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For the week of Jan. 5 through Jan. 11, 2000

Resolutions we’d like to see

Local gyms will be packed this week with legions of folks pumped up with New Year’s Resolutions. They will try to pump iron, kickbox, spin and dance their way to fitness.

Even though the pessimists among us insist that annual resolutions are the triumph of hope over experience, changes must start somewhere and the new year is as good a time as any to begin.

Even the players in the great arena of public policy would do well to try a few resolutions. Here are a few we hope were made:

Highway 75 Corridor Study Consultants CH2M Hill: To hire only artists who can paint scale drawings of what a five-lane highway would do to the Wood River Valley instead of leaving everyone guessing.

City of Hailey: To quit bullying Bellevue, to make friends and influence people.

Blaine County Recreation District and the Save Our Open Spaces Commitee: Never to underestimate the ability of residents to get cranky when there’s even a whiff of a tax increase in the air. Never to believe that the long-standing rivalry between the north county and the south county has disappeared, especially when faced with bond issues to build facilities or to buy land.

Sawtooth National Forest officials: To get someone to help them answer the question of whether their glass is half full or half empty as forest fees accumulate, but payers remain cranky.

St. Luke’s Hospital: To respect local sensibilities and leave its signature sign unlighted when it opens for business.

Idaho Gov. Dirk Kempthorne: To try, try again to make some year, any year, in Idaho "The Year of the Child."

Idaho Legislature: To keep Idaho from meeting the same fate as other states who saw their water fouled because they failed to adequately regulate huge animal factories.

President Bill Clinton: To make sure his Roadless Areas Initiative is more than an idle gesture from a lame-duck president.

Presidential hopeful George W. Bush: To burn a little midnight oil and crack the books on world affairs so he won’t be caught flatfooted when next quizzed about the names of world leaders.

Idaho Legislature: To quit using the Idaho Department of Fish and Game as a whipping boy for federal wildlife policies it doesn’t like.

Cell phone companies: Never again to propose undisguised ugly towers in a beautiful valley or an attractive city.

Blaine County Commissioners: To learn from defeat in a lawsuit in which the county had halted construction of a berm: It’s better to regulate before a problem starts than after.

Idaho’s senators and congressmen: To quit claiming in speeches that they are in favor of saving the state’s salmon runs, when they clearly are not.


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