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P&Z approves specifics for new Colonnade

Express Staff Writer

Changes to the landscaping, pedestrian amenities and architectural detailing for the proposed Colonnade building were approved by the Ketchum Planning and Zoning Commission on Monday night.

When Colonnade owner Jack Bariteau first presented his architectural plans to the P&Z in December, he was still working on the details of the landscaping and the facade of the building.

"The drawings were very sketchy," said city planner Kathy Grotto. At that time the P&Z asked to see more specific detail in the plans before granting final approval.

Monday night Bariteau returned not only with a sample of the quarry stone to be used on the building’s facade, but with a revision to the stone pilasters that appear on the street-side faces of the building.

Though this revision was not requested by the P&Z, Bariteau widened the pilasters so they slope outward toward the base.

"Pillarizing is an aesthetic approach," Bariteau said. "It’s more of a solid base as it relates to the flavor of the residential upstairs. It helps to ground the building."

The newly proposed pilasters are almost a foot wider than the originals. They are also directly opposite the grates for the trees lining the sidewalks, narrowing the pedestrian walkways to four-and-a-half feet.

"I’m here to ask your indulgence in this encroachment," Bariteau said.

By widening the sidewalks along Sun Valley Road and Walnut Avenue to 13 feet, however, the P&Z agreed there would be enough space for the pedestrian traffic generated by the retail stores along those two streets.

Zoning ordinances already require 13-foot-wide sidewalks along Sun Valley Road. To create the extra three feet in width along Walnut Avenue, the P&Z approved a proposal to eliminate one handicapped parking space and to lessen the angle of the parking spaces from 60 degrees to 45-55 degrees.

The P&Z also approved changes to the landscaping. A total of 10 pedestrian light fixtures, four trash receptacles, four wood and iron benches, and two circular stone seatwalls in corner pedestrian plazas will surround the building. Bariteau will add a total of 19 seasonal planters along the storefront areas.


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