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For the week of November 22 through 28, 2000

American spirit self-renewing

As a nation, Americans have their share of dark days. For some, they’re bleaker than others.

But basic human qualities get us through our worst hours – a sense of civility toward each other, an ability to bounce back from adversity, and innate charity toward others in need.

Thanksgiving is one of those observances that seem to underscore the best of the American spirit. The impulse to share with others, to give thanks for our gifts and achievements, and to renew the joys of family are common in homes of this grand, diverse nation that has evolved from émigrés of countless origins.

One glance at the tranquillity and grandeur of the Wood River Valley is a quick reminder of blessings and good fortune close at hand.

Our American spirit is a self-renewing quality for which we should be thankful.

Studies, for example, show that Americans continue to be a generous people, with charities receiving record donations for those in need.

And although engulfed in an historic struggle over who’s been elected president, the nation has reacted with patience and good-natured partisan sniping plus a heavy dose of light-hearted television humor.

This stable atmosphere allows every American to continue as usual, pursuing dreams and ambitions without fear of sudden mob rule that grips other nations lacking the blessings bestowed on Americans.

Petty grumbling about their politics, their jobs, and their taxes may be second nature to Americans.

But after all is said, Americans have one unchallenged claim:

Only a handful of Americans each year are so dissatisfied that they abandon their citizenship and move their allegiance to another country.

Put another way, every day is a day of thanks for Americans who understand their blessings and stick with their country no matter what.


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