Jerome) 66 points. Bullriding: 1—Casey Patton (Gooding) 72. 2—Brad Hunt (Carey) 59. Steer wrestling: 1—Tyler Wines (Gooding) 5.80 seconds. 5—Bryan Hill (Carey) 15.670.

Barrel racing: 1—Amanda Hill (Carey) 17.686 seconds. 8—Kortnee Hurless (Fairfield) 18.342. 15—Hailey Baugh (Hailey) 18.824. 21—Cassi Ann Rushton (Hailey) 18.930. 26—Cassie Jo Weaver (Carey) 20.863. 27—Katrina Molyneux (Carey) 21.019. 30—Krystal Tracy (WR) 23.586.

Pole bending: 1—Kortnee Hurless 21.179 seconds. 4 (tie)—Hailey Baugh and Amanda Hill 22.284. 18—Cassie Jo Weaver 27.053. 23—Brittany Hennefer (Carey) 28.834. 28—Cassi Ann Rushton 29.759.

Goat tying: 1—Sarah Pierson (Gooding) 8.970 seconds. 5—Kortnee Hurless 10.150. 13—Katrina Molyneux 19.300. Breakaway roping: 1—Amanda Hill 4.820.

Calf roping: 1—Ted Walker (Glenns Ferry) 9.470 seconds. Team roping: 1—Chardon Hartley/Gary Kuhn (Jerome) 11.610. 3—Amanda Hill/Bryan Hill (Carey) 23.580. 6—Moj Broadie/Brad Hunt (Carey) 26.090.

Saturday's second rodeo

Bareback riding: 1—Zachary Fink (Dietrich) 54 points. Bullriding: 1—Jay Burrell (Hagerman) 66. Steer wrestling: 1—Tyler Wines (Gooding) 8.090 seconds. 2—Moj Broadie (Carey) 25.600.

Barrel racing: 1—Peggy Wells (Gooding) 17.541 seconds. 2—Amanda Hill (Carey) 17.595. 10—Kortnee Hurless (Fairfield) 18.081. 14—Cassi Ann Rushton (Hailey) 18.393. 23—Amy Stoll (Hailey) 20.313. 25—Cassie Jo Weaver (Carey) 21.175. 32—Katrina Molyneux (Carey) 26.001.

Pole bending: 1—Saige Hoskovec (Jerome) 21.204 seconds. 2—Kortnee Hurless 21.614. 4—Hailey Baugh (Hailey) 22.159. 13—Cassi Ann Rushton 24.000. 14—Brittany Hennefer (Carey) 24.120. 23—Amy Stoll 26.715. 24—Amanda Hill 27.598.

Goat tying: 1—Malerie Born (Gooding) 8.270 seconds. 8—Amanda Hill 11.150. 12—Kortnee Hurless 13.030. 17—Katrina Molyneux 20.880. Breakaway roping: 1—Kassandra Hall (Hazelton) 2.810. 4—Amanda Hill 4.280.

Calf roping: 1—Rob Webb (Wendell) 10.980 seconds. 2—Bryan Hill (Carey) 13.660.

Team roping: 1—Rob Webb (Wendell)/Ted Walker (Glenns Ferry) 7.250 seconds. 4—Kortnee Hurless/Andy Olson (Hill City) 14.630. 5—Zachary Peterson (Fairfield)/Taylor Stoecklein (Sun Valley) 20.130. 6—Jessica Howard (Hammett)/Kade Smith (Bellevue) 25.270.

Season standings

All-round boys (10 rodeos): 1—Rob Webb (Wendell) 171 (all-around winner). 2—Ted Walker (Glenns Ferry) 158 (reserve all-around winner).

3—Dusty Vader (Hagerman) 135. 4—Bryan Hill (Carey) 111. 7—Jake Ruby (Jerome) 74 (rookie-of-the-year).

13—Brad Hunt (Carey) 44. 14—Moj Broadie (Carey) 41. 15—Kade Smith (Bellevue) 40. 19—Andy Olson (Hill City) 33. 27—Taylor Stoecklein (Sun Valley) and Zachary Peterson (Fairfield) 13 apiece.

All-around girls (10 rodeos): 1—Cady Mae Coates (Gooding) 242 (all-around winner). 2—Amanda Hill (Carey) 217.5 (reserve all-around winner).

3—Katie Garcin (Gooding) 177.5. 4—Kortnee Hurless (Fairfield) 161. 8—Cheyanna Robinson (Gooding) 132 (rookie-of-the-year). 18—Hailey Baugh (Hailey) 43. 25—Brittany Hennefer (Carey) 11.

Season standings by event

Bareback riding (all to state): 1—Cody Luper (Jerome) 60 points. 2—Cooper Prow (Gooding) 38. 3—Zachary Fink (Dietrich) 19. 4—Cary Livingston (Jerome) 9.

Saddle bronc (both to state): 1—Tyler Gebauer (Murtaugh) and Jack Stevens (Gooding) 10 points apiece.

Bullriding (all to state): 1—Brad Hunt (Carey) 28 points. 2—Marcos Noriega (Wendell) 20. 3—Jay Burrell (Hagerman) and Casey Patton (Gooding) 10 apiece. 5—Richard Hainline (Hagerman) and Cary Livingston (Jerome) 9.50 apiece.

Steer wrestling (all to state): 1—Dusty Vader (Hagerman) 66 points. 2—Bryan Hill (Carey) 51. 3—Kyle Vader (Hagerman) 47. 4—Rusty Gill (Gooding) 31. 5—Tyler Wines (Gooding) 28. 6—Moj Broadie (Carey) 25.

Barrel racing (all to state): 1—Amanda Hill (Carey) 66 points. 2—Cady Mae Coates (Gooding) and Peggy Wells (Gooding) 60 apiece. 4—Cheyanna Robinson (Gooding) 59. 5—Kallie Axelson (Shoshone) 55.5. 6—Kortnee Hurless (Fairfield) 46.

Non-state qualifier: 12—Hailey Baugh (Hailey) 15.5.

Pole bending (all to state): 1—Saige Hoskovec (Jerome) 64 points. 2—Peggy Wells (Gooding) 50. 3—Kallie Axelson (Shoshone) 49. 4—Kortnee Hurless (Fairfield) 48. 5—Cade Mae Coates (Gooding) 44. 6—Amanda Hill (Carey) 38.5.

Non-state qualifiers: 8—Hailey Baugh (Hailey) 27.5. 23—Brittany Hennefer (Carey) 2.

Goat tying (all to state): 1—Katie Garcin (Gooding) 81 points. 2—Cady Mae Coates (Gooding) 80. 3—Malerie Born (Gooding) 74. 4—Sarah Pierson (Gooding) 65. 5—Kortnee Hurless (Fairfield) 54. 6—Chelsy Jess (Hammett) 48.

Non-state qualifier: 9—Amanda Hill (Carey) 23.

Breakaway roping (all to state): 1—Hailey Harris (Shoshone) 65 points. 2—Amanda Hill (Carey) 57. 3—Jena Bubak (Jerome) 56. 4—Cady Mae Coates (Gooding) 55. 5—Kassandra Hall (Hazelton) 52. 6—Jessica Howard (Hammett) 49.

Non-state qualifiers: 13—Brittany Hennefer (Carey) 9. 14—Kortnee Hurless (Fairfield) 6.

Calf roping (all to state): 1—Rob Webb (Wendell) 89 points. 2—Ted Walker (Glenns Ferry) 76. 3—Matt Ervin (Gooding) 55. 4—Tyler Wines (Gooding) 44. 5—Jake Ruby (Jerome) 40. 6—Dusty Vader (Hagerman) 30.

Non-state qualifiers: 9—Bryan Hill (Carey) 27. 10—Andy Olson (Hill City) 26. 12—Kade Smith (Bellevue) 15.

Team roping (all to state): 1—Rob Webb (Wendell)/Ted Walker (Glenns Ferry) 82 points. 2—Jena Bubak (Jerome)/Hailey Harris (Shoshone) 54. 3—Dusty Vader/Kyle Vader (Hagerman) 39. 4—Jake Ruby/Justin Hickman (Jerome) 34. 5—Bryan Hill/Amanda Hill (Carey) 33. 6—Chardon Hartley/Gary Kuhn (Jerome) 33.

Non-state qualifiers: 7—Jessica Howard (Hammett)/Kade Smith (Bellevue) 25. 10—Moj Broadie/Brad Hunt (Carey) 16. 12—Zachary Peterson (Fairfield)/Taylor Stoecklein (Sun Valley) 13. 14—Kortnee Hurless (Fairfield)/Andy Olson (Hill City) 7.

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