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For the week of Mar. 22 through Mar. 28, 2000

The more the merrier

Politics is like a party—the more the merrier.

The county is in need of a wide-open discussion of where it is going. Only a vigorous election with vigorous candidates will produce the debate that’s needed.

The filing period for people who wish to run for the Blaine County Board of Commissioners will end March 31.

With two-term Commissioner Len Harlig retiring, the north-county seat is wide open. Incumbent Dennis Wright will run again for the south-county seat.

It’s time for all potential candidates to step forward.

It’s easier to sit by and enjoy the beauty of Blaine County and take no responsibility for protecting its quality of life. It’s easier to stay home than to run for office. It’s easier to find a better paying job with better hours. But it’s impossible to find a better job in which to serve your neighbors and shape the valley.

There are no unimportant elections in Blaine County. For better or worse, every elected official has left a mark on Blaine County and its cities. The roads, the countryside, the cities, the neighborhoods and the schools were all created by elected officials.

The valley’s next leaders will make decisions on a new highway, mass transit, urban sprawl, the loss of traditional farms and ranches, and affordable housing. What those decisions will be and how the valley develops in the next 10 years depends a lot on who runs for office.

The valley needs people to run for office. Win, lose or draw—it makes no difference. It’s the participation that counts.

Whether it’s this election year or the next, whether it’s a run for the Board of Commissioners or for the school board, every resident should ask themselves, "Is it my turn?"


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