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For the week of May 24 through May 30, 2000

Commissioner candidates race for the primaries

Express Staff Writer

With a final flurry of mailers, newspaper and radio ads, roadside signs and post office handshaking appearances, candidates for the contested north and south Blaine County commissioner seats made their final push for votes this week.

Last night’s primary election selected party candidates for White House national tickets and state and county offices. Candidates will face final voter approval in November’s general election.

Also on the ballot was a hotly contested Idaho Supreme Court seat. Fourth District Judge Daniel Eismann is attempting to oust incumbent Supreme Court Justice Cathy Silak in what could turn to be a tight race.

Because voters could cast only all Democratic or all Republican votes last night, two of the four Democrats running for county commissioner faced being knocked out of the race.

Campaign financial reports filed with the county clerk revealed the following expenditures by the candidates:

In her contest for the Democratic nomination for the north county commissioner’s seat, Sarah Michael has spent $760 of $1,600 thus far collected, according to her report.

Michael’s expenses have bought postage for mailers, radio advertising, office supplies and campaign brochures.

Her opponent, Sally Donart, has spent $1,820 of $2,900 in contributions on printing, office supplies, photography, newspaper advertising, postage for mailers, campaign pins and campaign help.

In the south county, incumbent Dennis Wright has spent nearly all of his $500 in campaign funds on newspaper advertising.

His opponent, Rob Peck, has spent nearly all of his $1,600 in funds on photography, printing and newspaper ads.

All four commissioner candidates have received their donations from private individuals.

The Democratic nominee for north county commissioner will compete with Republican candidate Ivan Swaner and independent candidate Sue Noel on November’s ballot.

The south county Democratic nominee will compete with independent James Super.

The unchallenged sheriff candidates, Dan Tiller, a Democrat, and Walt Femling, the Republican incumbent, were each guaranteed a place on the general election ballot regardless of last night’s primary.

That fact was evident in the lack of campaigning effort by both candidates. So far, neither Tiller nor Femling have received campaign contributions, according to their campaign financial disclosure reports.

During a telephone conversation Monday, Femling said campaigning for the sheriff’s seat would likely heat up as the November general election nears.

For the county prosecutor seat being vacated by incumbent Doug Werth, only one candidate, Jim Thomas, seeks office. Thomas has raised no money.


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