Friday, October 29, 2004

Can we reconnect to mystic memories

Practitioner shows how to heal, divinely

Express Staff Writer

Are you feeling out of sync? It?s all right if you are, there are times we all feel a little unconnected. But why does it occur? It could be the weather, or stress, or could it be something harder to pin down. Something perhaps that is in fact a physiological aspect about which we are unaware.

So, say some new age types, it follows that we need to be reconnected.

If connection means the union or association of an entity, then it follows that reconnection must mean the bringing together of entities once connected but long out of sync.

In the case of the healing method The Reconnection, the activity or mission concerns reconnecting meridian lines in a person?s body to a greater mystic whole.

?People are trained to think of alternative healing as energy healing but this draws from a more divine, higher intel-ligence,? Cygnia Rapp said.

The Hailey-based Rapp is a practitioner of Reconnective Healing and The Reconnection. She trained with the foun-der, Dr. Eric Pearl, in Los Angeles after her own unique experience during a session.

Pearl is a trained chiropractor who had a large and successful practice in Los Angeles. His story has a lot of quirky aspects to it, but by far the most enlightening was what happened after a fluke visit with a gypsy fortuneteller on a beach in 1993.

He visited the woman twice for private sessions. His book, ?The Reconnection: Heal Others, Heal Yourself? de-scribes how his approach to healing changed after meeting her. He began as a skeptic, as we all usually are when told of work such as this. But within a day of having a private session with the gypsy woman his patients began relating odd occurrences.

For instance, after he?d adjusted them and they were resting on the table with closed eyes, they thought he was still touching them. They also felt other people were in the room watching. After he moved his hands in circles over his patients, his palms began to blister and then to bleed. Patients began reporting seeing angels and being healed of vari-ous diseases and chronic symptoms. All this occurred when Pearl simply held his hands near them, not on them. The more people reported these things, the more he looked into the phenomenon. Eventually he gave up his chiropractic work and began offering and teaching The Reconnection.

Since then Pearl has become a healer of great renown. He offers seminars around the world in The Reconnection, has spoken to a full house at Madison Square Garden, been written up in the New York Times, and has appeared on numerous television shows nationally and internationally.

Now connection can also mean a physical link, such as by wire or fiber-optic cable, or in this case, strings. The strings, or simultaneously occurring parallel planes of existence, are DNA strands that Pearl claims can be reconnected.

Rapp calls this ?a new frequency of vibration centered in creating wholeness.?

In his book Pearl, who keeps his skeptic voice alive and well throughout, even as he changes, says Reconnective Healing is real. ?Luckily it?s not necessary to spin tale tales about the source or nature of the energy. Reconnective Healing is firmly supported by the latest theories on nuclear and quantum physics where everything we human beings have always held to be true gets turned upside-down, time flows backward, gravity grows stronger with distance and matter and energy break down into vibrating loops of string.?

So how does it work?

The client lies on her back in a quiet room, no new age music or incense to be found. Rapp tells her she?ll tap her chest in 45 minutes when it?s done.

The client closes her eyes and tries to shut the on-going noise in her brain down. No luck. She breathes deeply and wonders how she?ll be able to lie still like this for so long. Dogs bark. Her stomach rumbles loudly. She?s aware that at various times certain areas of her body become very warm. She?s convinced that that is where Rapp must be concen-trating her hands. Rather than the normal statically dots and lines she sees when her eyes are closed, she begins to be aware that a wave of light is washing over her eyes instead. Rapp taps her chest.

?Was that really 45 minutes??


?Were you holding your hands over my shoulder??

?No, I was moving around.?

?What about over my left side??


?But that?s where I felt hot.?

The client leaves feeling slightly lightheaded, but otherwise the same.

Rapp explained that ?It?s not a technique per se, it?s a matter of tuning into the person. A person?s experience is not limited to my deductive reasoning. It relies on a higher intelligence, which is really liberating from my perspective.?

She went on to explain that one of the limitations of energy works when the practitioner actually touches you they?re bringing they?re own energy into play, which can be problematic.

Rapp?s first experience was overwhelming for her. ?I felt intense heat on my forehead and then I saw an angel with enormous wings with her palms out. There was literally heart energy going from her to my forehead, literally filling this cocoon of light around me.?

Rapp, a scientist by training, was flabergasted. She said she?d never identified with angels before and in fact was more likely to place symbolism on something like a Native American Totem than on anything connected to Christianity.

?That is what convinced me to study. The fact that I was allowed to see it, and to own what I do.?

One of Rapp?s successes concerns a friend in Seattle whose breast cancer metastasized to her liver and spine. ?I did three sessions on her in the same week. She felt a tremendous amount of heat in her head and spine. That was in March. In August I asked her how it was going. According to tests she was basically cancer free. Which is stunning news. I didn?t replace medical practitioners. She was still on her normal medication.?

Rapp said this kind of development is almost unheard of in Western medicine case history.

?Reconnective Healing allows for a wholeness to occur and healing can happen spontaneously or over a period of six months,? she said. Reconnection is when the meridians that connect us to the planet and universe are reconnected. It catalyzes your whole life. It?s a pretty awesome to tell the truth.?

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