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Ceremony honors top Middle School students

Annual Citizenship Program in the Hailey gym

   Outstanding students and citizens were honored for their 1998-99 school year achievements May 26 during Wood River Middle School's Citizenship Program.
    Highlight of the 90-minute assembly held in the jam-packed gym of the Hailey school was presentation of Citizenship Awards voted by members of the student body.
    A special presentation was made to retiring WRMS principal Chuck Turner. He earned a standing ovation for 30 years of dedication to the Blaine County School District and its students. The school's athletic field has been named "Turner Field" in his honor.
    On a humorous note, technology teacher Brad Thode gave a "lifetime achievement" award to principal Turner, who finds it difficult to keep up with the latest technology.
    The Citizenship winners in the Red and Green (eighth grade), Blue and Purple (seventh grade), and Gold and Silver (sixth grade) teams were determined on service, courtesy, scholarship, character, personality and attitude.
    Eighth-grade citizenship winners were Joe DiFrancesco, Monique Lloyd, Robin Kearns and Ryne Reynoso.
    Seventh-grade recipients were Jessica King, Hunter Storey, Christina Arpp and Michael McClure.
Sixth-grade winners for 1998-99 were Brady Femling, Hilary Field, Britt VanPaepeghem and Willie Meyers.
    They join previous citizenship winners:
    1998--Tami Parten, Cole Everman, Kipp Mills, Eric Jessa, Joni Chatterton, Kyle Risner, Robin Kearns, Ryne Reynoso, Jessica King, Hunter Storey, Kaelin Kiesel and Chad Archibald.

   1997--Rose Smith, Cory Goicoechea, Julia Augustus, Max Paisley, Tami Parten, Jesse McAlpin, Ryan Drew, Brisa Ayub, Ryne Reynoso, Ashley Lakey, Kyle Risner and Angela Domke.    1996--Kristen Hanggi, James Cordes, Katherine Latham, Paul Neville, Aprilia Hagglof, Cory Goicoechea, Zac Broadie, Angie Larsen and Danica Mattias.
    1995--Shauna Dittmer, Andrew Schiers, Heather Doane, Bryson Hollenbeck, Allyson DeCarufel, Paul Neville, Katherine Latham and Charlie Askew. 1994--Mandy Flade, Brian Cross, Summer Williams, Ryan Bahoshy, Shauna Dittmer, Bryson Hollenbeck, Laura Parsons and Jacob Risner.
    1993--Laura Cordes, Hank Doane, Summer Hanson, Mariah Kashino, Jake Tracy, Ryan Bahoshy, Mandy Flade, Matt McNeal and Summer Williams.
    1992--Andrea Palm and Haden Busch. 1991--Aimee Commons and Benji Jex. 1990--Susie Lloyd and Brad Williams. 1989--Brian Homer and Darla Karst. 1988--Brian Homer and Stephanie Gripne. 1987--Brian Homer and Tara Gillett. 1986--Dan Ames and Andrea Baker. 1985--Rafer Lutz and Kristin Liffick.
    1984--Rafer Lutz and Christina Olson. 1983--Roger Steiner and Mercy Robley. 1982--Dale Karst and Candi Bernhagen. 1981--Dale Karst and Lisa Bernhagen. 1980--Lee Ritzau and Lisa Hicks. 1979--Steve Dawson and Leslie Angle. 1978--Terry Basolo and Lisa Walker. 1977--Paul Laggis and Dede Meyer.
    Other awards handed out May 26:
    Presidential Education Awards for outstanding academic achievement were distributed to 37 eighth-grade students who achieved grade-point averages of 3.5 or higher, while scoring 85% or higher on standard achievement tests.
    Winners were Kelsea Ballantyne, Christian Blackman, James Cimino, Kent Daniels, Joe DiFrancesco, Angela Domke, Brandon Epp, Shannon Engkraf, Erica Freestone, Erin Griffin, Tory Haavik, Chad Hayward, Alexandra Jackson, Robin Kearns, Allison Kelsey and Monique Lloyd;
    Also, Noah Loyd, Megan Lyons, Jaymi Miller, Maureen Murphy, Amanda Parks, Kyle Risner, Ryne Reynoso, Bradley Schulz, Elizabeth Shanklin, Pia Shivdasani, Mikey Sinnott, Lydia Smith, Michael Smith, Josh Sonneland, Keze Stroebel-Haft, Kristen Taylor, Hannes Thum, Kiette Tucker, Ariana Ward, Cherise Wetzel and David Wood.
    Assistant principal Ray Grosvenor was proud to announce the largest-ever group of perfect attendance
students, a total 26 out of 600-plus students.
    They were Milton Allen, Heather Angel, Chris Arellano, Brittany Bolton, Jillian Brown, Juan Castanos, Brad Dussell, Nathan Ealey, Shellie Egbert, Heather Fisher, Alex Hamlin and Robbie Hylton; Also, April Leeming, Kaitlin Linderman, Willie Meyers, Joe Paisley, Laura Parker, Andrea Perez, Tonya Pierson, Matt Pruett, Josh Reynolds, Josh Richey, Brandon Silvia, Jessica Silvia, Nick Thompson and Derrick Woodall.
    Two students received plaques for achieving perfect attendance for three straight years. They were Shellie Egbert, now of Shoshone, and Tonya Pierson.
    Class awards follow:
    Office aide awards were presented to Courtney Baldwin, Alex Bliss, Brittany Bolton, Amber Brocklebank, Liz Brown, Abbey Christensen, Chelsea Dressell, Tami Harrison, Ramero Hernandez,Jennifer Macy, Ali Mardian, Levia O'Neill, Ben Porter, Piper Reed, Rachel Reichert, Amy Sloper, Kristin Taylor, Kiette Tucker, Cherise Wetzel, Tiffany Wheeler and Justin Yates.
    The outstanding music students included Megan Lyons, who was "Most Improved Band Member."
Other music awards:
    Advanced choir--Casey Sedlack. Advanced band--Ashley Washburn. Intermediate band--Shelley Thompson.
    Sixth-grade outstanding choir member--Michael Sheehan. Flute player--Trista Ballou. Trumpet player-- Lucas Pletcher. Trombone player--Matt Miller. Clarinet player--Barbara Coleman. Percussionist--Craig Werley.
    Outstanding artists were Barrett Tabler and Rachael Lee in eighth grade; Josiah Drewien and Maddie Thies, seventh grade; Ty Cannon and Estee Clifford, sixth grade.
    Math awards went to Ariana Ward, Ryne Reynoso, Sage Pressman, Robin Kearns, James Cimino, Tory Haavik, Chad Hayward, Josh Sonneland and Kelsea Ballantyne (Algebra); Joe DiFrancesco, Mikey Sinnott and Hannes Thum (Geometry);
    Tessa Sheehan, Kiette Tucker, Monique Lloyd and Michael McClure (Pre-Algebra); Lauren Badell, Sierra Dickens, Josiah Drewien, Sean Hathaway, Joshua Flade, Alex Nelson, Frank Fiaschetti, Christina Arpp, Jeff Carter, Alex Hamlin, Whit Harbaugh and Jessica Jaskowski (seventh-grade math);
    Also, Lindsay Niedrich, Dylan McIlhenny, Hunter Storey, Amber Brocklebank, Elizabeth Brown, Amy Black, Jessie Ehrenkrook, Carrie Ragsdale, Elizabeth Rippon, Matt DeCarufel and Madeline Thies (Mr.
Dix); and Amy Sloper, Darby Lewis, Sam Moore, Joni Chatterton, Abby DuBois, Noah Loyd and Chase Cleveland (Mrs. Gillette).
    Singled out for Library Aide Service Awards were Victoria Sluder, Cody Chapman, Jessica Silvia,
Malea Southward, Heather Angel, Tristan Pettigrew and Justin Knight (all for the entire year); Maureen Murphy (two trimesters); as well as Christine Lopez, Jessica Kessler and Jeff Emerick (one semester).
    Top library users were Kellen Chatterton and Kristin Oliver, eighth grade; Malea Southward, seventh grade; and Lindsay Mollineaux, sixth grade.
    English as a Second Language awards for "Most Improved" were given to Carlos Anguiano, Carolina
Gomez, Juan Carlos Castanos, Yaneth Juarez, Janeth Vargas and Victor Velasco. "Newest ESL Student" award went to Arturo Valencia.
    Singled out as "Nestle Best of Youth National Winner" was Patricia Ocampo.
    Outstanding technology students were Willie Wahlgren, Zac Bloomfield and Joe DiFrancesco, eighth grade; Chris Vert, Ty Gough, T.J. Garceau and Lindsay Niedrich, seventh grade; Marianne Brehmer, Lindsay Mollineaux and Elli Reese, sixth grade.
    The Outstanding D.A.R.E. students, all from the seventh grade, were Malea Southward, Victor Velasco and Tiffany Wheeler.
    In this seventh full year of the middle school concept, team academic excellence awards were distributed to the following students:
    &127;Green--Caitlin Blanton, Brandon Epp, Robin Kearns, Aubrey Kirtley, Chris McCarthy, Nikki McAfee, Mollie Parker, Ryne Reynoso, Elizabeth Rich, Kyle Risner, Brad Schulz, Tessa Sheehan, Kristen Taylor, Kiette Tucker, Ariana Ward and Ashley Washburn.
    &127;Red--Joe DiFrancesco and Monique Lloyd (citizenship); Kelsea Ballantyne, Zac Bloomfield, James Cimino, Matt DeCarufel, Joe DiFrancesco, Erica Freestone, Chad Hayward, Monique Lloyd, Maureen Murphy, Sage Pressman, Pia Shivdasani, Mikey Sinnott, Josh Sonneland, Keze Stroebel-Haft, Hannes Thum and Cherise Wetzel (academic excellence); Abbey Christensen, Joni Chatterton, Abby DuBois, Emily Engelhardt, Alison Kelsey, Kasey Monteith, Amanda Parks and David Wood (academic effort and citizenship).

    &127;Blue--Kate Elgee, Natalie Green, Riley Neff, Josiah Drewien, Ashley Smith, Sierra Dickens, Sabrina Mack, Lindsay Niedrich, Charlotte Gourlay, Christina Arpp and Luis Ruiz.
    &127;Purple--Carlos Anguiano, Jeff Carter, Amanda Greer, Macie Heath, Jessica Jaskowski, Darby Lewis, Melinda Markin, Michael McClure, Mark Neville and Matt Pruett.
    &127;Gold--Alice Bynum, Katie Hormel, Zoe Stroebel-Haft, Brady Femling, Kim Martin, Genii Vert, Kelsey Cordingley, Landon Davis and Tyson Reynoso (outstanding academic achievement); Jessi Pieschl and Ryan Gibson (improvement); Trista Ballou and Scarlet Caldwell (Language Arts); Luke Henry (Math); and Trista Ballou (Science).
    &127;Silver--Matthew Miller (excellence in science); Lacey Boyett (math); Ryan Chandler (reading); Hailey Baugh (writing); Alejandra Silva (overall academic effort); and Lindsay Mollineaux ("Write on Idaho" essay winner).

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