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For the week of Dec. 22, 1999 through Dec. 28, 1999


The Blaine County Recreation District called to complain last week about the editorial criticizing a deal with developers in which the district promised to build a $6 million golf course.

The editorial stated that doing anything less than holding a proper public hearing and incorporating public concerns into any deal would leave the project under a cloud—"not a good thing if taxpayers are to be asked to spend $6 million."

According to the district, taxpayers will not be asked to spend $6 million. Instead, they will be asked to guarantee a revenue bond. Payments on the bond would be made from golf course revenues, which are "virtually guaranteed," according to the district, to cover the cost of building the course

If revenues do not cover the costs, however, the guarantee could be invoked and the district could raise taxes to make up any shortfall.


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