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For the week of November 22 through 28, 2000

A spectacular Divide

A new photography book reveals the Continental Divide

Express Arts Editor

One of the great geological features of our nation, the Continental Divide, stands just to the east of us. The enormous spine of the continent runs from Alaska to the Panama Canal. In a new book of photography and journal writings entitled, Along Montana & Idaho’s Continental Divide Trail, Leland and Lynna Howard, a brother and sister team from eastern Idaho, document a 980 mile trek along the Continental Divide Trail.

Recently published by Westcliffe Publishers, Along Montana & Idaho’s Continental Divide Trail offers 80 color photographs accompanied by a travel diary of the adventure. Leland Howard’s photographs deftly capture the desolate expanse of wilderness.

Lynna Howard describes both the pristine country and some of the pair’s experiences on the long trek. Howard also includes several special inset boxes detailing a particular aspect of the trip. For example, she provides informative paragraphs about the Island Park Caldera, Lewis’ Monkeyflowers, Trumpeter swans. and tips on living with bears.

As is usually the case with books of photography, the words fall short of the images. Nonetheless, the book offers a stunning look at territory just over our horizon but which we may not have fully experienced. This book will, at least, give one a sense of what this dramatic trail offers without having to hike 980 miles.


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