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For the week of July 26 through August 1, 2000

Golf Invitational a hit for 100 women

Twosomes at Elkhorn, Sun Valley

Elise Ebbert and Judy Hewson were "A" Flight winners of the sixth annual Sun Valley Women’s Invitational golf tournament staged Wednesday and Thursday at Sun Valley and Elkhorn golf courses.

Ebbert and Hewson carded rounds of 71-74 for 145-128 to emerge as the gross-stroke champs of the 12-team top flight. In second were Carollee McDaniel and Kay Heaney with scores of 78-75 for 153-133.

Other flight winners were Marcia Rankin and Jeannie Burns, Joanne Wetherell and Arlene Herich, Pat Davies and Glenna Ottley.

A total 100 players in 50 twosomes competed during the annual "It Happens in Sun Valley" meet.

Here are top results by flight:

"A" Flight: First gross—Elise Ebbert and Judy Hewson 71-74 for 145-128. Second gross—Carollee McDaniel and Kay Heaney 78-75 for 153-133.

First net—Joan Conger and Barbara Smith 78-75 for 153-127. Second net—Edie Cary and Nancy Mendal 82-78 for 160-133. Third net—Brenda Foster and Bonnie Hutchinson 84-81 for 165-134.

"B" Flight: First gross—Marcia Rankin and Jeannine Burns 77-78 for 155-123. Second gross—Sharon Lloyd and Kingsley Croul 88-80 for 168-133.

First net—Susie Johnson and Sue Guggenheim 82-79 for 161-128. Second net—Janet Cantor and Pat McGinnis 86-85 for 171-131. Third net—Ginny Reed and Shirley Ellison 85-89 for 174-133.

"C" Flight: First gross—Joanne Wetherell and Arlene Herich 84-81 for 165-126. Second gross—Carol Almond and Mary Louise Sedin 93-83 for 176-129.

First net—Sandy McCullough and Allison Nielson 88-85 for 173-127. Second net—Gail Lincoln and Donna Hardison 90-91 for 181-133. Third net—Jody Clark and Pat Panto 95-88 for 183-135, winning a scorecard playoff with Ursula Hinson and Ann Jaroza.

"D" Flight: First net—Pat Davies and Glenna Ottley 91-89 for 180-127. Second net—Carla Levesque and Josie Robertson 92-91 for 183-135.

First net—Ginner Christie and Corky Williams 95-93 for 188-129. Second net—Renee Vicini and Eddie Curran 102-92 for 194-130, winning a scorecard playoff. Third net—Varsha Nelson and Peggy Guerrecaechaverria 93-92 for 185-130.


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