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For the week of April 11 through April 17, 2001


Commentary by PAT MURPHY

Remember Democrat-actor Warren Beatty’s playful taunts about maybe running for president in 2000? Now it’s Arnold Schwarzenegger hinting he might be a Republican candidate for California governor in 2002.

Actors aren’t new to California politics, of course. Ronald Reagan was California governor. The late song-and-dance film actor George Murphy was a U.S. Senator from California. TV comic-singer Sonny Bono was a congressman when he was killed in a skiing accident.

Although Schwarzenegger is well-known as a Republican political junkie, his making necessary sacrifices to become governor is far-fetched. He’d have to abandon his lucrative movie career to pore over the nation’s largest state budget, deal with politically unpopular energy crises, deliver State of the State speeches, make promises to campaign donors, spend his waking hours as a public figure wrestling with the problems of 32 million Californians.

That means lost film roles; few fly-away vacations in his jet to his Ketchum home, and good-bye to carefree days hanging out on Baldy slopes and driving his Hummer around town.

I saw Schwarzenegger the other day at Christina’s, relaxed and leisurely reading The New York Times over lunch in his grungies, passersby granting him his privacy, and no urgency to rush anywhere.

Why would anyone sacrifice all that to run for California governor?



Hardly had Ketchum Postmaster John McDonald been asked by the city council about door-to-door mail delivery for businesses when the U.S. Postal Service produced the probable answer: another rate increase may be on the way because of higher costs.

Door-to-door delivery for Ketchum businesses would lead to demands for residential delivery.

And then Sun Valley would want equal treatment.

Imagine the number of additional personnel and vehicles needed for door-to-door delivery and their costs.

Beyond that, though: why can’t those who’re so impatient for change appreciate the present system?

Going to the Post Office to pick up mail preserves some semblance of our friendly small town character and gives residents a sense of community.

It’s a lifestyle that helps bolster friendships, provides time to exchange gossip and community news, creates a setting where newcomers can get a grasp of what we’re all about.


When someone wrote an obscure bill for this year’s state Legislature making a minor adjustment to the boundary shared by Blaine and Minidoka counties, Blaine came out "Blame County" – not once but twice.

Maybe a Freudian slip by a bureaucrat who dislikes Blaine County?


Buried in the 73-page Otak report studying Wood River Valley transportation and road problems is a recommendation for a weekend and evening shuttle between the Bellevue-Hailey area and Ketchum for teenagers to attend events otherwise inaccessible to them.

A dandy idea. Some families lack the luxury of carting offspring around the county, which means some youngsters are left to create their own entertainment ¾ or mischief.

Businesses that’ve happily helped build recreation facilities could get this shuttle idea up and running to once again show young people that adults in this community care.


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