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Hole in the dike

The Hailey City Council wisely put the brakes on its new Service Commercial Industrial zoning designation this week.

The zone would allow office and industrial parks with associated retail sales. It should be called the "everything but slaughter houses and homes" zone.

Broadford Road residents, anxious to preserve the rural ambiance of their area from commercial encroachment, showed up to object.

Council members Beaver Burke and Scott Basolo asked the question which should have been asked before the SCI zone was drafted: Will it have a negative effect on Hailey’s downtown?

Over the years, Hailey has tried to prevent commercial sprawl, protect the always fragile business core and make downtown pedestrian friendly. The SCI zone could blast a hole in the zoning dike to the detriment of existing businesses.

It only takes a minute to approve a zoning ordinance, but its consequences last forever. The council was right to back away.


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