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For the week of April 11 through April 17, 2001

Masters race against the clock on Baldy

347 compete in national combined race

Racing against the clock, 347 alpine racers taught Father Time a thing or two about longevity last week at the U.S. Ski Association Charles Schwab Alpine Masters National Championships on Baldy.

Adele Savaria, racing here in January’s Skoch Cup on Baldy, won the Group C national slalom and was the Class 3 combined gold medalist in last week’s U.S. Masters event on Baldy. Express photo by Willy Cook

The very successful week-long series of events for racers 21 years of age and older was sponsored by the Sun Valley Ski Club, Sun Valley Resort and the Sun Valley Ski Education Foundation.

Outstanding skiers among the 251 men and 96 women were both from Sun Valley, and both are coaches in the SVSEF junior alpine ski team program.

They were former professional ski racer Tyler Palmer and Adele Savaria, a Wood River High School graduate.

Class 6 (ages 50-54) combined gold medalist Palmer won the Group B giant slalom by three seconds and the super giant slalom in his group by nearly two seconds. He was the silver slalom medalist in his class.

Ryan Dean, a SVSEF product, won combined gold in Class 2 (30-34). Combined bronze went to Peter Blitz, Bob Sarchett and Bob Dreyer.

Combined gold medalists among Sun Valley female skiers were Virginia Reed, Anna Droege, Abbi Fisher-Gould and Adele Savaria. Silver in combined went to Nancy Auseklis and Rosemary Moschel.

In Group D, Kristian Berg was a combined gold medalist while Bob Chambers and Carl Fullman captured the silver for their three events.

Here’s a summary by group, beginning with the women:


Group C, women

Individual race winners were Adele Savaria in the slalom, Canadian Joan Wilson in giant slalom and Karoline Droege in super giant slalom.

Class 3 (ages 35-39) leader Savaria was the most consistent female racer at nationals. She placed third (59.78 seconds) behind Droege (59.09) in SG; second (1:40.42) behind Wilson (1:39.40) in GS; and first (1:24.90) by .59 seconds in SL.

SG queen Karoline Droege would have taken the Class 2 (30-34) combined gold medal if not for a first-run DNF in the SL. She won her class in GS and was third overall.

Former U.S. Ski Team racer Fisher-Gould won the Class 4 (40-44) gold medal in SG, second overall .30 seconds behind Droege, then was second in her class in GS, third in SL.

In Class 10 (70-74), Virginia Reed won the SL gold medal, the SG silver and the GS bronze. Anna Droege’s combined gold in Class 8 (60-64) started with her 22nd-place overall finish in SG, then she took the silver in her class in SL, the bronze in GS.

Unfortunately Corneil Russell was disqualified in the SG, for she ran away with Class 8 honors in the gates—winning GS by 2.32 seconds, good for 15th overall, and taking the SL over Droege by 1.15 seconds which was 13th-place overall.

Nancy Auseklis, combined silver medalist in Class 7 (55-59), was second in all three races behind Glenn McConkey, coming closest in SG, just .52 seconds behind McConkey.

Ketchum’s Dotty Sarchett had a decent week. She finished 10th overall in SG, which gave her the bronze in Class 3, and then was 16th overall in GS, fourth in her class.


Group D, veteran men

There was a good representation of 76 men in 60-and-over age classes led by 85-year-old marvels Major Bill Disbrow and John Woodward.

Individual winners were Class 8s Keith Thompson in SG, Stephen Foley GS and SL.

Kristian Berg was the Class 11 (75-79) gold medalist in GS and SL, and he took the bronze in SG. John Droege ended up with the combined bronze in Class 11, his highest class placing a third in the slalom.

In Class 10, Bob Chambers won silver in SG and SL, Bob Tengdin won the gold in GS, Dewey Davidson had a fourth-place in GS and Drury Cooper rose as far as sixth in SL.

Stan Beach swept the Class 9 (65-69) races en route to the combined gold, but Fullman was the silver winner in SL and GS, and Marvin Melville took the silver in SG. The best for Al Auseklis was fifth in his class in SG, and Roy Tinker placed 10th in GS.

In Class 8, Ned Dolan finished fourth in GS, Andrew Eker 12th GS, Bob Berry 15th SG, Ben Harwell 22nd GS and Dick Toomey 25th SG.


Group A, men

Individual race winners were Jeff Sarchett by .40 seconds over younger brother Robin Sarchett in SG, Sandy Treat in GS and William McGrath in SL.

Ryan Dean started off his week placing 12th overall and fourth in Class 2 in SG. He then earned the bronze medal in his class in GS (16th overall) and SL (14th overall).

Another SVSEF ski team coach, Hank Minor, came up big when he took the Class 2 gold medal in GS, seventh overall. Minor added the bronze medal in SG.

Class 1 (21-29) gold medalists included Robin Sarchett SG and Olin Glenne GS.

SVSEF alpine team head coach Pat Savaria claimed silver in Class 4 GS (finishing 2nd overall) and also SG (5th overall). Nick Maricich was another silver winner, in Class 4 SL, good for third-place overall.

Sean Murphy just missed a combined medal, ending up fourth in the tough Class 4. Murphy (13th SG, 7th GS, 7th SL) was best in giant slalom, finishing eighth overall. Matt Luhn was the Class 3 silver medalist in SG, eighth overall.

Other top class finishes included, in Class 4, Scott Curtis ninth SG, Joe Crosson 13th GS, John Summers 15th GS, David Tendgin 18th SG, Scott Levy 19th SG and Mike Levy 20th SG and, in Class 3, Mike Gowe fifth SG, Chris Peterson seventh GS and Curtis Bacca 15th SG.


Group B, men

Individual race winners were Tyler Palmer SG and GS, and Victor Roy by just .06 seconds over Knut Olberg SL.

While Palmer dominated Class 6, Bob Dreyer claimed the combined bronze including a pair of third-place results in SG and GS. Kenny Corrock was fifth in the class in GS, 18th overall. Chris Key placed 17th SG and Jackson Allred II finished his week 17th combined.

Class 7 (55-59) was, as always, a very competitive group when you got away from combined gold medalist Pepi Neubauer. He won the gold in SG and GS, the silver in SL and finished second, third and fourth in the entire Group B.

Bob Sarchett (7th SG, 5th GS, 3rd SL), coming back strong from knee surgery, won the combined Class 7 bronze, finishing as high as 11th overall SL. Just behind in fourth place combined was Jim Ruscitto (5th SG, 6th GS, 6th SL).

Royal McClure (9th SG, 7th GS, 4th SL) finished sixth in Class 7 combined and was 13th overall in slalom. Meanwhile, Edgar Fenwick was the SG bronze medalist and Gene Timmons clocked a week-best of fourth in Class 7 in GS.

Sun Valley Ski Club president Steve Slivinski (16th SG, 20th GS, 13th SL) ended up 12th in Class 7 combined.

In Class 5 (50-54) combined won by Utah’s Bill Skinner over Alaska’s Ken Dreyer, Sun Valley’s Tom Shanklin (10th SG, 11th GS, 5th SL) finished a respectable fifth in combined and Cliff Cunha (4th SG, 4th GS, 26th SL) would have finished much higher except for a bad first run in slalom.

John Reagle placed 11th SG in Class 5 and 12th GS. Mark Masur (18th SG, 18th GS, 20th SL) ended up 13th in combined. Both Randy Van Dyke and Walt Halverson tackled the Warm Springs super giant slalom course—Van Dyke placing 21st among Class 5 finishers and Halverson 26th.

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