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Bellevue drug bust nets kilo of cocaine

Agents from Blaine County’s Narcotics Enforcement Team (NET) seized one kilo—or 2.2 pounds—of cocaine when they served a warrant at a Bellevue residence on Friday, June 4.

In addition to finding cocaine at the 410 North 7th Street home, NET and other local law enforcement officials found over $7,000 in cash and approximately four ounces of marijuana, scales and packaging materials.

The suspects were not home at the time, but their children and other relatives were, according to Gene Ramsey, chief deputy of Blaine County.

As of Tuesday afternoon, the suspects had not yet been taken into custody. Their names are not being released.

Once located, the suspects will be charged with drug trafficking, possession of marijuana, and drug tax stamp violations.

The Narcotics Enforcement Team, formerly known as the Blaine County Drug Task Force, is composed of officers from Ketchum, Sun Valley, Bellevue, Hailey and Blaine County law enforcement agencies.

NET has three drug-sniffing dogs, two of which were used in the search of the Bellevue home Friday.

Before the Bellevue bust, NET also served a warrant on a Hailey residence. No narcotics were seized at the home but agents discovered "beneficial financial documents," Ramsey said.

None of the five adults at the Hailey residence were arrested, and the investigation is still pending.


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