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For the week of February 5 - 12, 2002


2002 Boulder Mountain Ski Tour Results

Timing & Results by: Precision Sports Timing 802-253-4550 



February 2, 2002, the 27th annual 32-kilometer (19.8-mile) cross-country ski tour. The course was the historical trail starting at Senate Creek near Galena Lodge Touring Center 23 miles north of Ketchum and ending at the Sawtooth National Recreation Area headquarters 8 miles north of Ketchum. Title sponsor was Wells Fargo.

Of 869 racers who finished the course—39 more than last year—550 were male and 319 female. Senior racers were Tom Gibbons, 78, of Bend, Ore. along with Shauna Thoreson, 67, of Ketchum, and Ardie Winters, 67, of Sisters, Ore. The youngest, all 10, were Scotty Phelan of Ketchum, Kevin Zombro and Stephen Morris of Bozeman. Of the 869 finishers, 186 or 21% of the total field listed Wood River Valley addresses, meaning 79% came from out of the valley.

Finishing times of the locals who completed the American Ski Marathon Series course are listed by age class in hours, minutes and seconds. Overall rankings appear after each racer's name. Identified in bold are local age-class placers, and overall winners.




1—Justin Wadsworth, Bend 1.16:01.1

2—Carl Swenson, Boulder 1.16:01.4

3—Tor Arne Hetland, SV 1.16:01.6

4—Andrew Johnson, Vt. 1.16:02

5—Patrick Weaver, Bend 1.16:05

6—Nathan Schultz, Bozeman 1.16:07

7—Peter Webb, Ketchum 1.17:13

8—David Gieck, Utah 1.17:26

9—Colin Mahood, Bend 1.17:27

10—Eric Meyer, Boulder 1.17:28


Men 12 and under ( 3 Finishers )


1,Kevin Zombro,Bozeman, MT,2:33:09.0

2,Stephen Morris,Bozeman, MT,2:33:12.0

3,Scotty Phelan,Ketchum, ID,2:52:14.7


Men 13 to 17 ( 13 Finishers )


1,Kyle Tietze,Salt Lake City, UT,1:29:03.1

2,Alex Hoerger,Boise, ID,1:32:25.5

3,Steve Rudzinski,Boise, ID,1:40:49.4

4,Jesse Murphy,Mccall, ID,1:49:53.7

5,Wyatt Fereday,Boise, ID,1:54:36.4

6,Ryan Young,Bozeman, MT,2:00:00.1

7,Alan Stenquist,Salt Lake City, UT,2:02:56.9

8,Niels Tietze,Salt Lake City, UT,2:05:39.4

9,Nate Eklund,Boise, ID,2:17:30.4

10,Brady Dunn,Salt Lake City, UT,2:31:54.8

11,Ben Page,Salt Lake City, UT,2:33:35.0

12,Stanley Pokorny,Teton Village, WY,2:45:34.6

13,Samuel Davis,Mccall, ID,3:12:18.1


Men 18 to 24 ( 9 Finishers )


1,Andrew Johnson,Greensboro, VT,1:16:02.7

2,Colin Mahood,Bend, OR,1:17:27.9

3,Eric Meyer,Boulder, CO,1:17:28.9

4,Pat Casey,Bozeman, MT,1:18:55.7

5,Knut Solberg,Bozeman, MT,1:23:15.8

6,Calon Russell,Portland, OR,1:27:16.0

7,Peter French,Seattle, WA,1:40:43.7

8,Eric Fichter,Park City, UT,1:41:38.7

9,Che M. Shaydak,Mccall, ID,1:49:28.4


Men 25 to 29 ( 38 Finishers )


1,Tor Arne Hetland,Sun Valley, ID,1:16:01.6

2,David Gieck,Midway, UT,1:17:26.6

3,Peter Barton,Salt Lake City, UT,1:17:32.2

4,Cory Smith,Park City, UT,1:18:51.9

5,Casey Ward,Aspen, CO,1:18:56.2

6,Tav Streit,Tahoe City, CA,1:21:07.8

7,Chad Andersen,Bozeman, MT,1:21:10.5

8,Jason Tedrow,Bend, OR,1:23:37.2

9,Erik Stange,Park City, UT,1:23:47.0

10,Eric Maas,Salt Lake City, UT,1:24:01.9

11,Jimmy Bryan,Mccall, ID,1:24:39.1

12,Peter Kan,Vail, CO,1:25:31.4

13,Kevin Grove,Bend, OR,1:25:52.0

14,King John,Ketchum, ID,1:27:13.7

15,David Cieslowski,Bend, OR,1:27:33.2

16,Ben Grasseschi,Truckee, CA,1:27:43.4

17,Michael Heidenreich,Bend, OR,1:28:23.0

18,Ben Young,Ketchum, ID,1:28:40.6

19,Jay Blackhurst,Boise, ID,1:29:08.9

20,Glenn Lacy,Nampa, ID,1:29:57.9

21,Ryan K. Dye,Boise, ID,1:30:03.5

22,Blake Wiedenheft,Bozeman, MT,1:31:41.6

23,Patrick Becker,Belgrade, MT,1:33:49.5

24,Sean Mclaughlin,Ketchum, ID,1:33:58.4

25,Nate Scales,Hailey, ID,1:37:19.7

26,Lars Spurbland,Reno, NV,1:38:11.8

27,Brian Cavanagh,Boise, ID,1:42:13.3

28,Jeff Bauer,Park City, UT,1:42:15.0

29,Ryan Miller,Steamboat Springs, CO,1:49:00.6

30,Todd Carrier,Ketchum, ID,1:52:45.5

31,Shan Han,Boise, ID,1:59:25.0

32,Joshua Archibald,Ketchum, ID,2:00:43.9

33,Pete Schwartz,Ketchum, ID,2:02:08.7

34,Robert Wawrzyn,Portland, OR,2:12:11.0

35,Dirk Vlieks,San Francisco, CA,2:17:42.0

36,Richard Hoyt,Boise, ID,2:23:03.8

37,Brett Brownscombe,La Grande, OR,2:24:07.0

38,Ryan Mcmurtrey,Idaho Falls, ID,2:24:27.5


Men 30 to 34 ( 74 Finishers )


1,Justin Wadsworth,Bend, OR,1:16:01.1

2,Carl Swenson,Boulder, CO,1:16:01.4

3,Patrick Weaver,Bend, OR,1:16:05.0

4,Nathan Schultz,Bozeman, MT,1:16:07.0

5,Peter Webb,Ketchum, ID,1:17:13.7

6,Eric L. Jensen,Boise, ID,1:20:02.0

7,Chris Humbert,Salt Lake City, UT,1:21:32.0

8,Matt Grover,Boise, ID,1:21:34.6

9,Curtis Schreiner,Heber City, UT,1:23:42.8

10,Jason Travis,Park City, UT,1:23:48.0

11,Charlie Shepard,Teton Village, WY,1:23:54.4

12,Alex Gordner,Boise, ID,1:23:55.1

13,Gardie Jackson,Park City, UT,1:23:55.5

14,Richard Feldman,Ketchum, ID,1:23:57.7

15,Dan Streubel,Driggs, ID,1:24:13.9

16,Steve Cook,Salt Lake City, UT,1:25:24.5

17,David Valvo,Rochester, NY,1:31:39.0

18, Wilhelm Northrop,Ketchum, ID,1:31:53.5

19,Josh Glick,Ketchum, ID,1:33:15.3

20,Sean O'shea,Meridian, ID,1:33:31.6

21,Steve T. Howe,Salt Lake City, UT,1:33:51.1

22,David Adam,Salt Lake City, UT,1:33:51.8

23,Brian Schilling,Jackson, WY,1:34:01.6

24,John Lawrence,Salt Lake City, UT,1:34:52.4

25,David Mcwethy,Victor, ID,1:35:29.3

26,Stephen D. Romeo,Jackson, WY,1:35:44.3

27,Brian Mcgee,Jackson, WY,1:36:25.8

28,Eric D. Smith,Santa Ana, CA,1:37:23.6

29,Joshua Hickman,Salt Lake City, UT,1:37:34.4

30,Jeffrey Gasser,Boise, ID,1:37:44.7

31,Scott A. White,Boise, ID,1:38:14.1

32,Barry Schmitt,Heber City, UT,1:40:00.9

33,Mike Purcell,Boise, ID,1:41:22.9

34,Mike Sherman,Boise, ID,1:41:23.4

35,Kenneth J. Wyss,Boise, ID,1:42:11.4

36,Michael S. Stevens,Picabo, ID,1:42:52.1

37,Thomas Relling,Vancouver, BC,1:43:24.2

38,Robb Dye,Boise, ID,1:45:22.9

39,Kenny Wolford,Bend, OR,1:47:26.7

40,Brian Hultman,Jackson, WY,1:48:54.0

41,Scott Martin,Salt Lake City, UT,1:51:28.7

42,Bret Bishop,Boise, ID,1:51:33.6

43,Travis Ward,Jackson, WY,1:51:42.6

44,Charles Ehm,Mill Valley, CA,1:51:48.7

45,Eric Scaife,Salt Lake City, UT,1:52:05.2

46,John Jacoby,Ketchum, ID,1:52:10.9

47,Erik Tornianinen,Albany, OR,1:52:39.4

48,Dodds Hayden,Ketchum, ID,1:53:23.3

49,Fen Evans,Salt Lake City, UT,1:54:06.1

50,Robert Burke,Boise, ID,1:55:38.6

51,Zach Bishop,Salt Lake City, UT,1:56:02.7

52,Peter Newport,Redmond, OR,1:56:06.2

53,Dennis Maw,Salt Lake City, UT,1:56:26.6

54,Brent Van Bueren,Hailey, ID,1:57:03.4

55,Allen Belshaw,Steamboat Springs, CO,1:57:58.4

56,Steven Ludwig,Ketchum, ID,1:59:08.5

57,Henry Harper,Boise, ID,1:59:46.2

58,Stephen Bailey,Salt Lake City, UT,2:02:52.5

59,Robin Wessel,Tigard, OR,2:03:30.9

60,Steve Pushka,Park City, UT,2:03:38.4

61,Jared Sayer,Mccall, ID,2:04:08.7

62,Todd Byle,Hailey, ID,2:06:24.6

63,Peter Bauer,Boise, ID,2:08:30.9

64,Marko Pala,Salt Lake City, UT,2:09:08.8

65,Hank Clouser,Mccall, ID,2:09:14.2

66,Sean Hallissey,Ketchum, ID,2:12:40.6

67,Richard Eyre,Salt Lake City, UT,2:15:13.3

68,Christopher Taylor,Murray, UT,2:19:11.0

69,Howard Silverman,Salt Lake City, UT,2:25:56.2

70,Jeffrey T. Piampiano,Portland, OR,2:30:12.1

71,Chris Sias,Manhatten Beach, CA,2:31:53.5

72,David Crawford,Mccall, ID,2:32:23.1

73,Gary Szolnoki,Portland, OR,2:33:15.2

74,Perry Croll,Alta, UT,3:22:54.9


Men 35 to 39 ( 79 Finishers )


1,Scott Creel,Bozeman, MT,1:21:36.2

2,Dan Packman,Bend, OR,1:23:48.8

3,Daryl Hegerle,Boise, ID,1:23:58.1

4,Peter Hanson,Minneapolis, MN,1:24:45.2

5,Andy Fecteau,Bend, OR,1:27:16.9

6,Erik Grimm,Rochester, NY,1:27:26.6

7,Brad St. Clair,Bend, OR,1:27:38.0

8,Randy Anderson,Pocatello, ID,1:28:40.3

9,Rob Walsh,Hanover, NH,1:29:54.3

10,Mark Vickery,Boise, ID,1:31:05.6

11,Chris Williams,Ketchum, ID,1:31:40.0

12,Eric Rector,Ketchum, ID,1:34:09.6

13,Jeff Minnema,Salt Lake City, UT,1:35:40.9

14,Randy Acker,Mccall, ID,1:36:26.3

15,John Zombro,Bozeman, MT,1:36:37.9

16,Mike Wolter,Hailey, ID,1:37:13.2

17,Rob Macal,Jackson, WY,1:37:16.1

18,Jeff Ford,Hailey, ID,1:37:18.8

19,Brent Nixon,Salt Lake City, UT,1:37:42.3

20,Bryan Powell,Boise, ID,1:38:02.0

21,Thane C. Berg,Kelly, WY,1:38:16.2

22,Tom Robert Owen,Big Sky, MT,1:38:27.8

23,Mark Kranwinkle,Ketchum, ID,1:38:43.8

24,Michael A. Weglarz,Salt Lake City, UT,1:39:02.6

25,James Fox,Holladay, UT,1:39:17.0

26,Greg Talbert,Portland, OR,1:39:19.2

27,Clive Cooper,Boise, ID,1:39:35.8

28,Scott O' Brien,Wilson, WY,1:40:23.2

29,David Fosnocht,Salt Lake City, UT,1:41:01.7

30,John Berneike,Salt Lake City, UT,1:42:06.6

31,Sam Reid,Gardiner, MT,1:42:43.9

32,Tom Downey,Hailey, ID,1:43:08.7

33,Bill Oliphant,Jackson, WY,1:44:25.4

34,Ted Ford,Bend, OR,1:44:28.3

35,Brent Peacock,Jackson, WY,1:44:42.4

36,Daniel Smith,Nampa, ID,1:45:19.5

37,Steven C. Martinka,Bozeman, MT,1:45:35.7

38,Greg Wilt,Ketchum, ID,1:46:00.1

39,Karl Findling,Bend, OR,1:46:58.9

40,Robert Miller,Boise, ID,1:47:23.1

41,Chris Gallagher,Teton Village, WY,1:47:45.2

42,Eric Swanson,Salt Lake City, UT,1:48:16.6

43,Matt Hermann,Yellowstone Np, WY,1:48:21.1

44,John Blincoe,Seattle, WA,1:48:49.8

45,Mark Roman,Seattle, WA,1:48:50.5

46,Daniel Vargo,Salt Lake City, UT,1:50:54.4

47,Jake Malloy,Sandy, UT,1:51:18.0

48,Steve Addicott,Park City, UT,1:52:20.6

49,Denny Dragon,Bend, OR,1:52:20.9

50,Paul Quinlan,Salt Lake City, UT,1:52:24.0

51,John Baker,Ketchum, ID,1:53:33.0

52,Howard Kadish,Salt Lake City, UT,1:56:42.4

53,Kelly Wieber,Portland, OR,1:57:48.0

54,Steven Scott,Salt Lake City, UT,1:58:05.8

55,Randy Blough,Salt Lake City, UT,1:58:24.1

56,Michael Keep,Bend, OR,1:59:52.5

57,Michael Mara,Bend, OR,2:00:29.7

58,Matthew Lasala,Bend, OR,2:05:50.7

59,Bredt Stanley,Ketchum, ID,2:06:00.6

60,Brian Seethaler,Salt Lake City, UT,2:08:18.8

61,Jim Kearns,Park City, UT,2:08:22.7

62,Geir Hantveit,Salt Lake City, UT,2:14:34.7

63,Rich Wathne,Pocatello, ID,2:16:14.6

64,Lars Johansen,Salt Lake City, UT,2:20:38.9

65,Robert Mcmichael,Boise, ID,2:21:41.4

66,Michael Gowe,Ketchum, ID,2:21:48.3

67,Chris Edwards,Ketchum, ID,2:23:26.8

68,Guy Orozuo,Boise, ID,2:23:33.3

69,Dave Fatino,Ketchum, ID,2:26:21.7

70,Steve Moynahan,Salt Lake City, UT,2:27:58.7

71,Mark Llinares,Jackson, WY,2:28:02.9

72,Jeff Mcphetridge,Anchorage, AK,2:33:49.0

73,Reyes Aguilar,Salt Lake City, UT,2:36:29.2

74,Bob Greg Paulson,Sandy, UT,2:47:40.8

75,Tom Black,Boise, ID,2:53:20.0

76,Doug Lampson,Ketchum, ID,3:07:59.6

77,Ty Graham,Woodinville, WA,3:21:02.0

78,Karl Fulmer,Hailey, ID,3:31:04.1

79,Erik Baumann,Salt Lake City, UT,3:54:52.1


Men 40 to 44 ( 96 Finishers )


1,Erich Wilbrecht,Bozeman, MT,1:17:29.9

2,Jon Engen,Bozeman, MT,1:18:56.7

3,Barry Makarewicz,Salt Lake City, UT,1:18:57.3

4,Mark King,Bend, OR,1:21:27.5

5,Mark Hollinger,Missoula, MT,1:23:49.7

6,David Knoop,Park City, UT,1:23:50.9

7,Todd Henneman,Park City, UT,1:23:51.3

8,Shaun Marshall-pryde,Bozeman, MT,1:23:55.1

9,Kris J. Thoreson,Sun Valley, ID,1:24:09.8

10,Lars Moller,Driggs, ID,1:27:04.2

11,Doug Mcspadden,Bozeman, MT,1:27:35.9

12,Mark Taylor,Breckenridge, CO,1:27:37.1

13,Drew Chilson,Ketchum, ID,1:28:03.9

14,Steve Klatt,Salt Lake City, UT,1:29:55.9

15,Scott Horn,Teton Village, WY,1:29:56.8

16,Erich Pessel,Bozeman, MT,1:32:02.3

17,Kenneth Stone,Salt Lake City, UT,1:32:15.5

18,David Zink,Fraser, CO,1:32:26.9

19,Mark Young,Bozeman, MT,1:32:29.0

20,Grant Kelley,Fayetteville, NY,1:32:52.0

21,Brad Page,Boise, ID,1:33:08.7

22,Don Pollari,Salt Lake City, UT,1:33:22.1

23,Mark Byerly,Jackson, WY,1:33:41.7

24,Tony Jewell,Victor, ID,1:33:54.5

25,Scott Yount,Bend, OR,1:33:55.4

26,Khosrow Shotorbani,Salt Lake City, UT,1:34:10.4

27,Willie Stewart,Redlands, CA,1:35:08.6

28,Rick Cooper,Bozeman, MT,1:35:29.9

29,Marcus Engler,Bozeman, MT,1:35:30.5

30,Tim Henney,Park City, UT,1:35:44.5

31,George Ernest Rice,Bozeman, MT,1:36:25.7

32,Dave Turner,Seattle, WA,1:38:07.6

33,Jake Peters,Ketchum, ID,1:38:22.0

34,Tom Moss,Ketchum, ID,1:38:58.1

35,Tim Metos,Salt Lake City, UT,1:39:45.9

36,Brian Dumais,Seattle, WA,1:39:57.5

37,Tom Bonacci,Salt Lake City, UT,1:40:03.4

38,Tim Reid,Yellowstone NP, WY,1:40:31.2

39,David Kalange,Mccall, ID,1:40:59.6

40,Jeff Wolfe,Salt Lake City, UT,1:41:15.4

41,John Werner,Salt Lake City, UT,1:41:30.4

42,Arthur Myshrall,Salt Lake City, UT,1:41:41.4

43,Bruce Rogers,Ketchum, ID,1:42:18.5

44,Michael A. Dunn,Salt Lake City, UT,1:43:25.9

45,Jim Haisley,Salt Lake City, UT,1:44:06.4

46,David Blair,Bend, OR,1:44:22.5

47,Dale Bohm,Seattle, WA,1:44:40.9

48,Timothy D. Johnson,Bozeman, MT,1:44:41.4

49,Brian Smith,Jackson, WY,1:45:10.2

50,Roger Mankus,Ketchum, ID,1:46:21.7

51,Sean Petersen,Stanley, ID,1:46:46.1

52,Douglas Tobin,Eagle, ID,1:47:07.8

53,Bruce Churchill,Bend, OR,1:47:17.3

54,Jerry Richardson,Salt Lake City, UT,1:47:51.4

55,Tony Neaves,Hamilton, MT,1:47:59.5

56,Gregory Florez,Salt Lake City, UT,1:48:46.2

57,David Cosca,Davis, CA,1:50:15.6

58,Scott Mason,Ketchum, ID,1:50:39.7

59,Michael G. Ryan,Bend, OR,1:51:59.1

60,Jeff Scott,Salt Lake City, UT,1:53:05.1

61,Mark Petersen,Bend, OR,1:53:40.8

62,Dan Ostermiller,Mccall, ID,1:54:26.0

63,David Conner,Idaho Falls, ID,1:55:07.5

64,Cary Harding,Beaverton, OR,1:55:42.7

65,Douglas Brockmeyer,Salt Lake City, UT,1:56:42.1

66,Osman N. Sanyer,Salt Lake City, UT,1:56:44.5

67,Kyle Kunz,Sun Valley, ID,1:56:46.9

68,Scott Hudson,South Lake Tahoe, CA,1:57:01.6

69,Peter Curran,Ketchum, ID,1:57:24.7

70,Timothy Becker,Seattle, WA,1:59:00.8

71,Dave Rickers,Salt Lake City, UT,2:00:33.9

72,Alan Bradshaw,Salt Lake City, UT,2:01:23.2

73,Michael Hodge,Park City, UT,2:01:27.6

74,John Braafladt,Hailey, ID,2:02:29.4

75,Andrew Forbes,Boise, ID,2:02:46.5

76,John Morris,Bozeman, MT,2:03:18.6

77,Andy Hawley,Ketchum, ID,2:04:14.1

78,Thomas Chell,Salt Lake City, UT,2:04:48.3

79,Bruce Herman,Salt Lake City, UT,2:05:23.8

80,Tom Loutzenheiser,Boise, ID,2:05:53.7

81,Paul Cassell,Salt Lake City, UT,2:06:32.8

82,Dennis Gene Mccoy,Mccall, ID,2:08:53.0

83,Paul Poorman,Meridian, ID,2:12:54.5

84,James E. Ryan,Jackson, WY,2:13:59.2

85,Dan Obradovich,Salt Lake City, UT,2:16:00.3

86,Scott Mcdaniel,Mccall, ID,2:17:06.9

87,Scott Urban,Boise, ID,2:17:57.1

88,Stuart Sloan,Corvallis, OR,2:21:13.8

89,Jim Parris,Hailey, ID,2:23:47.4

90,David Hill,Woodinville, WA,2:24:03.2

91,Bill Paseman,Pocatello, ID,2:26:06.6

92,Stewart Sonneland,Ketchum, ID,2:38:43.7

93,Barry Petersen,Salt Lake City, UT,2:39:09.7

94,Daniel Debakey,Sugar Land, TX,2:41:10.3

95,Brock Dumont,Montecito, CA,3:08:09.3

96,Joseph Duncan,Idaho Falls, ID,3:26:00.3


Men 45 to 49 ( 94 Finishers )


1,Gordon Lange,Park City, UT,1:21:32.8

2,Torbjorn Karlsen,Park City, UT,1:23:32.0

3,Donald H. Bauder,Kalispell, MT,1:28:41.7

4,Les Gibson,Wilson, WY,1:29:01.8

5,Bruce Allen,Angwin, CA,1:30:55.8

6,Steven Bowling,Park City, UT,1:31:25.2

7,Jeffery Clarke,Wenatchee, WA,1:31:31.7

8,Bill Hokanson,Salt Lake City, UT,1:31:33.4

9,Jim Mitchell,Jackson, WY,1:32:14.0

10,Jim Mcclatchy,Ketchum, ID,1:32:49.9

11,Tom Pomeroy,Ketchum, ID,1:33:19.4

12,Brian Elkins,Ketchum, ID,1:33:33.3

13,Dennis Oliphant,Bend, OR,1:33:54.1

14,J. Drew Barney,W. Yellowstone, MT,1:35:06.8

15,Carl Hoerger,Boise, ID,1:35:23.5

16,Kevin Murphy,Salt Lake City, UT,1:36:14.3

17,Chris Peck,Jackson, WY,1:36:18.2

18,Gregg Lawley,Mccall, ID,1:36:39.2

19,William Corliss,Park City, UT,1:38:17.1

20,Jon Holmquist,Ketchum, ID,1:38:33.9

21,Steve Johnston,Salt Lake City, UT,1:38:43.6

22,Larry Katz,Bend, OR,1:38:54.1

23,Mike Crenshaw,Boulder, CO,1:39:04.8

24,Rick Knoebel,Hailey, ID,1:39:57.6

25,Will Raff,Ketchum, ID,1:40:04.7

26,Randy Acker,Ketchum, ID,1:40:55.2

27,Scott Danielson,Ketchum, ID,1:41:21.0

28,Bob Closser,Hailey, ID,1:41:21.3

29,Keith Perry,Ketchum, ID,1:41:52.0

30,Jim Bradshaw,Salt Lake City, UT,1:41:54.8

31,William Chambers,Fraser, CO,1:42:42.2

32,Michael Weber,Boise, ID,1:43:18.1

33,Gilbert Gallegos,Boise, ID,1:44:15.3

34,Sigi Vogl,Ketchum, ID,1:45:29.5

35,John Beehler,Ketchum, ID,1:45:34.8

36,Richard Roche,Bozeman, MT,1:45:45.4

37,Doug Porter,Park City, UT,1:45:56.7

38,Frank Gould,Ketchum, ID,1:46:17.0

39,Gary Bowlin,Twin Falls, ID,1:46:18.3

40,Steve Chase,Jackson, WY,1:46:39.2

41,Michael Olenick,Ketchum, ID,1:46:45.4

42,Thomas A. Molloy,Portland, OR,1:47:06.7

43,Kurt R. Dudley,Salt Lake City, UT,1:47:41.4

44,Cullen Battle,Salt Lake City, UT,1:48:04.2

45,John Humphries,Mccall, ID,1:48:12.9

46,Timothy Severa,Boise, ID,1:48:19.0

47,Tim Terry,Boise, ID,1:48:40.5

48,Michael Alcid,Hailey, ID,1:50:00.1

49,Robin Valline,Park City, UT,1:51:20.7

50,Lou Seppi,Salt Lake City, UT,1:52:12.6

51,David J. Yasenak,Ketchum, ID,1:52:24.3

52,Dale M. Reynolds,Boise, ID,1:52:24.6

53,Dean Angiola,Bend, OR,1:52:38.5

54,Jared Higgins,Alta, UT,1:52:55.8

55,Thad Farnham,Ketchum, ID,1:52:59.4

56,Doug Ouren,Bozeman, MT,1:53:18.2

57,David Bird,Salt Lake City, UT,1:53:36.2

58,Bruce Wiegand,Bozeman, MT,1:55:45.7

59,Mike Krumberger,Pocatello, ID,1:56:19.7

60,Mark Harbaugh,Hailey, ID,1:57:07.5

61,Art Troutner,Lake Fork, ID,1:57:44.1

62,Fraser Ford,Ketchum, ID,1:59:09.5

63,Glen Boline,Park City, UT,1:59:17.4

64,Calvin M. Brubaker,Salt Lake City, UT,2:00:46.2

65,Jess Polakoff,Sacramento, CA,2:01:57.8

66,Chris Puchner,Fairbanks, AK,2:03:02.4

67,Daniel Heiser,Boise, ID,2:03:12.0

68,Bruce Schoeder,Salt Lake City, UT,2:04:31.3

69,Paul T. Berriochoa,Boise, ID,2:04:35.3

70,Michael Judge,Boise, ID,2:05:19.4

71,David Scott,Salt Lake City, UT,2:05:42.9

72,David Snyder,Twin Falls, ID,2:06:44.9

73,Rick Roudabush,Ketchum, ID,2:06:59.6

74,James B. Keller,Boise, ID,2:08:19.1

75,Dave Peugh,Mccall, ID,2:08:42.9

76,Tom Chelstrom,Boise, ID,2:09:36.0

77,David E. Hall,Mccall, ID,2:10:15.6

78,Kent Lyons,Ketchum, ID,2:10:40.4

79,Charles Schoenfelder,Boise, ID,2:11:59.3

80,Ron Gutierrez,Mccall, ID,2:12:34.8

81,David R. Gladish,Bellevue, WA,2:13:25.2

82,Dave Rudzinski,Boise, ID,2:13:45.1

83,Bob Marcinko,Blackfoot, ID,2:15:02.8

84,Greg Farmer,Boise, ID,2:16:33.0

85,David Carter,Santa Rosa, CA,2:17:04.3

86,Kirk Pointer,Park City, UT,2:17:53.5

87,Dean Huber,Salt Lake City, UT,2:22:45.6

88,Robert Hanford,El Dorado Hills, CA,2:30:20.2

89,Michael Chadek,Boise, ID,2:42:05.5

90,Bill Pope,Seattle, WA,2:42:32.2

91,David T. Foulger,Salt Lake City, UT,2:46:05.8

92,Robert Garrott,Bozeman, MT,2:52:01.1

93,David Pierce,Bozeman, MT,3:06:09.3

94,Patrick J. Flowers,Bozeman, MT,3:17:56.8


Men 50 to 54 ( 74 Finishers )


1,Tom Noaker,Oakley, UT,1:23:53.9

2,Tim Bray,Mahtomedi, MN,1:33:50.5

3,Robert Havard,Bend, OR,1:34:30.0

4,Patrick Mckenna,West Yellowstone, MT,1:34:55.6

5,Chi Melville,Alta, WY,1:35:02.5

6,Douglas Read,Carnelian Bay, CA,1:35:08.3

7,Blaine Stavn,Swan Valley, ID,1:36:23.8

8,James Cleveland,Ketchum, ID,1:37:20.0

9,Jim Bradford,Triumph, ID,1:38:39.8

10,Clyde Cody,Boise, ID,1:38:44.2

11,Patrick E. Simpson,Hailey, ID,1:38:57.6

12,Bill Stenquist,Salt Lake City, UT,1:40:26.4

13,Don Campbell,Eagle, ID,1:40:41.9

14,Peter M. Miller,Bend, OR,1:40:45.2

15,Terry E. Crawford,Sun Valley, ID,1:41:13.3

16,Joe Duffy,Minneapolis, MN,1:41:24.0

17,John Howcroft,Bend, OR,1:41:53.5

18,Sam Barber,Anchorage, AK,1:43:00.8

19,Michael Dunham,Sun Valley, ID,1:43:21.9

20,David Bong,Vancouver, WA,1:43:35.7

21,Manfred Jakober,Ketchum, ID,1:44:04.7

22,Thomas Coleman,Yakima, WA,1:44:05.7

23,Christopher Carey,Bend, OR,1:44:06.8

24,Howard Ingle,Salt Lake City, UT,1:44:19.9

25,Steve Kearns,Hailey, ID,1:44:46.5

26,Rick Hudson,Mccall, ID,1:45:26.4

27,Neal A. Davis,Mccall, ID,1:46:33.9

28,Peter Stommel,Ketchum, ID,1:47:17.2

29,Dwight Hibdon,Park City, UT,1:47:56.5

30,Groth Groth,Salt Lake City, UT,1:47:58.8

31,Jerry Edelbrock,Corte Madera, CA,1:51:20.0

32,Dick Andersen,Sun Valley, ID,1:51:51.6

33,Jim Roscoe,Wilson, WY,1:51:58.8

34,John Kearney,Ketchum, ID,1:52:23.8

35,Michael Murphy,Mccall, ID,1:52:35.6

36,Joe Heiserman,Paradise Valley, AZ,1:52:43.9

37,Doug Stuart,Pocatello, ID,1:53:44.4

38,Alex Boichel,Bend, OR,1:54:26.0

39,Tom Rowe,Livingston, MT,1:55:34.5

40,Christopher Tietze,Salt Lake City, UT,1:55:35.0

41,Roger Griffin,Pocatello, ID,1:56:01.2

42,Gary L. Fichter,Park City, UT,1:56:02.2

43,Jeff Fereday,Boise, ID,1:56:48.4

44,Tom Scrimgeour,Boulder, CO,1:57:05.5

45,Tom Praggastis,Sun Valley, ID,1:57:18.8

46,Alan Durkheimer,Ketchum, ID,1:57:48.7

47,Rick Mcadam,Yellowstone NP, WY,1:59:52.1

48,Arthur Sandack,Salt Lake City, UT,1:59:55.5

49,Richard Fisher,Seattle, WA,2:01:24.1

50,Gary Shelton,Ketchum, ID,2:02:08.2

51,Steven Beck,Ketchum, ID,2:03:02.0

52,James Viney,Salt Lake City, UT,2:03:41.5

53,Edward Miller,Hailey, ID,2:04:30.3

54,Andy Schob,Bend, OR,2:06:53.8

55,Kevin G. Donohoe,Boise, ID,2:08:31.9

56,David Nevin,Boise, ID,2:09:50.0

57,Charles H. Gillis,La Grande, OR,2:10:55.1

58,John D. Alkire,Seattle, WA,2:12:30.9

59,Henry J. Louis,Boca Grande, FL,2:16:09.7

60,Thomas Usher,Portland, OR,2:16:30.5

61,Charlie Pomeroy,Ketchum, ID,2:20:27.3

62,Bradley Rich,Salt Lake City, UT,2:25:23.1

63,Richard Cogan,Boise, ID,2:29:14.6

64,Thomas B. Amberson,Post Falls, ID,2:29:49.0

65,Roy Holm,Cody, WY,2:33:11.4

66,Robert Jateff,Winthrop, WA,2:39:34.8

67,Larry Jent,Bozeman, MT,2:42:24.2

68,Bruce Mcgalliard,N Haven, CT,2:48:30.1

69,Craig Phelan,Ketchum, ID,2:52:15.7

70,Jim Latva,Sun Valley, ID,3:05:09.9

71,Ken Eklund,Boise, ID,3:15:48.2

72,Jim Mccommon,Sammamish, WA,3:50:54.6

73,Robert Shaw,Ketchum, ID,3:54:27.7

74,Alex Urfer,Pocatello, ID,3:55:39.3


Men 55 to 59 ( 30 Finishers )


1,Del Pletcher,Sun Valley, ID,1:28:34.6

2,William Thompson,Park City, UT,1:38:12.2

3,Tim Schuld,Boulder, CO,1:38:43.3

4,David Wagner,Park City, UT,1:40:20.5

5,Robert Disbrow,Vancouver BC,1:40:38.2

6,Michel Bayard,Bend, OR,1:44:08.2

7,Richard Pokorny,Teton Village, WY,1:49:14.5

8,Bob Fallon,Blackfoot, ID,1:51:02.3

9,Charlie Holt,Sun Valley, ID,1:52:36.3

10,Peter Laskier,Truckee, CA,1:56:16.4

11,Edgar T. Allen,Mccall, ID,1:57:13.2

12,Tullio Celano,Boise, ID,1:57:38.3

13,Steve Horowitz,Ketchum, ID,1:57:50.3

14,Richard Groth,Park City, UT,1:59:33.7

15,John L. King,Boise, ID,2:00:53.7

16,Bill Erickson,Jackson, WY,2:03:43.1

17,Richard Becker,Cody, WY,2:07:15.7

18,Lester Lockspeiser,Denver, CO,2:07:25.9

19,Tom Campion,Ketchum, ID,2:07:34.0

20,Max Walker,Nampa, ID,2:09:00.2

21,Paul Vaughn,Jackson, WY,2:09:01.3

22,Christopher H. Ward,Spring Creek, NV,2:11:08.5

23,Paul J. Dawson,Boise, ID,2:14:57.7

24,Chip Mills,Ketchum, ID,2:17:24.4

25,Andrew Parnes,Ketchum, ID,2:21:56.5

26,Roger Miller,Sun Valley, ID,2:22:47.9

27,Brian Mccoy,Ketchum, ID,2:30:13.0

28,Dick Hare,Sun Valley, ID,2:32:45.2

29,Steve J. Kerr,Boise, ID,2:59:20.7

30,Jim Jaquet,Ketchum, ID,3:01:01.5


Men 60 to 64 ( 22 Finishers )


1,Andy Andrews,Hailey, ID,1:36:13.7

2,Nello Busden,Ketchum, ID,1:47:32.9

3,Carl Kjeldsberg,Salt Lake City, UT,1:48:43.9

4,Raliegh Jensen,Boise, ID,1:50:32.3

5,John Swyers,Ketchum, ID,1:50:56.8

6,Reider Peterson,Ashland, OR,1:55:00.5

7,Gary Hoagland,Bend, OR,1:58:47.8

8,Peter Maier,Ketchum, ID,2:00:47.6

9,Ernest R. Vyse,Bozeman, MT,2:03:06.3

10,Jacques Sarthou,Wilson, WY,2:07:29.9

11,Sam East,Ketchum, ID,2:09:23.0

12,Steve Swanson,Salt Lake City, UT,2:09:37.0

13,Douglas King,Bend, OR,2:15:21.3

14,Mel Dyck,Flagstaff, AZ,2:15:37.8

15,Duane Reed,Clyde Hill, WA,2:28:19.3

16,Trevor Wilson,Ketchum, ID,2:40:36.0

17,Alan Jensen,Portland, OR,2:49:38.7

18,David Taylor,Midvale, UT,2:50:36.8

19,Carl Sutter,Bellevue, WA,2:56:28.4

20,Dick Dorworth,Ketchum, ID,2:57:20.6

21,David York,Jackson, WY,2:58:59.6

22,David C. Smith,Santa Ana, CA,3:46:48.4


Men 65 to 69 ( 10 Finishers )


1,Marvin Melville,Ketchum, ID,1:58:33.0

2,Ted Angle,Ketchum, ID,2:02:59.6

3,Roger Daniels,Bend, OR,2:03:57.7

4,Norman A. Bishop,Bozeman, MT,2:11:49.8

5,Will Lindsay,Boise, ID,2:18:09.4

6,Hansjoerg Wyss,Paoli, PA,2:19:52.6

7,Alan Jackson,Bozeman, MT,2:23:00.0

8,Bob Swinth,Bozeman, MT,2:23:53.2

9,Roy C. Hopland,Rossland, BC,2:24:55.6

10,Lynn H. Johnson,Ketchum, ID,3:04:36.2


Men 70 to 74 ( 5 Finishers )


1,Allan Peter Fisher,Rossland, BC,1:47:13.3

2,Mack Miller,Boise, ID,1:49:32.7

3,Joe Csizmazia,Underwood, WA,1:54:53.6

4,Roger Gildersleeve,Bend, OR,2:10:00.6

5,T. R. Hill,Idaho Falls, ID,3:45:02.2


Men 75 to 79 ( 2 Finishers )


1,Charley French,Ketchum, ID,2:19:08.5

2,Tom Gibbons,Bend, OR,3:52:58.0





1—Suzanne King, Bend 1.26:10
2—Brooke Baughman, Ket. 1.26:13.2
3—Kelly Milligan, SLC 1:26.13.7
4—Christie Aschwanden, Colo. 1.26:25
5—Jeannie Wall, Bozeman 1.27:40



Women 18 to 24 ( 10 Finishers )
1,Brandy Stewart,Incline Village, NV,1:43:13.6
2,Brooke Murphy,Mccall, ID,1:47:17.8
3,Karen Giles,Boise, ID,1:47:35.6
4,Sara Olsson,Solleftea, SWEDEN,1:47:58.9
5,Lisa Emily Dale,Bend, OR,1:52:20.9
6,Jeni Cook,Park City, UT,1:58:50.0
7,Marley Vaughn,Boise, ID,2:00:55.5
8,Cara Leininger,Tahoe City, CA,2:02:02.8
9,Quincy Holm,Cody, WY,2:18:58.0
10,Krisitn Neibling,Caldwell, ID,2:27:50.9


Women 25 to 29 ( 26 Finishers )
1,Brooke Baughman,Ketchum, ID,1:26:13.2
2,Sarah Walker,Hailey, ID,1:32:08.9
3,Molly Enman,Park City, UT,1:36:26.3
4,Margot Higgins,Bozeman, MT,1:47:20.0
5,Carrie Morales,Bend, OR,1:48:25.7
6,Francie St. Onge,Hailey, ID,1:52:09.4
7,Inge Scheve,Bend, OR,1:52:37.8
8,Inge Travis,Park City, UT,1:53:10.7
9,Berit Campion,Ketchum, ID,1:56:14.3
10,Michelle A. Hoyt,Boise, ID,2:00:04.8
11,Meggin Becker,Bozeman, MT,2:03:45.3
12,Jessica Jensen,Boise, ID,2:13:09.3
13,Michelle Purcell,Boise, ID,2:17:21.5
14,Amy Westover,Boise, ID,2:17:22.4
15,Leah Crivello,Rochester, NY,2:18:46.9
16,Suzanne Taylor,Park City, UT,2:19:44.4
17,Erica Murray,Hailey, ID,2:20:08.7
18,Laura Kearsley,Salt Lake City, UT,2:23:50.1
19,Jana Repulski,Boise, ID,2:23:57.1
20,Charmaine Preston,Boise, ID,2:24:40.8
21,Christina Fichter,Park City, UT,2:25:12.1
22,Shuska Newport,Redmond, OR,2:27:51.1
23,Ann Scott Douthat,Jackson, WY,2:33:29.7
24,Jennifer Staph,Jackson, WY,2:33:48.5
25,Amy Lundstrom,Bend, OR,2:39:06.7
26,Dorothy Ellis,Steamboat Springs, CO,2:40:02.0

Women 30 to 34 ( 46 Finishers ) 
1,Christie Aschwanden,Nederland, CO,1:26:25.9
2,Jeannie Wall,Bozeman, MT,1:27:40.5
3,Julianne Southwell,Bend, OR,1:29:07.4
4,Natalie Ward,Aspen, CO,1:32:53.4
5,Michelle Jensen,Boise, ID,1:33:43.9
6,Paula Strom,Park City, UT,1:34:07.6
7,Mary Schultz,Bend, OR,1:35:44.6
8,Robin Folweiler,Jackson, WY,1:38:24.0
9,Tanya Wolfe,Salt Lake City, UT,1:41:57.2
10,Alison Wirtz,Bozeman, MT,1:42:57.8
11,Liz Roquet,Hailey, ID,1:47:46.4
12,Lauri Harris,Jackson, WY,1:50:42.1
13,Katherine A. Kerr,Ketchum, ID,1:52:33.7
14,Shelly Howe,Salt Lake City, UT,1:54:19.4
15,Colleen Connery,Whitefish, MT,1:58:22.7
16,Rebecca Ludwig,Ketchum, ID,1:59:08.2
17,Jody Bradbury,Boise, ID,2:03:16.2
18,Leslie Dominick,Bozeman, MT,2:04:21.4
19,Pavla Clouser,Mccall, ID,2:05:14.6
20,Tory Canfield,Ketchum, ID,2:08:54.3
21,Diane Lee Pobocik,Ketchum, ID,2:09:23.4
22,Marinka Kartalija,Salt Lake City, UT,2:09:23.7
23,Lisa Picard,Seattle, WA,2:10:13.6
24,Stephanie L. Nelson,Ketchum, ID,2:12:29.1
25,Nicole Krueger,Mccall, ID,2:12:35.4
26,Genevieve Hubert,Boise, ID,2:12:37.7
27,Monica Maybo,Ketchum, ID,2:13:09.4
28,Stephanie Obradovich,Salt Lake City, UT,2:13:20.2
29,Caroline Silverman,Salt Lake City, UT,2:14:34.4
30,Suzy Cavanagh,Boise, ID,2:15:41.9
31,Leslie East,Bend, OR,2:18:49.1
32,Stephanie Wieber,Portland, OR,2:19:30.9
33,Alisa Moss,Boise, ID,2:19:46.5
34,Shawn Taylor,Bend, OR,2:21:05.9
35,Jenniifer Carter,Boise, ID,2:21:53.5
36,Diana Howell,Jackson, WY,2:24:09.8
37,Chimene Visser,Ketchum, ID,2:24:13.7
38,Joyce Soprano,Salt Lake City, UT,2:28:19.4
39,Heidi Dahlgren,Park City, UT,2:29:06.6
40,Wei Fen Zhou,Ketchum, ID,2:29:56.5
41,Cathy Johnson,Steamboat Springs, CO,2:31:48.1
42,Mary Fauth,Ketchum, ID,2:35:53.9
43,Melinda Chamberlain,North Bend, WA,2:56:01.9
44,Stephanie Hoke,Tigard, OR,3:03:39.7
45,Petrea Mara,Ketchum, ID,3:05:07.7
46,Laura E. Piampiano,Portland, OR,3:51:26.8

Women 35 to 39 ( 64 Finishers )
1,Suzanne King,Bend, OR,1:26:10.8
2,Karen Waeschle,Fraser, CO,1:33:39.8
3,Lori Lange,Park City, UT,1:33:40.2
4,Roxanne Toly,Park City, UT,1:35:50.9
5,Caryl A. Brown,Salt Lake City, UT,1:36:30.5
6,Teresa Eggertsen,Park City, UT,1:37:43.7
7,Karen Radebold,Truckee, CA,1:38:23.3
8,Julie Downing,Bend, OR,1:39:30.2
9,Annie Creighton,Hamilton, MT,1:39:40.3
10,Darla Mcroberts,Hailey, ID,1:41:32.2
11,Leigh A. Taggart,Yellowstone Np, WY,1:41:42.0
12,Tricia Swartling,Ketchum, ID,1:42:23.0
13,Robin Potts,Ketchum, ID,1:43:21.7
14,Thalia Pryor,Telluride, CO,1:43:32.9
15,Anita Merbach,Oakley, UT,1:45:18.1
16,Amy Mcdonald Sanyer,Salt Lake City, UT,1:46:22.6
17,Simone Nixon,Salt Lake City, UT,1:47:57.7
18,Gro Lunde,Bozeman, MT,1:48:14.8
19,Gretchen Flint,Ketchum, ID,1:48:27.1
20,Cinda Lewis,Ketchum, ID,1:54:28.4
21,Teri Mckenna,Ketchum, ID,1:57:31.7
22,Linda Reiss,Sun Valley, ID,1:58:52.8
23,Karen Madigan,Salt Lake City, UT,1:59:32.2
24,Sue Hjalmarsson,Bozeman, MT,1:59:32.9
25,Christine Riis,Jackson, WY,1:59:50.6
26,Debra Payne,Victor, ID,1:59:51.0
27,Susan L. Vickery,Boise, ID,2:00:17.3
28,S.j. Thoreson,Ketchum, ID,2:00:31.6
29,Nancy Feagin,Salt Lake City, UT,2:01:31.7
30,Judy Polakoff,Sacramento, CA,2:01:33.2
31,Jessica Cortell,Corvallis, OR,2:02:16.1
32,Cheryl Hanzelka,Salt Lake City, UT,2:02:49.2
33,Rene M. Miller,Ketchum, ID,2:03:58.6
34,Laura Read,Tahoe City, CA,2:04:37.7
35,Sharon Bjornson,Boise, ID,2:06:43.0
36,Jill Harkness,Jackson, WY,2:09:43.4
37,Patricia Cassell,Salt Lake City, UT,2:10:30.9
38,Diane S. Ruschke,Salt Lake City, UT,2:11:16.2
39,Mallory Clark,Boise, ID,2:11:22.3
40,Penny Beach,Boise, ID,2:12:06.3
41,Margaret Simms,Hailey, ID,2:14:06.9
42,Shawna Beechinor,Boise, ID,2:15:44.0
43,Kelly J. Martin,Ketchum, ID,2:20:04.2
44,Brenda Hedges,Bend, OR,2:20:06.5
45,Maribeth Herman,Salt Lake City, UT,2:20:12.1
46,Ana M. Lete Powell,Boise, ID,2:21:13.1
47,Linda Snyder,Bend, OR,2:23:17.2
48,Lisa Muscavage,Stanley, ID,2:23:32.1
49,Sandy Metzger,Park City, UT,2:26:09.5
50,Leslie Lane,Boise, ID,2:27:15.8
51,L. Lee Morse,Boise, ID,2:27:25.1
52,Pamela Dunn,Jackson, WY,2:28:10.3
53,Sara Graham,Woodinville, WA,2:28:33.2
54,Amy Lampson,Ketchum, ID,2:32:19.8
55,Janet Barton,Bellevue, ID,2:35:56.5
56,Susan Mclagan,Bend, OR,2:36:43.7
57,Katherine Glover,Salt Lake City, UT,2:37:05.7
58,Denise Fox,Holladay, UT,2:39:43.3
59,Kristin Lasala,Bend, OR,2:42:30.5
60,Paula Paulson,Sandy, UT,2:47:40.4
61,Teresa Petersen,Ketchum, ID,2:52:43.6
62,Sara Studt,Bend, OR,2:54:01.2
63,Eileen Zombro,Bozeman, MT,3:37:46.1
64,Mary Baumann,Salt Lake City, UT,3:54:52.6

Women 40 to 44 ( 75 Finishers )
1,Kelly Milligan,Salt Lake City, UT,1:26:13.7
2,Adrienne Leugers,Hailey, ID,1:33:41.6
3,Maggie M. Gibson,Wilson, WY,1:37:48.5
4,Laura Howart,Salt Lake City, UT,1:39:28.3
5,Robynn Masters,Salt Lake City, UT,1:39:52.4
6,Kim Kawaguchi,Vancouver BC,1:41:07.3
7,Louise Albershardt,Whitefish, MT,1:42:12.5
8,Susan Thoreson,Sun Valley, ID,1:42:22.7
9,Darlene Young,Ketchum, ID,1:42:30.7
10,Carol Severa,Boise, ID,1:42:34.1
11,Carol Rank,Ketchum, ID,1:43:51.7
12,Abbi Fisher Gould,Ketchum, ID,1:44:47.2
13,Renee Athay,Heber, UT,1:45:14.6
14,Katharine Sheldon,Hailey, ID,1:45:45.1
15,Ann Klinefelter,Bishop, CA,1:46:47.3
16,Katrina Collins,Ketchum, ID,1:48:43.7
17,Karen Brown,Boulder, CO,1:49:09.4
18,Christine Cline,Salt Lake City, UT,1:49:13.3
19,Karen Kenlan,Bend, OR,1:49:17.0
20,Linda Dunn,Salt Lake City, UT,1:49:59.1
21,Stephanie Ouren,Bozeman, MT,1:51:18.6
22,Lurah Klatt,Salt Lake City, UT,1:52:10.9
23,Trish Klahr,Ketchum, ID,1:53:08.6
24,Mary Patno,Jackson, WY,1:53:54.2
25,Carol Peck,Jackson, WY,1:53:58.9
26,Leigh Fulwood,Seattle, WA,1:55:11.6
27,Christine Jakober,Ketchum, ID,1:56:17.4
28,Kathleen R. Moore,Bend, OR,1:57:55.1
29,Brenda Spackman,Ketchum, ID,2:00:32.2
30,Ruth Williamson,Bend, OR,2:01:13.2
31,Debra Rio,Boise, ID,2:01:22.2
32,Maury Wiegand,Bozeman, MT,2:01:25.5
33,Marie Bambo,Salt Lake City, UT,2:01:37.2
34,Beth Weitensteiner,Bellevue, WA,2:04:41.0
35,Diane Fosnocht,Salt Lake City, UT,2:05:44.5
36,Katie Blincoe,Seattle, WA,2:06:24.8
37,Liz Ann Kudrna,Bozeman, MT,2:07:53.5
38,Joro Walker,Salt Lake City, UT,2:07:54.6
39,Sheldon Smith,Salt Lake City, UT,2:08:43.3
40,Sara Wiener,Bend, OR,2:10:25.8
41,Susie Main,Seattle, WA,2:11:04.3
42,Lori Hall,Mccall, ID,2:13:38.9
43,Linda Young,Bozeman, MT,2:15:51.9
44,Shari Kunz,Sun Valley, ID,2:16:55.3
45,Margi Mcdaniel,Mccall, ID,2:19:12.7
46,Jules Danford,Big Sky, MT,2:21:12.5
47,Becky Reitinger,Ashland, OR,2:22:32.0
48,Fran Wilson,Anchorage, AK,2:24:23.7
49,Carol Delmonico,Bend, OR,2:24:54.3
50,Julie Metos,Salt Lake City, UT,2:25:34.1
51,Vicki L. Poster,Ketchum, ID,2:28:47.5
52,Edna Vizgirdas,Boise, ID,2:30:54.1
53,Brigitte Morris,Bozeman, MT,2:31:04.6
54,Nancy Mcmath,Ketchum, ID,2:32:47.2
55,Gayl Loutzenheiser,Boise, ID,2:35:18.5
56,Susan Ichikawa,Seattle, WA,2:36:47.8
57,Christine Heeren,Idaho Falls, ID,2:37:47.0
58,Annunziata Gould,Bend, OR,2:38:38.6
59,Angela Richardson,Salt Lake City, UT,2:40:33.7
60,Barbara Bean-haisley,Salt Lake City, UT,2:43:50.6
61,Teri Pietz,Eagle, ID,2:46:37.5
62,Diane Hodge,Park City, UT,2:57:32.6
63,Barbara S. Kerr,Boise, ID,2:59:20.0
64,Linda Fanning,Portland, OR.,3:02:35.9
65,Lise Brunhart,Salt Lake City, UT,3:08:55.6
66,Margo Lasky,Pocatello, ID,3:14:34.2
67,Meg Fereday,Boise, ID,3:18:47.2
68,Anna Siebelink,Salt Lake City, UT,3:19:03.8
69,Colleen Love Kassner,Ketchum, ID,3:23:20.1
70,Wendy Pierce,Bozeman, MT,3:29:53.7
71,Nancy Gladish,Bellevue, WA,3:32:19.0
72,Michelle Walsh,Boise, ID,3:48:40.5
73,Nancy J. Curfman,Bend, OR,4:02:24.7
74,Barbara J. Muirhead,Seattle, WA,4:04:04.2
75,Jill Chrisman,Boise, ID,4:10:44.3

Women 45 to 49 ( 43 Finishers )
1,Betty Stroock Martinka,Bozeman, MT,1:37:54.8
2,Kim Springer,Wilson, WY,1:41:22.0
3,Nicki Humphries,Mccall, ID,1:42:14.9
4,Mary Beacco,Salt Lake City, UT,1:49:10.3
5,Ann Page,Salt Lake City, UT,1:51:02.7
6,Jeri Howland,Corte Madera, CA,1:51:49.0
7,Carolyn Roche,Bozeman, MT,1:54:57.7
8,Martha Hollenhorst,Ketchum, ID,1:59:36.9
9,Lili Simpson,Hailey, ID,2:01:54.7
10,Sue Holzer,Ketchum, ID,2:03:22.1
11,Yvette Toombes,Salt Lake City, UT,2:03:45.8
12,Mimi Peugh,Mccall, ID,2:04:36.5
13,Genie Swyers,Ketchum, ID,2:06:23.3
14,Joan Benson,Park City, UT,2:06:41.2
15,Sara Johnson,Bozeman, MT,2:07:22.6
16,Elizabeth S. Cody,Boise, ID,2:07:29.8
17,Robin Waxman,Salt Lake City, UT,2:09:08.5
18,Janelle Brown,Boise, ID,2:09:45.5
19,Christina Potters,Ketchum, ID,2:10:47.3
20,Dawn Bowling,Park City, UT,2:13:30.5
21,Joanne E. Richter,Bend, OR,2:14:10.0
22,Liza Wilson,Hailey, ID,2:14:14.5
23,Bonnie Esposito,Meridian, ID,2:17:59.7
24,Joni Cashman,Sun Valley, ID,2:21:55.5
25,Marilyn Olson,Mccall, ID,2:22:52.5
26,Mary Stoecklein,Sun Valley, ID,2:25:59.5
27,Debra Murphy,Mccall, ID,2:26:13.9
28,Donna Wahoff-stice,Park City, UT,2:26:32.4
29,Mary Rowland,La Grande, OR,2:28:29.1
30,Dede Draper,Hailey, ID,2:30:04.7
31,Kerry Florez,Salt Lake City, UT,2:35:40.0
32,Holly Reeves,Bellevue, WA,2:36:39.5
33,Jodi Varon,La Grande, OR,2:40:21.5
34,Diane Garrott,Bozeman, MT,2:52:00.6
35,Hedvig Rappeflowers,Bozeman, MT,2:55:32.6
36,Carolyn Troutner,Lake Fork, ID,2:55:54.1
37,Catherine Wolf,Boise, ID,2:55:55.2
38,Gayle Buhrer Poorman,Meridian, ID,3:03:30.5
39,Pam Davis,Mccall, ID,3:12:30.9
40,Nancy Alpers,Seattle, WA,3:18:00.7
41,Lynn Paul,Bozeman, MT,3:18:47.6
42,Toni Lemmon,Sun Valley, ID,3:41:11.6
43,Ann Wennerlund,Murray, UT,3:47:08.6

Women 50 to 54 ( 28 Finishers )
1,Deborah Wagner,Park City, UT,1:38:35.8
2,Suzie Miller,Bend, OR,1:44:51.5
3,Heather Hamilton-wright,Vancouver BC,1:45:44.8
4,Linda Mcclatchy,Hailey, ID,1:54:09.1
5,Sally Elliott,Mccall, ID,1:54:55.5
6,Julia Page,Gardiner, MT,1:59:48.0
7,Pru Mcdonald,Ketchum, ID,2:02:03.2
8,Nancy Fichter,Park City, UT,2:02:46.9
9,Lisa Bjerke,Ketchum, ID,2:06:18.2
10,Jeanie Kearney,Ketchum, ID,2:06:20.9
11,Starr Ackley,Boise, ID,2:18:24.2
12,Toby Bayard,Bend, OR,2:18:46.9
13,Kathleen Mcdonald,Boise, ID,2:19:06.2
14,Carol Knight,Ketchum, ID,2:19:31.9
15,Marilyn Celano,Boise, ID,2:20:08.0
16,Cynthia Mccoy,Ketchum, ID,2:29:04.9
17,Sally Reed,Issaquah, WA,2:34:50.4
18,Shira D. Kronenberg,Caldwell, ID,2:41:40.6
19,Claudie Goldstein,Ketchum, ID,2:47:54.4
20,Cindy Phelan,Ketchum, ID,2:52:17.4
21,Tommie Howe,Salt Lake City, UT,2:53:10.0
22,Suzanne Strom-reed,Clyde Hill, WA,3:01:47.6
23,Jenna C. Hall,Ketchum, ID,3:05:02.1
24,Jude Hawkes,Ketchum, ID,3:05:28.5
25,Ann Scales,Ketchum, ID,3:05:28.9
26,Sherrie Amberson,Post Falls, ID,3:27:17.4
27,Wendy Eklund,Boise, ID,3:29:49.8
28,Kathleen Kelley,Boise, ID,4:14:44.3

Women 55 to 59 ( 18 Finishers )
1,Gabriele Andersen,Sun Valley, ID,1:43:51.2
2,June Lane,Camino, CA,1:45:26.8
3,Jenny Busdon,Ketchum, ID,2:04:51.6
4,Ellen Waterston,Bend, OR,2:06:03.2
5,Sandra Knapp,Bozeman, MT,2:08:12.2
6,Alex Wilson,Ketchum, ID,2:12:36.5
7,Dagmar Eriksson,Bend, OR,2:16:09.8
8,Priscilla Woods,Hailey, ID,2:19:32.8
9,Susan M. Usher,Ketchum, ID,2:19:51.0
10,Irene Bueler,Jackson, WY,2:23:06.3
11,Carol F. Stevens,Ketchum, ID,2:23:38.1
12,Juanita King,Bend, OR,2:27:00.8
13,Carol J. Anderson,Bozeman, MT,2:31:28.5
14,Janet Fleming,Ketchum, ID,2:35:23.6
15,Sue Vordenberg,Bend, OR,2:42:46.3
16,Barbara Call,Ross, CA,2:52:50.6
17,Jan Toohey,Sun Valley, ID,2:54:12.8
18,Julie Slocum Dahlgren,Ketchum, ID,3:30:03.0

Women 60 to 64 ( 5 Finishers )
1,Grace Dyck,Flagstaff, AZ,1:59:21.4
2,Hedda Anya,Olympic Valley, CA,2:12:11.9
3,Joann Levy,Sun Valley, ID,2:34:43.3
4,Nancy Lockspeiser,Denver, CO,2:37:00.4
5,Carol Holman,Sun Valley, ID,2:48:00.0

Women 65 to 69 ( 4 Finishers )
1,Joanne Davis,Sun Valley, ID,2:24:35.4
2,Shauna Thoreson,Ketchum, ID,2:30:51.2
3,Ardie Winters,Sisters, OR,3:27:25.7
4,Ruth Grubisic,Rossland, BC,3:31:36.0


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