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For the week of March 14 through 20, 2001

"Paw & Pole" tally: 
90 racers, 175 lunches, 
5 dogs adopted

And $10,000 raised for the Animal Shelter

Saturday turned out to be a beautiful day for the Animal Shelter of the Wood River Valley—in more ways than one during the 16th annual "Paw and Pole" cross-country ski event at Sun Valley Gun Club.

The weather was perfect, the turnout of 90 racers was great, a total 175 lunches were served and, best of all, five dogs were adopted. The fund-raising event raised $10,000, half of which came from $5,000 received from a raffle for a wilderness trip.

Max Sabel, 9, and his dog Lucy shove off from the starting line of Saturday’s "Paw and Pole" 0.5-kilometer race called the "Snoopy Shuffle." A pound dog, Lucy was adopted on Mother’s Day. Express photo by Willy Cook

It was certainly a good week for the Animal Shelter because an additional $4,000 was raised at Wednesday’s "Artists for Animals" bowl sale at Bigwood Bread Bakery.

At the Paw & Pole, costume awards went to JoAnn Levy, Angela Hanson and Sheila McBroom. Receiving the kids’ award were Tess Dahlgren, Mali Noyes and Nhi Pham.

Chris and Doran Key of Ketchum are big fans of Boxers. At the "Paw and Pole," their dogs Sophie and Louis take Doran for a fun ride along the Sun Valley Gun Club trail. Express photo by Willy Cook

"Smart Pet Tricks" awards went to Yvonne Collins, Scotty Phelan, Hailey Zanes and Samantha Taft. "Artistic Paw Print" awards were given to Patty Parsons and Libby Holtz. And Sue Acker with Tate received the "Lifetime Achievement Award" for their balancing trick.

Results from the fun race follow:

0.5k "Snoopy Shuffle": 1—Mali Noyes (Lizzy) 1:47. 2—Chelsea Vanderpool (Hannah) 2:24. 3—Max Sabel (Lucy) 2:59. 4—Scotty Phelan (Sparky) 3:26. 5—Josh Morell (Gus) 3:43. 6—Kingsley Murphy (Dandy) 4:05. 7—Austin Grill (Amos) 6:00. 8—Peter McMillan (Cowboy) 8:33. 9—Sam Strong (Rebecca) 9:58.

0.5 k Snowshoe: 1—Bruce Smith (Avy) 3:02. 2—Tess Dahlgren (Lily) 3:28. 3—Doran Key (Sophie & Louis) 3:30. 4—Katherine Weekes (Otter & Junior) 5:33. 5—Merri Wapstra (Hannah) 5:36. 6—Parker Weekes (Loki) 5:51. 7—Nhi Pham (Charlie) 6:18. 8—Samantha Taft (Lucy) 8:30. 9—Mark Baker (Harley) 12:28. 10—Jennifer Montgomery (Cierra) 22:32. 11—Missy Decay (Eddie) and Susan Lovett (Tyler) 25:36.

2k "Go Van Gogh": 1—Bobby Noyes (Lizzy) 3:35. 2—Doran Key (Sophie & Louis) 4:07. 3—Keith Perry (Toby) 4:19. 4—Shauna Thoreson (Mackay) 4:50. 5—Marilyn Ridland (Saber) 5:09. 6—Sheila McBroom (Shelby) 5:27. 7—Carrie Wesson (Moxie & Max) 5:36. 8—Alex Ridland (Lance) 5:38. 9—Danielle Maniere (Gator) 5:43. 10—Laura Baker (Harley) 5:45.

11—Patty Parsons (Trikki Woo & ChuChu) 6:01. 12—Angela Hansen (Stout) 6:45. 13—Wilson Mathews (Otis) 7:04. 14—Bill Carson (Jezzibel) 7:26. 15—Mitchell P. Kukurin (Jack) 7:44. 16—Debra Fox (Greta) 8:32. 17—Cathie Royston and Walker Royston (Stella) 9:17. 19—Tor Heyerdahl (Tuffy) and Annie Williams (ML) 9:44. 21—Dorien Lundy (Cailey), Sharon Harwell (Katie) and June Ornelas (Blue) 5:56.

4k "Toulouse LaTrek": 1—James Coyle (Jean & Lindy) 6:46. 2—David Vanderpool (Hannah) 8:18. 3—Scott Grill (Amos) 8:33. 4—Randy Acker (Tate) 8:43. 5—Connie Aronson (Hannah) 11:18. 6—Liz Mitchell (Paco) 11:49. 7—Nancy Linscott (Mollie, Nick, EuniceMay) 12:15. 8—Jeff and Lily Cahn (Shug) 12:22. 10—Sandy Strong (Rebecca) 12:27.

11—Eileen Reiss (Oakley) 12:37. 12—Harry B. Wyeth (Inish) 12:41. 13—Julie Dahlgren (Lily) 12:43. 14—Sky O’Donnell (Osa) 13:00. 15—Kendall Nelson (Jake) 13:46. 16—Janet O’Donnell (Zeke) 14:03. 17—Will Miller (Gator) 14:05. 18—Laura Baker (Harley) 14:56. 19—Jim Laski (Buddy) 16:32. Also: R.P. Engel (Tanner) 12:07, Joy Allen (Budter) 15:16 and Eric Allen (Stanley) 65:39.


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