For the week of April 21, 1999  thru April 27, 1999  

This community gives, then gives more

The blood bath in the Balkans may not touch lives in the Wood River Valley, but the spectacle of hundreds of thousands of hungry, suffering, cheerless Kosovo refugees surely has touched hearts.

What started out as a trickle of generosity now seems to be developing into steady flow.

Clothes are being collected at several places in the valley. And Wood River Valley banks have joined in collecting donations to the Campaign of Cultural Consciousness.

This sort of spirit of sharing and giving is so typical of Americans-- they may debate and argue the merits of their military forces being sent into action in such a remote land, but they are unstinting and unquestioning in helping the victims of the war.

Charitable Americans never ask whether their generosity for victims of war is in the so-called "national interests," as some politicians tend to want to know before making a decision.

And while a few politicians try to capitalize on the Balkans war for their own careers, the anonymous and faceless donors behind the drive for funds and clothing never ask for, nor expect, credit or praise.

Wars usually bring out the best and worst in human nature. The Wood River Valley’s charity is merely a microcosm of a larger effort nationwide that sets the United States apart from all others when human need is desperate.


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